Enlightenment lesson #4

artWe talked about unlearning the past, we discussed our existence and our relationship with a creator. and now we need to look at our relationship with those around us.

You are being tested daily but this is not a giant lab where you are separated from other test subject, no this is a multifaceted testing ground of numerous persons around you. you are not the one being focused on but you are part of the group.

It is like if everyone you knew could write a book about their life. of course your book would make you the main character, but what role would you play in your best friends story? or the neighbors, what about your third grade teacher or the old man down the street?

They might have mentioned you but depending on the effect you had on the people around you, they may or may not give you a few words or a whole chapter. the key is to be spoken good of, the best case scenario is to be an important part of the peoples life around you.

You need to strive to be more than an honorable mention. You want to be an important character in other peoples stories. It is just not enough to be, to work daily, stay out of trouble and be sinless and pure: this is not living.

You have to be a part of the world around you! In this lesson you can see that although you are working on your inner self and your path to Enlightenment, you can not ignore the people around you and your effect on them. You have to acknowledge that this is not just your existence, not just your story and you are not the most important person.

You have a human responsibility to do positive. You don’t have to be perfect or blameless in all that is done but you should always try to do good to the people around you and if you cant go out of your way to effect others in a righteous way then at least vow to have no effect on them at all.

When you negatively effect the group it is much like a ripple wave, enlarging in magnitude as it moves through the group until it comes back to it’s source. call it Karma, an eye for an eye, perhaps the phrase what goes around comes around is what you can connect to but for what ever way it strikes a cord it is a truth about existence.

What you sow you will one day reap. Just like set dominoes in play every peice set to fall. Things that happen are not random, they are reactions to an action, of an action and another action. There is a reason for everything.

Your place, your effect and your outcome really come at your own hands is truly a “Round About Way” when God said Do to others as you would have them do to you… well you get the point.

Enlightenment lesson #3

God is a personification of what we can’t answer and or don’t know. Yes or no? How about yes and no (big smile) God may very well be the answer to those questions we do not know the answers to. It is easier to just say God did it, God created it and God “says so”

Our minds are so small, so focused on this life and this purpose, we are bomb barded by what we see hear taste and feel that we barely have the time to wonder about those questions to the universe let alone take the time to actually find the answers. It is just easier to not ask “why?” it is easier to take others words on it. The church said God is The Father, Son and Holy Ghost, The Temple said God came here in many forms to save us from ourselves, and yes God spoke through people that are profits and we must believe them in order to go to heaven, or reincarnate, or ect ect ect. I am not here to tell you that those stories are not true! My purpose is not to tell you that any one religion is right or wrong, In the contrary I can stand here and tell you that they are ALL true.

If I start walking I can get to where I am going, it might take longer, and I might stop along the way to rest, take a turn down paths others would not have chosen to go but I will still get there. The choices that I make would not be the same as another, through culture, though education, life experience and upbringing, my choices are completely mine. I see the world differently than anyone, which is what makes me…… me. Praying to God and talking to God, connection to God, Energy, Spirit, Powers that Be is an individual thing, you can say that you follow a curtain religion but let’s face it. When you are talking with God, it is just you and Him… or her.

Because there can be no proof that actual events did or did not happen exactly the way we are told in religious text, we have no guarantees that the religious documents have not lost their means behind translation or time. It is not important to have proof. It is faith that connects us. I do not need to accept that God has 6 arms. I do not have to believe that God sit upon a cloud nude, grey and bearded. Or that he is The Sun, The Moon….. It is important to view God as timeless, without boarders and limits, which God is beyond our understanding and consciousness. The stories in all religions tell us the same. Culturally each uses different way to do it. But what you get out of them all are the same, these religions are here to help answer what our minds just simply cannot grasp.

Remember not that long in our history we were told that illness was caused by the Devil, that if you left your mouth open too long as in preparing to sneeze that the Devil would have the opportunity to enter your body. That is where “bless you” originally comes from, the long version was “may god bless you in this time of weakness where the devil may inhabit your soul” slowing we are of course seeing that science has saved us from many of our own superstitions. But Science has to be able to measure, have facts, study the physical and when we are talking about GOD and spirit they have yet to measure, track or prove. Does that make it not true or just not proven YET? I always like to tell people that gravity cannot be seen and until science was able to measure and prove its existence did that mean it just wasn’t?

