Fertility Spells and Pregnancy Spells

So many times I am asked infertility questions, are there any fertility spells that help with infertility and how can I conceive a baby when infertility clinics and infertility doctors, specialist say we can not have a baby.

My answer to these queries is that unless you are told that your health is in question try, try again. There is always a chance no matter the issue.

Some have used the love spells and are now looking for pregnancy spells to enhance ability to conceive.

One of my first suggestions is to first see if it is the male’s inability or the females and then the healing can begin.  Most infertility can be helped by simple relieving stress from the bed room.

Women especially have a hard time conceiving during times of stress.  She can literally refuse to produce eggs when stressed and no matter the spell or infertility treatment attempted it will be a loss if after she conceives she also spontaneously aborts because of the same stress issues.

Meditation, meditation, meditation…. Helps with infertility solutions, not just for the female but also the male has a great chance of self healing even impotency.

Physical goes along with spiritual when it comes to making a baby.

Here are some short answers to long problems

  • Women that have difficulty ovulating and have irregular periods in some cases can be greatly helped by losing a few pounds.
  • Many women have prolapsed uterus and can do a simple exercise every day of 20 minutes of on their knees butt in the air and shoulders down on the floor or another exercise is laying on your back in the morning and bringing your knees to the chest 5 times… this straitens the uterus.
  • Orgasm after intercourse helps with pushing sperm to uterus and an easy answer to slow sperm.
  • Spiritual side of treating infertility is burning candles (red) for the encouragement of love and birth into your life.
  • Lavender incense is great for infertility help. It not only creates a soothing atmosphere but also any fragrance can train a libido
    to react to smell, as soon as he smells lavender after a few times….”it’s
    loven time”.

There are sure fire old wise tales that for some reason seem to work fail proof…. And in all honesty I have no idea why.. but don’t question a good thing I spent 6 years trying and failing in the baby department.

My grandmother suggested a hammer under the bed to ensure a male child. My husband also listening went home and put a hammer under the bed, me not being able to find our hammer bought another, and also put it under my bed.  9 months later I gave birth to twin sons.

Here are two of my favorite and simplest of baby conceiving magic spells via Wicca

  • With a triangle of candles (brown, blue and silver) and a single rose
    bud in the center of them say this spell and prick your finger with a thorn and let it drip on the rose bud. “Sweet as the rose may be, and as strong as the thorn From this union of flesh and spirit, my daughter is born”
  • With a triangle of candles (yellow green and blue) say this spell
    while placing an acorn in the center “From this seed is born the Sacred
    Oak From this union is born my beloved Son”

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Online Psychic Help – What to Expect

“Because psychics are capable of seeing the future, I just won’t drive that day.”

No really, some people do believe that they can call for psychic help and find out the winning lottery numbers, when they will have a bad day at work or a wreck on the way home.

Other people think that if they read their daily horoscope they can have a better handle on their day. (Just a thought but if you receive a general horoscope sent 6 thousand others, wouldn’t it be fair to say that the reading might be a bit general also?)

The truth? That is not exactly why people should get a online psychic or online horoscope. Telling your future is designed to help you deal with things upcoming not to save you from disaster.

Or as far as that goes foretelling the end of the world. (Really what good would it be if you knew it was coming?)

Think of going to a psychic like a helping hand. It’s not designed to pull you out of a hole in an absolute sense of word but rather a helping guide to guide you when you are feeling lost for direction / purpose.

Genuine psychics can guide a lost soul as they are usually more in tune with the elements and with their inner self thereby having more sense of clarity.

I do my best to console and redirect my clients from the things that will upheave their lives and remind them that everything happens for a reason, even the bad, (especially the bad).

All those hurdles form the foundation of latent strength, life experience and knowledge.

Even a car accident, even making that call to dui lawyers is a sad but necessary exercise for you to learn. Unfortunately winning the lottery has no real learning value and that is why winning the lottery is not one of the coveted 22 life lessons we talk about.

Accepting things you can not change and understanding that some things are just not meant for you to know, are in the 22.

If you are seeking psychic help, feel free to contact me.

Training To Be Psychic

psychic training developmentSome people would like to say that being psychic is something that you must be born with or that it runs in an individual’s family, some even say that psychic talent can be obtained through near death experience.

Although there are some exceptions to the rule, a psychic gift is really a little less of a gift and more of a trained talent.

There is no such thing as a person that has never touched a piano just sitting at one in an afternoon and being a concert pianist.  And although a person may have an ear for music,  it takes practice and determination to achieve greatness. Psychic abilities are no different.

Everyone knows how to play checkers and some can remember the moves and intricacies of chess. A few are capable of competing in chess tournaments or consider them chess masters.

