1.How does this work?

It is simple, just ask a question or request a full reading. Give your first name and birthday. Follow the payment prompts. All are charged the same so there is no confusion and once I receive message in-box to the site I will start working on my reply.

Replies are sent directly to your e-mail so there is no membership or log on process. You will receive your requested reading within 24 hours. Simple, informal, confidential and straightforward.

2) What is the time line that the reading covers?

Full readings cover a 12-month period and touch on all aspects of life: Love, Money, Health and Spirit. The reading usually focuses on the items that need change or reassurances. Question’s time line is based on what is needed to complete the task and is a step-by-step process and can take more than 12 months.

3) Will I do any harm to my karma for cosmically cheating and  aren’t there some things we are not supposed to know?

There is no damage done for merely asking directions in life and for that there is no spiritual price to be paid. Always remember that I am here to help you better your life and direct you on a more suitable path.

4) How do I know you are right?

Just like there is no guarantee that you give the correct data on name a birthday, it is hard to trust that the information I give is a reading just for you. That is why I always talk about your past and present before I speak about the future predictions. These are not general pre-written messages made to fit all.

5) Can futures be changed?

Absolutely, the psychic’s job is to relay a message for not just acceptance and preparation but direction for change. I help you take control of your life and choose for yourself what is best for you. “It is called Free Will”

6) How do I change my future?

I will first inform you of your future and if there is an undesirable incident that you would like to avoid all you have to do is remember to be aware of what brings you to that point or who is involved. Preparation is the key to winning almost every battle.

7) How often can I get my future told?

Although most readings are set in a 12 month span, by changing ones future also will change other outcomes, so once most predictions have either passed or resolved then you can begin again.

8)I am skeptical of all psychics, who can I trust?

Not all psychics are real, reliable honest individuals, and my suggestion is to be cautious of all. Having a good rapport with a psychic is always a good start and having a connection to their words and style of reading.

Ask yourself if you were lost in a city and you needed to ask direction would you ask the first person you see or would you try to pick someone that looked safe or knowledgeable?

Would you be more likely to trust a person that was coherent, bright eyed, and helpful? Perhaps you feel more at easy asking several people along your route? All are good ways of choosing a reliable psychic.

9) Can anyone learn and do this at home?

Sure, I always suggest to people to learn more about things they do not understand, there is after all plenty of room for help, just make sure you want to learn for the right reason, and just because you can learn to read futures doesn’t create a carefree life for you.

Just like auto mechanics always have a junker in their back yard and plumbers usually have a leaky faucet, psychics often have messed up lives mostly from the shear lack of time spent on others in need. This is not a profession for the rich and famed, but rather it is full of poppers with rich hearts.

10) My religion condemns the use of psychics but I am still curious.

I try to never entice people to question their chosen religion, or to do anything they do not feel comfortable doing, just like it is never my place to point fingers at other religions and say that any are wrong.

I will however defend that I am not influenced by evil factions and that the message I have always preached is one of spiritual connectiveness with God, forgiving and accepting those around us even those confused, lost and different so that we can better move on to understand our own roll in life and Gods plans for us.

11) My question is not listed above.

No worries. Feel free to contact me anytime: admin@psychictarotreadings.net . I am here to help !