I talked about being an ant on a leaf… and how the ant cannot see the branch or the tree or the forest but does that really mean that those things don’t exist? Does that ant understand photosynthesis or the seasons, does he know that all is of the earth, water, air and fire. Does the ant believe in God? We are so small minded, so unconnected and ignorant to so much that goes on around us, how can you dare to say that you can prove that there is no God by having no proof.

Lesson #3 was for you to acknowledge that there so much that has been learned but we know so little….. there is so much that we just simply don’t need to have proof of. It is called “Faith”

Enlightenment lesson #2

Lesson #2 is understanding yourself. Ask yourself how do I know to breath, how does my heart know to beat, the cells in my body…. do they know what they are supposed to be? Everything seems to work as a machine.


What goes in goes out everything that happens has an action and a reaction, there is always constant movement and purpose within this machine but on even the most basic level, the cellular level…..


There has to be a beginning, a start, a energy that makes the movements. A single cell knows and has memory of what it is to be, it breaths, eats, creates energy and expels waste…… but who tells it these things? How does that single cell in your body know and do? The answer is a simple one.

Spirit……. the soul is the catalist that starts and keeps the energy going. The soul……

Looking at the single cell with it’s knowledge, purpose and power. times the (50 trillion) cells that are in an adult human body. that power is endless.

Enlightenment lesson #1

First step to enlightenment is accepting a truth “I know nothing” you have to accept that everything you were taught and believe is WRONG, twisted, manipulated and conscrewed by society, religion, media, and everyone you have ever known or will know.
What you see, feel and hear is not what it is….. this is not a MATRIX thing but the concept of not living in the reality but being fooled by the reality is a close thought. Deep breath you are merely the ant on the leaf, not aware of the branch, the tree, the forest…. You do not see past the leaf. Now does that mean there is no branch, tree or forest? There is such a thing as faith that can be held on to while we do not understand those things that our small mainds can not grasp…… but why rely on faith when you can learn the truth.
So today think of all the things you do not understand, physics, complex math, computer programing, child birth…. think of all those empty answers to the questions you have and realize “I know nothing” this is lesson #1
Ok so it is confusing….. life is confusing. The point of emptying your mind of all those misinformation and misunderstandings is to help you to focus on what is known, not just what is told you. Religion, culture, society and media even government wants you to believe and follow what they say is real and has purpose because each have something to gain by your belief in “their way” and look how they all clash, no one agrees with one another. That it itself is CONFUSING. No…. you have to start by emptying your mind and opening your heart.
stand alone in this empty room that is your mind and prepare yourself…..

Psychic Spiritual Wisdom

One of the things I love doing the most is teaching others the skills they need to understanding all the Why? a person has to open themselves up to knowing there is more then just what you see and what you are told is important.

To maintain a life here with no effort at all as to a persons spiritual needs is as good as walking the world a zombie… going through the motions with out living and feeling a connection with others. This is no life.

Once you accept that there is more to life then a 9-5 job, the passion of sex or the power of success, you might see the world for what it really is “Life Lessons” success is not the end goal, Love is not the end goal even, and lord knows power and money are fleeting… what is your end goal and are you working towards it?

This video is a tool to learning what it takes to be Psychically Wise.

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The Inner Light Shines

Depression breeds more depression and a mostly trouble free person going through a rough patch, finds them selves hopelessly lost in despair.

Western Culture and Science say Mental Illness or nerves breakdown. They suggest counseling and medication “Take some time off work and go on vacation”.

Eastern cultures have knowledge of chakras, Chi and work to returning the proper flow.

The superstitious can go so far as to blame a curse (evil eye) or psychic vampire sucking the life energy.

The fact of the matter each culture has it’s answers and even though some remedies work faster then others it really depends on the person them selves when they decide to “get better”

I have a remedy that works for all cultures and beliefs because it’s basis is rooting in all thoughts. Through Guided Meditation all is cured

*If the problem is psychological then meditation and visualization, mind over matter cures

*If it is a physical imbalanced the act of slowing the heart rate and breathing exercises brings valuable oxygen to the brain and systems will be restored

*Focusing on the third eye and individual chakras throughout the body cures and coincides with eastern belief

*Repealing the evil and returning balance to your power is a truly Psychic belief

Lets look at the Light.. or really lack of the light as we learn how to meditate.

This is just one of many Meditation techniques that Jump starts your spirit.

The Light is your spirit inside this earthly form. It has it’s duty much like the Brain has electrical signals, the heart pumps blood, the lungs take in oxygen the skin protects from infection.

