How to Make A Relationship Work?


After all that looking to find your true love, the fantasy bubble inevitably bursts when you realize that this is no fairy tail and there is no “Happily Ever After”.

Relationships take work sometimes a lot of hard gut wrenching work. Sometimes you have to give a little to get a little and it is in compromising that you and the love of your life work together as a team. But the problem is your significant other also has to know that this is a team effort. The gears have to fit together to make the Mechanics of the Relationship work.

Reminder that this is a way to maintain a relationship, it is too late for these to work if you are really asking how to save my relationship? some relationship problems are not meant to be fixed but here are some ways to look and maintain a relationship.


The communication between you both are like the lube that make things run smoother… (Communication JUST just between you two). I know we are told from a very young age that we need to tell people how we feel and when you are having a problem we need to tell our parents, teachers or friends.

But no so much when we are talking about issues that have only to do with you and your mate. In this relationship saying and dealing with our relationships take some confidence between just you to and the trust involved in keeping your playbook a secret is what will make your relationship a winner.


Arguments, hurt feelings, life changes and more changes, your career plans are exchanged for family plans and those trips around the world you had your eye on to experience all you can has been traded in for a slightly less exotic weekender someplace (they) always wanted to go. Oh what we give up for love.


Holidays are a good example of the new world you have surrounded yourself with. Wondering which holiday is going to be spent where, making out schedules so you can be sure and not leave anyone out.

It is hard thinking about someone else all the time and the duties are doubled and tripled when children are introduced into the mix. You might have a hard time at first. These things do not come as naturally as you think. Do not be afraid of lists for yourself, and notes to your mate.

Asking yourself often through out the day “what does he/she need from me today?” helps to keep you on your toes and hopefully out of trouble. You might remind them that “hey I am new at this too”


Learning how to argue is a good way to keep small matters from escalating to full all out fights. Like understanding that the point of an argument is not to actually win but to imply what you really feel, so that the other person can decide weather or not to repeat the same later knowing now the passion you feel about the subject.


Pace yourself, you do not have to be everything to everyone and being perfect will not keep them from leaving. I guarantee that your true love is more likely to stay with you for being a real person then if you were a faultless super model. Actually not being perfect makes you assessable and on a level that they feel comfortable being around.


Last but not least is the “feel good factor”. We want to be around people that make us feel good, so as long as you try your best to build up a persons self esteem and make those moments together pleasurable then why would they want to ever leave?  It is only in those relationships that a person is made to feel bad, feel guilty, or blamed that a person desires to leave.

These points are a good way to start making your relationship work but each relationship is different and sometimes there are other ways to help… For more accurate advice on your relationship questions, ask me in a tarot reading and lets see what the cards say

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