How to Develop Psychic Abilities | Psychic Ability Test

Everyone wishes they knew how to develop psychic abilities and those that do know are not telling their secrets, Neigh Sayers will inform you that it is not real, sinful, or all a scam. Other psychics don’t want to encourage newcomers to what they feel is their already competitive market.

What would the world really be like filled with nothing but clairvoyant, telepathy, mind reading psychics? In reality just because a person has the tools available to become a psychic doesn’t guarantee they will be able to apply those tools in their everyday life.

Both Nostradamus and Edward Cayce; historic psychics and fortunetellers of their day believed that all forms of psychic intuition can be learned without clairvoyance being a born gift.

Things needed to enhance psychic abilities:

  • 2 hours a day to devote to silence and internal thought or meditation
  • The ability to separate yourself from worldly problems and worries
  • Positive, supportive people around you
  • An open, mind willing to learn, read and meditate

Educate yourself, educate yourself, and educate yourself!

When setting aside the silent time you are learning about yourself, when meditating or reading you are educating yourself on the world around you, positive people teach you to grow while negative people restrain you mentally, and the act of accepting with an open mind is a spiritual learning experience on its own.

This is not a class that you pass or fail, you also never graduate. To learn to be a mind reader, remote viewing, clairvoyant, tarot card reading or use telepathy is a life time effort and your psychic abilities grow in time.

here are some real tools that can help

ESP test cards as seen on Amazon

tarot cards

iPOD for listening to music while meditating


Start simple and work your way up, take your time and relax as you learn. There is no true psychic test to measure your progress. In most cases a person usually first becomes more balanced, understands more about life and makes better choices for themselves; only then comes the ability to direct others in balancing their lives.

When you have fewer worries and learn more so your abilities will naturally grow. Continue to meditate, read, and learn. Taking notes is a must. I always keep a journal of not only my progress but also images and even day dreams, dates that I feel are relevant along with future predictions. Do not get frustrated. Frustration is a negative spiritual blocking emotion that has no use in a psychic’s world.

Focus on one talent at a time, there is too much to be learned in a single life time, so my suggestion is to pick the one or two that interest you most; you can always add others as you feel you are on the way to mastering the first. I formally welcome you to the world of psychics. Your interest is the first step to becoming one of us.

Have doubts? Feel free to ask in comments below; alternately, feel free to contact me if you need a private mentoring in developing psychic abilities.

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