The soul has a combination of jobs to do. It relays energy, pumps power, takes in aura from what surrounds it, and protects against negative influences.

If the Light is dimmed by lack of power, has been altered by outside forces, purhaps even a less then steady signal the light can flicker, even go out completely.

I know you have seen them at work, in the store or on the street. The light is just gone from there eyes. If you have ever known a person that had committed suicide, then you know the look. There bodies were working but their spirit had failed.

I was one of those people…. I had lost my light and the only thing that kept me going was my family. I went to counseling, to church, I took the medicine and tried to get out and face life but the medicine never helped and although I knew what the counselors and clergy said were true I just couldn’t feel that spark anymore.

I was praying one day asking God to just relieve me from this life “Just take me, I can’t do it anymore, it is just too hard” as I lay there I was directed by my Guilds to listen to my breathing.. which at the time was rapid and shaking with an occasional whimper from crying for so long. I took a deep breath (First control breathing)

What was the worst that could happen. I thought of the other things I heard form TV and Movies…. calm your self (Slow your heart rate)

(Clear Your mind of troubles and focus on the now)

Picture yourself laying on the bed, legs straight and hands to the side.  (Systems Check) by starting at your farthest extremities. the energy is tingling in your toes and fingers, it is in your palms and feet, ankles, wrists, work your way to your center core and then up to the head… feel the energy, it is there, it is what makes the cells exist, what makes you exist.. it is life.

Now lets (Turn It Up)

See the little light of energy focused right in the center of your core in the Chakra it is your solar plexus, controlling our will, our personal power.  It brings us our strength, our courage and our will to succeed ,achieve and survive….. it is such a concentrated little light. Feel the heat radiate from it….

With every Breath the light gets brighter with a limitless amount of energy the light grows and fills the entire room with spiritual light as rays reach out and erupt like the sun’s rays.Let it really burn bright for a few minutes (Clearing Out the Negative)

Ever see a person walk into a room and the air gets lighter, the people just seems to cheer up and everything has more color. It is like someone lifted a window shade and let the light in.

You can lower the light to a constant flame just enough to light yourself from head to toe. This is what I call a (Maintenance Glow)

Now that you have Jump started your Spirit’s Innerlight it is easily taken care of, and a simple Run through of the Meditation when things seem overwhelming or you feel drained or depressed, will keep you positive and clear of everything from mental issues to succubi.

It protects against Ghosts and Curses. It Enhances the flow of Chi and clears the Chakras

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Climate Change

The sky is falling, the sky is falling… Sense the dawn of time the earth is on a decline and sense man has first questioned when was the beginning, they have also wondered when is the end of the world. Every earthquake, every storm, every flood brings with it, “Is this a sign of the end?”

With Science’s discovering of global warming and the greenhouse effect even explaining how the Ice-age may have come to pass we have realized we are a direct effect but the world has a cycle of it’s own.

Watch any Discovery channel on plate techtonics showing the movement of the earths plates causing volcanoes and their release of gasses and you can see it is proof that the earth does bad enough on her own.

Gasses released are earths pollution causing global warming on it’s own Earths radiation raises temperature while the pollution and dust clouds cools it.

The earth has a balance of equals… much like a persons life, good vs evil.  but when the balance is tipped all is toppled. I do not dare say that the world is coming to an end, but I will suggest that until a balance is returned… The earth will try to right it’s self.

Massive Climate changes, out of the ordinary, strong storms with tornadoes and hurricanes are merely the way that Mother Nature does some house cleaning.

Lets face it… we haven’t exactly had very green footprints, in fact by faults of our own, unknowingly we have done so much damage it may not be corrected, with such damage as nuclear fall out in Japan, to the many oil spills, and years of factory pollution.. Our symbiotic relationship with the world has become a bit one sided.

We were told in Eden that we were care takers of the world and all the animals upon it, but we have not done our job well, we  use all the world has to offer for our own selfish needs with little or no regard for animal life or the world around us.

We thought that if there was a price to be pay it would be so far from our lifetime that it would not be “our problem”…. it has become our problem and placing blame is a waste of time. better we take this time a right what wrongs we can….

1)Not buying products from factories and countries that pollute .. pay attention and sanction those that violate

2) Use green power, we have relied all these generations on earth and fire, it is now time to use water and air

3) respect the natural world and be the care takers we were told to be

4) we all can not live on a commune without industrial products but we can RECYCLE

5) population control

6) conserve energy.. well it will be more expensive anyway, you will have no choice but to conserve.

