Do Psychics Really Exist

Do psychics exist or do they not ? are psychics real?

That is a question that has been asked since psychics first made themselves known.
do psychics exist?

Psychics were and are still controversial to this day because certain sections and even countries associate their work as dabbling in the occult, sheer secrecy and much like history punishable witch craft.  Researching psychic phenomena was considered a taboo as early as the 1900s

The few that took a chance at writing on the subject were  ridiculed and ostracized by the scientific community no mater the prestige.

A closer look at history will however show that people possessed inherent powers to detect things and to protect themselves. Animals and humans possessed a natural ability to sense  and predict future events. It is only after the need for technology that these predictions were calculated and findingscan be considered accurate (noted inconclusive)

The invention of multi-media has changed man’s ability to sense things, filling everyday with television, cellphones, i pods and the work place, there is no down time or empty quiet. This has destroyed his inner gift to mediate and visualize things.

Modern disturbances have forced man to unlearn the use of his inner voice that warns him whenever something is amiss. Some consider a   woman intuition or sixth sense as a part of that ability.

The modern society looked condescendingly on paranormal studies and practices watching quietly in the privacy of their homes but deny interest in their public life. There are states that consider fortunetelling as an illegal activity and some countries pointing it towards witchery.

But the critics of paranormal studies could not also be blamed because there are those who use their alleged spiritual gifts to make money and prey on the gullible.

There are fortuneteller who appear to be giving you new information about yourself but in fact, such information was only deduced from the information you gave or revealed about yourself and your family through reading a persons body language, and numerous other scams giving the true psychics a bad rap and questioning the entire population on who are reliable if any.

Psychics do exist. However, weeding out the rotten apples from the good fruit is nearly impossible.

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