Enlightenment lesson #4

artWe talked about unlearning the past, we discussed our existence and our relationship with a creator. and now we need to look at our relationship with those around us.

You are being tested daily but this is not a giant lab where you are separated from other test subject, no this is a multifaceted testing ground of numerous persons around you. you are not the one being focused on but you are part of the group.

It is like if everyone you knew could write a book about their life. of course your book would make you the main character, but what role would you play in your best friends story? or the neighbors, what about your third grade teacher or the old man down the street?

They might have mentioned you but depending on the effect you had on the people around you, they may or may not give you a few words or a whole chapter. the key is to be spoken good of, the best case scenario is to be an important part of the peoples life around you.

You need to strive to be more than an honorable mention. You want to be an important character in other peoples stories. It is just not enough to be, to work daily, stay out of trouble and be sinless and pure: this is not living.

You have to be a part of the world around you! In this lesson you can see that although you are working on your inner self and your path to Enlightenment, you can not ignore the people around you and your effect on them. You have to acknowledge that this is not just your existence, not just your story and you are not the most important person.

You have a human responsibility to do positive. You don’t have to be perfect or blameless in all that is done but you should always try to do good to the people around you and if you cant go out of your way to effect others in a righteous way then at least vow to have no effect on them at all.

When you negatively effect the group it is much like a ripple wave, enlarging in magnitude as it moves through the group until it comes back to it’s source. call it Karma, an eye for an eye, perhaps the phrase what goes around comes around is what you can connect to but for what ever way it strikes a cord it is a truth about existence.

What you sow you will one day reap. Just like set dominoes in play every peice set to fall. Things that happen are not random, they are reactions to an action, of an action and another action. There is a reason for everything.

Your place, your effect and your outcome really come at your own hands is truly a “Round About Way” when God said Do to others as you would have them do to you… well you get the point.

travel deals to You

Finding yourself is hard to do, but it isn’t so much the destination but the travel that is important. As we grow we learn not just from books or our pears but also from the whole of the world around us. It is not always necessary to do the physical traveling but it helps to experience other cultures and the beauty of the world. A few generations back our only traveling was done in RV to the grand canon or to the east coast to see the in-laws.

With travel agencies on every block and great travel websites like Travelocity and cheap tickets.com it is easy to see that we have little excuses these days not to take the time to live and be “worldly” a simple pass port and a spare $1,000 or 2 and there is very few places you can not go.

traveling the world can not be replaced with any other activity for learning. Seeing the world from your TV although educational is still too safe for the full effect and knowing every turn is your decision. Weather you choose to back pack across Scotland or stay at a 5 star in India http://WWW.PASSIONTOINDIA.COM there is always a cheaper way or discount travel in an off season. I want you to be the best possible you that you can be and traveling is on the top of my list of ways to reach spiritual enlightenment.

There is something so invaluable about  knowing  by touch, taste, and sight; to stand in the middle of an Egyptian market or watching the traffic and clutter of the streets of Mumbai. Watching children playing  kick ball in Italy or hearing the drunken merry in an Irish pub. You can imagine these experiences because of the television shows we grew up with but those are just glances compared to the life long memories that are created when you Feel the world through your own senses. So get that Pass Port, purchase travel insurance and reservations… It is time for you to be enlightens by the World.

Message to the new tarot reader

It is much like ridding a bike. Self assurance comes with practice and time. Being a first time psychic reader takes practice. New psychics tend to be skeptical of using their gifts and question their accuracy in their readings, that is why it is advisable to practice on friends and family for some time to not only learn but to build self esteem and a sense of style which is a must in the high demand world of psychics. I personally suggest giving free readings for some time to create a fan base alone with avoiding unsatisfied customers if you are having a bad day reading.

Professional behavior is a must when expecting to be treated like a professional; it is what separates your readings for friends from reading for a client. Professionalism comes from your delivery and your self esteem, you have to believe that what you are being asked to relay to this client is meant to be. It is your job to not only give this information but to be sensitive to the client’s feelings in the process. Communication is important and being understood and being seen as comfortable in diversity by the client can make a difference in a satisfactory reading and a loss. You must be just as comfortable talking with a millionaire as a pauper and just at easy speaking with different age groups as well.

If you are like most psychics this is not just a choice you made to be psychic or to be in service with your gift. To be psychic is in many ways a curse and in others a blessing I like to compare the need to read like a craving that can not be satisfied no matter how often you read for people there is always a constant desire to help more.

You are never closer to your creator then when you are a tool in his hands. And it is that sense of purpose and meaning that gives you a feeling of completion. So relax and do your best, all else will fall into place and as you learn so your abilities will also grow and soon you will be a seasoned veteran.

Can I learn to be psychic?

Whether you believe you can only be born psychic or that everyone in the world has psychic powers, the fact is that the realm of paranormal and unnatural are everywhere & almost everyone can learn to be a psychic.

Believers in natural born psychics’ call them gifted and according to this flow of thought people are born already capable to perform psychic acts with little if any effort… OK only in super hero magazines people!

We all have to work at our craft whether you use clairvoyance / telepathy, cold reading, psychic reading, dream interpretation, palm reading, astrological reading and tarot card reading are just some of the abilities of a psychic.

We all have the capacity to connect into ability but not all have the desire to look past their world, their life and see what is beyond. And that is ok.  Some are thinkers and others are doers. There is no disgrace in either.

Many want to better be in touch with the unknown either for profit like psychic hotlines or for sole personal reasons. First educate yourself.

Here are some things to help you better connect to your psychic side. Tools to help you get started in psychic training:

Tarot cards: are tools of divination that create a rapport with the handler through messages and pictures telling of past, current and future events a person needs counseling on.

Numerology: points to numbers and calculations of birth to predict a person’s personality and life path.

Astrology and horoscopes: relies on the movement of planets and celestial bodies  using star signs and or zodiac signs to show a life map of when, where’s and why of future events.

Crystal Ball: Simply helps a clairvoyant concentrate on a subject instead of distractions around them when reading.

There are other ways to practice the skill of psychic ability and that is through meditations. Meditation is thought of as an eastern practice or new age, metaphysical, but do not disregard the Native American Indians sweat lodges as a form of controlling ones body to better control the mind.

Once you have felt you have connected with a psychic world, practice is a must and the best psychic ability test is your friends and family

Relax and play with your style all else will fall into place. It is all a matter of time. Trust yourself and the words that come out of your mouth. Think of it like channeling the message that need be.

Best psychic tool is your self confidence !