You get the point. The weather is changing, the Earth is fighting back, Our days are being tallied and the mistakes we have made in the past may not be able to be righted.  The world is not ending, but it is becoming more difficult. At this point whether we like to admit it or not, there is only 3 choices

1) Continue and reject the notion that we will have to pay for our indiscretions… the price will be paid and we will see just how bad it is going to get (soon) there will not be a next generations to pawn this off on.

2) Try to at least slow the earths decline and bide a little more time until our science to conserve catches up with our science that has distroyed

3) Convert back to cave man days…. with no carbon footprint.. this option is past.
here is just an example of what is to come. http://www.myweathertech.com/2011/05/24/radiation-gives-birth-to-earless-bunny/

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Protection Spells

There are many things individuals feel they need protection from, in the everyday world we wear helmets to protect our brains when riding  a motorcycle, race car drivers wear helmets, sky divers do to.

But these are just one of the many precautions we take when we needlessly put ourselves in dangerous situations. Remember the statement “when WE needlessly put ourselves in these dangerous situations”

The spirit needs protection to (from the needless dangerous situations we put our spirits through)by doing bad to others we welcome karma’s judgment. A depressive mind set and anger invite dark spirits and evil into our lives.

Kolam (rangoli) is a chalk art put just outside the houses in India, It wards off evil and welcomes good and prosperity into the home.

Dragons are a symbol of protection and can be seen in temples, art, household and palaces in China and most all of the Asian world. Feng Shui has many ways to channel good and guard against bad.

Masks are also used to warn off evil in many native cultures, all over the world from Polynesian to South America and to Alaska Masks were for protecting the wearer and the tribe from forces feared in the spirit world.

Native American Indians burn sage to expel evil spirits and their effect an burn cedar to welcome back the good.

In Wicca Salt is always used to dispel all influences of evil (sea salt)

Candle burning also symbolizes the light within our lives and creates a sense of calm that centers our soul and gives balance.

Mirrors in your house and work place repel evil

Christianity, Judaism and Islam believe that words expels the devil or bad spirits.

Psychics control the power that is the spirit to extrude a kind of force, warding off evil influences, like a kind of mosquito repellent…. evil hates the smell of it  . Depending on the good of the psychic depends the reach of the force and the intensity of what I call the “glow”.

Ora readers can see the health and intensity of your “glow”. Ever see a person walk into the room and the whole room lights up? or the air just feels lighter? these are the feelings that occur when a Good, strong spirited  person walks into a room, and the opposite can also happen when a very negative soul is around.

Sorry  we can’t bottle the glow and sell it but I can tell you how to create a positive environment to help you grow your own so to speak.

1) before jumping up to start your day (meditate for only 5 minutes) it can be a prayer or a self exploration but feel the presence of calm and picture the light being lit inside

2) totems of good that works for you… a kind of invitation and proclamation of your beliefs  either statues of your god, and alter or the above symbols should be maintained, cleaned or said to begin your day.

3) plan a good deed, in doing good we put karma on your side rather then be on his to do list.

4) do some relationship cleaning. It is ok to have acquaintances that needs us and we feel it is like charity work to be their friend and help them out but do not spend a lot of time with negative people (it does rub off)

5) Rather spend some extra time with positive people. young children are like fireworks of goodness, so are gyms and some religious groups.

My favorite protection spell : get a small to medium glass jar or bottle, fill 1/2 way full of sea salt, add a smooth river stone and a small mirror. place this jar outside your front door, you can hide it in a plant or stoop art. People do not have to see it but the spirits know it is there. To be bold you can even hang it for all to see but it is not necessary.

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How to stop being a bitch?


Well a politically correct statement would be “how to curb your attitude?” politically correct or not you know you are a bitch and just like that 12 step program admitting your disease and you are ½ way there to recovery.

Let’s start by asking ourselves what it is that brought us to this realization?

Did a peer call you out on it? Or did you look around and wonder where your friends went? If it is the later of the two then the work is a little harder.

Looks like you have crossed the point of no return as far as those friends go but no worries there is a world full of people willing to be abused by you so we will move on.

Bitches really have little to do with the original context “female dog” referring to the darn right mean attitude female dogs have towards a male dog right before being ready for breading, straight vicious in some instances.

In contrast depending on the culture to be called a bitch can also mean that the female dog wants to always have sex and placing that in a human way would imply the woman is promiscuous, even a prostitute.

