Hi ! My name is Deborah Cavins and I’m the clairvoyant medium behind this blog. I was raised Catholic and my great grandfather was a protestant preacher and greatly influenced my religious growth.

I started reading tarot cards in 1993! I spent 2 years closely studying Wicca, earth spiritualism, American native Indian religions and some aspects of voodoo and Rastafarian.

I worked for a 1-900 psychic hotline and became dissatisfied with the corruption of the business and left to pursue a more spiritual satisfying way of helping others that didn’t include the guilt involved draining my clients dry.

I started college in 2003 and studied anthropology and world religions. Today I find that my extended knowledge of all religions gives me a deeper connection with the one God, the Creator, and Lord. He is all answers, all purposes, and all belongs to him.

My sincere belief that we all pray to the same God that appears to each culture in different forms, joins the world in a single plain of thought and allows me to better see signs, read eyes, take messages and direct spirits…”when standing on a hill the vantage point allows one to see better the paths.”

For the past 4 years I have practiced my craft on the net, giving free readings to those I have meet, honing my connection across country, continents and across the world. My success rate is on the spot 75% and the other 25% are at the moment in denial, but later send messages of apologies and stories of how those predictions came true.

Reading Style:

I offer psychic readings by phone ( or email or live chat too )My reading style is simple and direct, I am always honest but with a good bedside manor. I understand that the client is more then just a question but also the emotions and heart behind each inquiry.

My purpose is to first and foremost console and reassure every person that nothing is concreted in time and that we all make our own outcomes. Free will extends from Gods hand, and what we cannot change at the very least can be better prepared for.

I will show you the what, when, where and why to the events forth coming and go through what is the best line of attack to each problem or when it is safe to relax.  Financial losses, relationships end, and even death itself can be altered for a time with effort to change.

I will not guarantee that no bad will ever happen because there are some life lessons we do have to experience for ourselves, but I can better explain the reasoning behind them and optimize understanding while minimizing the effect.

My creed is simple. To be a tour guide through life, warning you of the roughness of the road ahead, point out the beautiful sights, watching out for pot holes and detouring you from the road side bombs.

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