Feeling The Spirit

A once monastery (This Catholic Church) and living quarters for numerous nuns and religious peoples. A huge building surrounded by a 8 foot brick walls was once the home and life to nuns only 2 generations ago…as tradition even in Europe the dead of this community was buried in the lower levels like catacombs.
Laying to rest years of the holy lived wanting to remain in death as they were in life dedicated to their community and church. Nothing sinister or vial about living and working above the people they loved and missed. But as times changed and buildings and their codes change the need to renovate for the new purpose for the building took on excavations in 1985 June 8th at 12:30 the last body was removed and a massive storm hit the area in what seems a coincidence.
And that was when the haunting started… removing the dead from their home and resting place turned out to be easier in theory then act. Although their earthly bodies are now located in a different place their souls have made it quite clear they are here to stay. Creaks and whispers, an empty hall filled with the echo of foot steps, but more impressive is the storm that rolls through every 10 years at 12:30 June 8th

It was best known for the charities the nuns had done in the growing City and then a shelter for un-wed mothers. Now the building is a charitable source (shelter, guidance, 12 step programs, food pantry, clothing bank and child wellness programs)

I thought I would visit and walk the halls myself to get a feel for what this haunting place had to offer….. I felt nuns at work. I felt comfort and caring. A sense of calm and most of all hope…. People helping people and the word of god in the hearts of everyone. If some of the places I have visited had scared the pooh out of me this place is the extreme opposite… breathing strength back into the weak and lost.

This haunting is a good one!

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I heard this story a few weeks ago and smiled that smile that you get when you have the answer you have searched a life time for. I just had to rewrite this for others to enjoy. The thought of the way life works is not a new idea, but the way of saying it in terms that people understand (timeless)

A man being obedient to God and wanting to please him asked. “God what would you have me do with my life?

God’s reply “I want you to push this massive bolder with all of your might”

So he being willing to please God he pushed with all his might, day after day he toiled at that rock and rested at night exhausted and spent.

Now Satan being the trouble maker came a whispered in the mans ear. “Why do you work so hard at such a hopeless task. Look at the rock, it hasn’t moved  all the days you pushed, it just shows how truly stupid you are to listen to God. Better you not destroy yourself on a stone, just but minimal effort and save your energy”

The man feeling lost and misdirected he decided to ask God “Father are you sure you want me for this task, all the days I have pushed with all I have in me, never once have I moved this stone, and I do not believe that I will ever be able to.

God’s reply “Never once did I tell you to move the bolder. I told you to obey me and push. Look at your body, your strong arms and massive back, look at the size of your legs. In your obedience you have not moved the stone but have moved your body. You have created in you perfection both physical and spiritual. Now… I will move the bolder”

Some times we question why we are directed to do curtain things, we let Satan’s words impact our thoughts and make us question our faith. It should never be about the end result but rather the task and how well we can be all we can be…. by all means continue to have the faith that moves mountains but always remember that it is God that moves those mountains.

When everything seems to go wrong no matter how hard you try……Just Push

When the money is gone and the bills are due……………………………….Just Push

When the job gets you down………………………………………………………Just Push

When people do not do as you think they should…………………………..Just Push

When they just do not understand………………………………………………Just Push

P = Pray

U= Until

S= Something

H= Happens

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Dealing With Loss and Trauma

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It is hard to look back on ones life and not wonder why me? Dealing with loss and trauma feels unbearable.

Often the world seems a little one-sided; so many have so little while other struggle for nothing in life only to have success fall in their laps.

It almost feels like someone is tipping the scales. Why are some born into greatness while others have to work so hard to achieve what little they do have?

It is ok to wonder why? Many religions say they have the answers to why but not many have the solution to how it is to be dealt with.

A psychic answer to this question is easy. And no I will not say have a faith, bare your cross or it is the fate or karma. But a simple phrase of “Everything happens for a reason” starts the explanation.

When I pondered my life it was difficult to accept all of its hardships and trials as having a reason or knowing that it was good for me. How could anyone profit from abusive relationships or being homeless?

But when I started looking at life in a different light, I stepped back, I could see that all those hardships strengthened me in ways that others remained weak.

I am like a polished sword, decorated and sharpened, ready to be called into battle. At first I was rough and was forged, thrown into the fire and then beaten, over and over, every blow to my being, compacts metal until I am the strongest I can be.

I hear the hammer on the anvil still and see the sparks that the dramas produced. And still more flames, as the fires are stoked glowing red I am plunged into the waters as the steam rises, the blacksmith admires his work and begins to drag me across the stone till the once dull blade is sharp.

I am tested to make sure I will not fail. I am straight, strong and smooth, a cold hard blade worthy of my task and placed in a case of reverence, until the day when I shall be a tool of righteousness in my Gods hands.

