Spiritual Guidance on Contacting Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and Ghosts

spirit-guides-and-guardian-agelsThe importance when contacting the other side is knowing what your beliefs are, and being realistic in what you can achieve. We know there is God, we believe that there is a here after, some people have seen ghosts, heard whispers and messages and others have physically felt contact.

Most mediums and psychics do not expect to sit down and have a face to face conversation with the dead. That is just not how this works, so as a novice try to keep your expectations “down to earth” so to speak.

With ghost hunting glamorized on TV and stereotyped in horror movies, what our beliefs are in life after death can seem distorted into a Hollywood version of what is supposed to be a much cherished spiritual guidance from the other side.

It looses its value in our everyday life when it is forced upon us and we become desensitized to it.. Not all but most contact made with the other side is small messages, pictures, thoughts and feelings.

Some have minute moments of clairvoyance and loses the connection while others continue to receive messages of guidance their whole life. The reason the everyday persons do not see those messages given is their lack of focus, super involvement in life matters and self absorbed in problems.

It is not an exact science.

Each clairvoyants experience is different. It can start out at an early age with imaginary friends. Others might hear jiminy cricket like voice directing in correct paths. And still others can feel presence in channeling from the other side, or near death experience bringing them so close to spirits, they keep the connection with them after recovery.

The results are the same, contact beyond this physical world and in most cases it can be a very positive and educational experience but not understanding can also make that contact scary.

Contacting your spirit guide – How to get started:

Clear clutter, almost emptying the room, giving no excuse to distraction. With lights lowered, candle burning, no music, no noise, or talking just sit or lay motionless and listen.

Pose a question “who are you?” rest a moment and then repeat rest and repeat…. almost as a chant. The name should just “pop” in you head like it has been there all along.

Do not be surprised if the name is that of a close friend or the name of one of your children, it is not uncommon that we would pick a friend or name a child a name that we have heard silently our whole lives.

This is your spirit guide or guardian angels name and now that you have been introduced you may have a real conversation with him or her. And feel free to ask away on other subjects.

If the name is that of a family member or friend that has passed away, then you have just made contact with a ghost. Take a deep breath and tell it like it is. “I have missed you so much!”

True story:

as a child I had what my parents and I thought were imaginary friends. I can still see them in my mind clear as day Peter, Jacky, and Lee, there wasn’t an outing I didn’t bring them with me or a diner they didn’t attend.

My mother especially embraced my active imagination, as I grew I may have no longer seen them as much as felt them and I often asked them questions in times of need and I felt consoled.

Years later all of my brothers and sisters grown and out of the house, my Mother took on baby sitting a small girl. One day washing dishes my mother was listening while the little girl played, just talking away.

My mother yelled into the room and asked the little girl, “Who are you talking to in there?” the little girl yelled back “Peter” My mother almost dropping dishes ran into the room and there sat the little girl smiling facing an empty plastic chair.

My mother laughing and still half startled told the little girl “could you do me a favor? Can you please tell Peter that Debby’s mother says hi?