Happy new years

15%Off_125x125button[new years] comes and goes and we are neither changed or change the world around us. But before you put up the new years decorations, send out the invitations or RSVP someone else [new years eve 2011], lets think for a second what we can do this new years that is different then the lasts. “What can I do to change?”, “What is my [new years resolutions]?”

Weather your resolution is to loose a few pounds or a few sizes (My personal favorite is Acia Berrybut no matter the diet….We usually loose steam into the 4th week or find new subjects to obese about come valentines day. so lets be realistic, make boundaries, reinforce our resolution with real true life goals. That includes, weight loss , any dietor change of eating habits.

1)Make a list of things you would not mind changing (emotional, physical and financial) at least 10 but less than 20

2)some things might be a more “baby step process” so pick the ones that can be achieved in one year (account for seasons)

3) you have a pretty tight schedule so weed out the ones that are just way to taxing on your free time.

4) you should have around 3 that are useful and realistic candidates for a good new years resolution. So that from [new years eve] onward you can start you plan of betterment

I usually have predictions for each coming year for my clients, each have their own concerns… Will I find love this year? Will I do well in College? will I finally get settled in my job? But no matter the outcome of each reading I always have the same advice.

Your life is yours, test may be pressed upon you occasionally but how you approach these hurdles is up to you… you can either see them as a good opportunity to learn something new or fuss and complain that you are being forced do something you had not planed for. Life is full of surprises both good and bad. If you are supposed to loose your job, there is no horoscope or tarot reads that are going to tell you how to change that outcome.

BUT… I can tell you that there is no bad without good. and while you might see loosing your job as a tragedy, God never closes one door with out opening another. It is always for the good, even if it was nothing more then strengthening your will or showing your true appreciation for what you have.

So as you make this lists of things you want for yourself… this better you that you envision remember that what you are this very minutes is the best of this year and the best of next year will still be you. I want you to learn and grow and create in yourself the perfect you, I want your goals to always be realized, not just in a form of new years resolutions but in all ways Year round.

if it was only mind over matter we would all be shaped like models and have the bank account to go along with their looks. Relax you are perfect in your own wonderful way. and the things “you” dislike about yourself can be fixed with effort and time. I love you and God loves you with all your glorious imperfections. This new year above all “Loving yourself” should top the list.

Second “Loving and appreciating friends” which is the whole spirit of “[old lang syne]” the bringing together of friends old and new and celebrating yet another years passing. So lets us drink a cup of kindness and for the memories. Happy New Year and many many more.

Peace Always

Your psychic Deborah Cavins