Those that are strong blades can withstand almost any pressure, while the ones that we spoke of earlier, the ones that had things so easy, will break and fail with even the slightest stress.

I once asked a friend, after she lost her job, what will you do? She simple said, “I will find another”. My friend was a single mother working and going to school. She had little but was proud what she had she earned.

That same week I read in the news about an executive in a large corporation jumping to his death because he was fired. I knew then that my friend was a sword that was strong and was able to cut through those difficulties because of her life being full of struggles.

Without the struggles she would have been week and broken like the businessman. From that day on I looked at life and my struggles with different eyes of appreciation for those horrid hard times.

Knowing that each trauma I live through is one more thing I know I need not fear…. This blade can take it.

So the next time you are frustrated with your life and feel depressed when things go wrong, try looking at a distance the true reality of the situation, you will live, and come out better than before, you will be that strong smooth glistening sword…

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Karmic Forgiveness

Why are we worse in our old age?
finding forgiveness

When we were children we were so forgiving, kneeling at the bed side as toddlers with the family, forgiveness prayers were a regular.

We didn’t understand the concept of GOD, we had no need to fear Him or use His life as an example of pious. We just knew that love was in our hearts, friendship is what we desired and we never knew a thought of grudge.

As people get older the story is not always the same. The trips to the confessional may be more frequent asking for forgiveness but in their hearts?

Some live their life for revenge after things do not go the way they desire or people do them wrong, will never forgive even on their death beds.

Time and time again people blame God for their lack of happiness and satisfaction even with the knowledge of years of religion classes under ones belt. Practice good church attendance regularly and some even do some Christian preaching.

But yet after all that is learned, all that is known about God ….even closer in age to the time when we will meet God face to face, We are less worthy of Him than when we were ignorant to His laws, His power, His love and His expectations.

Time in life gives us the opportunity to do good deeds and learn to be more like our creator, there are so many good examples of truly spiritually enlightened, peaceful loving individuals all over the world.

But their greatness is overshadowed by the shear masses of those imprisoned and those that choose to do evil. Forget spiritual growth when earthly pleasures are more appealing than Christian salvation.

In the history of time the belief that the world is getting worse and worse as the generations seem to best the prior in devastation of the spirit is a truth.

Seems to me that virgins are getting harder and harder to find, not to mention the commandments viewed as antique and only valued as memory of a past day.

It is not just a passing thought that those innocent children forgiving and unspoiled by life will be the only ones doing Gods laws and they are the only ones ignorant to them. And Perhaps The Only Ones Gaining Entrance To heaven.

What can we do?

Try letting go of the grudges, really what is it going to get you anyway? Do you really think that the other person is being devastated by you being upset?

Try praying that person receives God before their death and chooses to do good in Gods eyes. Forgive God and put your lack of happiness blame where it belongs, on your head.

You and only you are responsible for your actions and the real test in life is your reaction to those unsavory happening. Take some time to look around at those that have so much less than you and instead of always asking god for what you want, try thanking Him for what you do have.

Humbleness is next to Godliness.

Last but not least, do not just be a preacher teaching forgiveness, better to do on the street silent then a sales man on a soap box. Feed the poor, cloth, give shelter, teach, but more than any be an example.

Bereavement Coping

coping with death of loved oneMourning the death of a loved one is a difficult time in anyone’s life. Coming to grips with loss and the reasons why this had to happen often is a true test of ones faith.

Going through the motions of death, autopsies, finding out the cause of death, obtaining death certificate, funeral and all the expenses to face doesn’t really give anyone the chance to set aside time to actually go through any form of bereavement.


So many friends and family rush to console but without understanding the cycle of life and acceptance of a life after death those words seem to fall on deaf ears.

As a psychic I have the ability to rationalize that death comes only to fulfill certain requirements in life.

All forms of passing fall within 3 categories.

1. To release pain

A long life or struggle with illness, death comes as a reprieve and reward.

2. To teach

Creating a learning experience for those left behind is a painful but purposeful ending to a life.

3.  To make others stronger

Some deaths look needless but to the survivors a death means that they have to carry on.

There are so many seemingly needless deaths that are at the root of worthwhile causes, outreaches, laws and charities.

A great example is The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 or his fathers drive to create Americas most wanted after his child’s murder.

There are reasons for everything in life and believe it or not even death of a child.

The cycle of life tells us that even though a loved on is gone, their memory lives on in each and every person that they touched.

The ability to let go of them and see it as a transition to a better place less the trials and tribulations of life does more then free them of this earthly life but also lets us enjoy life guilt free and touch more people creating our own immortality.

“This is not your turn to die” seems to be a silly statement to make but to a survivor it is an emotional battle justifying their life while the passed loved one has left them behind.