So if we know what a bitch is and how you are being a bitch it should be fairly easy to change our ways and then we are no longer a bitch with an attitude. Not so….

Remember that although we make our own decisions there is the outside factor. What about those people, that seems to just bring out the bitch in you with such ease and is ever so capable of pushing buttons?

Relax… before opening your mouth to argue back or planning the next rival’s demise just sit back and listen.  This attitude you harvest from your own self doubt and perhaps even loathing transformed as pride, pompous and pin point defiance in the eyes of others.

You are guarding your very soft heart with “hardness”. This outer shell is not you and even if you were able to keep friends they are essentially not “your” friends. They are your make-believe you’s friends

Although we can understand why we do what we do, we also must change or suffer.

If I let people in to my life, if they know my secrets, or have access to my feelings: they might judge me, hurt me, or tell others about my fears and feelings.

I have no doubt that these are real fears and they can happen but at the same time while you fear and protect you also miss out on all the beauties and closeness of life.

I do not care what others think because this is my life and I am the one put in charge of it. Those judgmental people do not affect me, save or fail me and they do not pay my bills, in that respect I build the pride in what is in the inside.

I choose to glow rather then flame drawing people to me rather then repelling, finally mastering the difference between a hateful bitch and a self assertive proud entity.

Take a deep breath and value your energy and effort. smile and turn away from arguments and moments of drama… Believe in what you feel as being righteous and correct no matter if they know it or not. This is your world so be the Queen with integrity and reign over it with dignity.  Being a Bitch BITES

I love writing blogs that inspire and make you think, especially when I get feed back, but in all actuality the fact that you keep coming back to learn more is reward enough. But please remember I do tarot readings to, so when you want to know more about issues in your life or in the need of direction make sure and get a reading from me

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Christmas Spirit

It’s the reason for the season and the joy to the world, but for some, christmas is anything but joyful. Steeling, abuse, suicides, traffic jams and disappointments. My very good friend opened my eyes this season in a big way, I was on the phone with him while driving and I was complaining of the bumper to bumper traffic up ahead. I live on a very busy shopping area in my city and I was very late to an early christmas party and I was expected on time since I had promised to bring the refreshments. I had already had a pretty rough day and was telling all the atrocities I had overcome earlier. “GREAT! another accident!”

He asked in a sweet calm voice “So you think you are having a bad day?” my reply “YES!” …..he laughed, well not as bad a day as they are having I am bet……. Silence…. I had nothing to say, which is extremely not in my character. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was being given advice from one of my friends, instead of the other way around “aww the student has bypass the master, grasshopper”

I had let the chaos of the commercial Christmas corrupt my christmas spirit. You hear all the time the words Christmas and think that unless you are brought up in a perfect christian family, sitting around a Christmas tree, singing silent night… well…. Christmas is less then perfect. This holiday season is not about shopping until you have debt up to your ears, but it is not about spending it singing Christmas carols and riding a horse drawn slay to grandmothers house. surprisingly enough it does not even have to be Christian. Confused yet?

Most non-christian religions may not believe that Jesus is the son of God, but they do view him as a great profit and follow his teaching closely. The #1 thing Jesus taught is that we are all brothers and sisters. In the worldly sight of those words we see we are all family and if that is truly the spirit of Christmas is to spend time with family then we must include all the world in that joyous event.  Ok…. so, we all can’t buy every neighbor a gift or as far as that goes, our house might even be a little small for inviting the less fortunate in for dinner.

BUT….. Make a plate and bring it to a person sitting a home alone on Christmas, If you get a gift you really don’t want or need…. re-gift, re-warp that sucker and put it on someone else step, push the door bell and hide. So what if no one else would do that (you just did) so what if people are fussing about traffic and shopping like a crazed maniac YOU MAKE YOUR OWN HOLIDAY SPIRIT.

You don’t have family to share the holidays with? no problem, remember what I said we are all family. Take a walk, wave and say “Merry Christmas to everyone you meet”. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, sweep someones walk. get your mind off of being alone and realize that being alone gives you the freedom to help others. Call an old friend you hadn’t seen in years, or family a member that has removed themselves from the rest of the family and be the one that says “I don’t want anything from you, I just wanted to wish you a merry christmas and say I am here if you want to talk”

Most of all create in yourself an awareness that this is more then christmas gifts and  Holiday parties, It is realizing those people in that accident are worse off then you and caring that they are your extended family to.

Merry Christmas From Me and Mine!