I always said that the act of extreme grieving is a selfish act. You are not crying for them, but you are crying for yourself, your loss, not their misfortune, but your own.

Know that they will always be with you, they will always see and feel you, hear you words and in the silence alone you can also hear them and their ways to guild you.

I know you have heard this many times but it because the truth is forever, “you will see them again.”

Psychic Spiritual Healing – More than Mind Over Matter

psychic-healingWith over 1 million new cases of cancer, even more heart attacks and strokes, the increase in the number of aged surviving longer, steep cost of health insurance, it is no wonder there is rise in exploring more holistic ways to cure ourselves. The old ways are resurrecting in modern life. Herbs, prayer, medicine men and shaman.

I once went to a hypnotherapist for loosing weight. He advertised stopping alcoholism and smoking.

I wondered if it would work for my weight problem and to my surprise it did, but more than dropping a few pounds I delved deeper into the how and why it did work, and how I can make that treatment work in other parts of my life.

The knowledge of yourself and control of ones self is a must before controlling the factors external in life. Meaning if you want to take control of others in life you first must take control of yourself.

Same when it comes to illness, it you wish to control what it is making you ill you have to have control of your fighting force. You are more then muscle fed by blood, more than electric commands and responses. You are a connected energy, a river of thought and feelings.

Simple meditation for healing:

It is no secret that we do have some medical knowledge of many illnesses like high blood pressure and heart diseases, we know that most stress related illnesses are caused by a persons inability to process stress. Basically it isn’t the bug that gets you but the low resistance caused by the damage you do with stress.

The act of opening yourself to other possibilities, letting go of things unchangeable and directing your efforts to things that can be changed is one way to decrease stress and raise your bodies immune system.

During meditation; focus on breathing, lowering heart rate, flow of thought and then the area of illness; picturing the removal of damage, illness or disease. The spirit surrounds, focuses and heals the damage done at your will.

Fighting illness:

During this meditation a direct approach to the war is needed. You are watching the battlefield, flanking and out maneuvering the enemy. With diseases like cancer, Yes you are tired and yes you feel defeated at times but putting yourself in a position to do more then sit and let disease devoir you piece by piece is not an option.

The point of this exercise is to increase heart rate and breathing; you are actively chasing down and destroying invaders, positive thoughts of success releases endorphins that do promote healing.

Repairing damage:

In this meditation you are reconstructing, rebuilding and reconnecting materials. You are the master builder directing blood flow, cleaning ducts and building walls.

The breath should be steady and heart rate to the rhythm of the builders. Visually picturing the mending and repair not only slowly channels your energy to one area for healing but also takes the mind off of non-productive thoughts that do more damage.

Conducting these meditation exercises daily promotes a higher self esteem, sense of control and willingness to survive.

No one knows for sure why some people recover quickly while others suffer but one thing remains constant. Acceptance of failure only gives you permission to fail, but a continued battle is a show of character and strong will.

What’s your take on the psychic spiritual healing ?

Path to God – Spiritual Enlightenment

Worship is a concept that is universal. Religion differs from continent to continent, area, region, country, race and culture. The importance stems from belonging in society to having faith to hold on to in times of need. Religion is both a war starter and a peace maker.

So many beliefs, values and traditions, policies, laws and commandments; and few differ in concepts or vary in their goals from another but still lines are clearly drawn.

I had once wondered what if I had followed the “wrong” religion, so many organized religions preach that only by following the teachings of Jesus, Moses, Mohamed, or other deities can a person be granted entrance to heaven, but who is right? I had long conversations with and many years contemplating true divinity and came to an epiphany.

Every religion in every country serves a purpose. Depending on the cultural connection reflects their views of God and the rules deemed necessary to control the masses. Western civilization has a deeper connection to a Christian God and the holy family in their eyes reflects a belief system easily followed.

Islam, Judaism, etc. reflects the needs of the region. Hindu sympathizes with other deities and religions such as Rastafarian, Native American, Aborigines and Wicca all hold tight to their cultural influenced religions.

They seem to picture a higher power as the “Creator” but there eyes see him in a different light then their neighbor. But is how you visualize the seen but “unseen” God truly that important?

Perhaps God is the same person, the same entity; it is just our own eye sight that is different? Maybe sitting in heaven is One God called by different names and answering to all? Really isn’t it more important to see what religion does to transform an individual and as long as it serves a constructive purpose it is a good thing?

If God is my creator, guild and He or she loves me as his child and I choose a path to enlightenment, peace and spiritual growth, who cares what path that is as long as it works best for me and others are not hurt in the process? If the end result is heaven?

Would a mother care the path a lost son takes to get him home again when he stands before her? What say ya ?