Atari had made a 3D version of chess that allows the player to involve 3 levels of boards that gave access to all the 3 levels at once.

The human brain works like a chess board, allowing movement, wins and losses on a single level,  occasionally letting some be worthy of competition and others true masters.

But the persons that can see beyond the single board and play on multiple levels has more brain function working all at once.

The true psychic ability comes from a part of the brain that does puzzles, conducts mathematical equations.

It is also what allows a woman a better sense of recognizing others emotions (woman’s six sense) and gives a person a feeling of empathy for others. These are the sections of the brain that can be trained and manipulated to exercise more often and become stronger.

If I know 1+1=2 then you can also with time recognize an eye blink at a given time is a lie. You can know that a change of weather can be first predicted by stiffness in a knee or that more suicides happen around holidays.

It is true that those things are not psychic, but scientific in nature. Now take those inner knowledges times 500 and a person can subconsciously predict the future. Much like a super computer can take information on a given subject and predict an out come.

If a person that has already become stronger psychically is introduced to thought past this level, added to a more spiritual connection, then the efforts are more channeled like sun-light through a magnified glass.

Things needed in psychic training: book on tarot cards, or favorite ability, and this time actually read it (you have to want to learn things of spirit to talk about things of spirit), puzzle that you will put together upside down (nothing but you, your thoughts and a pictureless puzzle connects you to the subconcious), time to go in groups of people to watch them communicate….. you stay silent and just observe, quiet time set aside for meditation, and time to listen to your thoughts away from TV or Radio.  (I call electronic entertainment mindless noise or time of empty thought, much like candy bars being empty calories.)

Sounds simple but these are the only things needed to become psychic.

Have you ever tried your hand at psychic training? If you need professional expertise, feel free to contact me.

How can I tell if I am psychic?


Being psychic is actually not as easy as you would think even though there are definite guild lines to go by to achieve a sense of oneness with ones surroundings, and really that is all it takes.
To be aware of the people, places, things and sources of energies that makes the world move.

Start by asking yourself these questions

1. Am I a religious person? Do I have a good commentary with God?

2. Do your friends and family see you as a person that they can go to for advice or venting?

3. Do you feel comfortable listening to others problems? And do you often feel like if you were in that situation you would do things differently?

4. When things happen do you have a sense of peace while others are sucked into the emotions of the moment?

5. When you were a child, did you ever have thoughts of great purpose?

6. Do you often day dream of things that haven’t happened?

7. Have you had invisible friends as a child?

8. Have you ever heard voices? Or asked your self a question only to answer also?

9. When you close your eyes do the pictures in your mind seem to come true? Or disavow?

10. And do you often say the same thing as friend at the same time? Or think of a person and they soon call?

These are just a few of the tail tell signs of psychic ability.

Finding Online Psychic – Essential Guildlines to Prevent a RipOff

Feeling lost for direction and thinking where can I find an on-line psychic?

Well they are everywhere but a simple word search will not insure that the medium you find will be a good example of the psychic community.

In truth a lot of the businesses advertising psychic readings, tarot, and fortune telling are merely selling you “the emperor’s new cloths”

Guild lines to finding a good online psychic :

1. You need to pull back the curtain on the wizard of Oz and see them in a real light. Ask for real names, Google the name. Ask questions !

2. Do not be sucked in by flattery, or sugar coating. Sales are their job and you are often just a paycheck. If it appears to be too good to be true, it is.

3. Be willing to see a reading as entertainment at first. Never spend more then you would on a night out. If the reading is correct and you wish to return to the same psychic make sure and note their name and extension and do not be afraid to tell the reader that they did a good job.

4. One of the things that is the tell tail sign of a fraud is mentioning curses… To many so called psychics will tell you that you have a curse as the reason for troubles or difficulties and if ever you want to have a normal life you must pay $500 sometimes $5,000 and people pay this money. At the first mention of “curses” walk away. THERE ARE NO CURSES that can placed upon you….

It is true that there are a lot of individuals that do a great job and are a real asset to the psychic world. Many are extraordinary, but it is “the bad apples” that makes the barrel stink and I have little sympathy for frauds.

There is little that the psychic community can do, so please watch out for the wolves.

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Types of Psychic Readings

[ad#ad-1] types of psychic readings

Before taking the time to contact a psychic first time it is advisable to do your home work.Start by asking yourself what it is you are wanting answered, do some research yourself on the way to best have that question answered.

Different psychic readings are better for answering different intrigues. Here is some basic information on each kind of readings so you can better have a grasp on each.

Here is just a few of the better known readings:

Tarot cards (using mystic cards that have specific messages to point out a good life direction) are one of the more common of psychic reading and its abilities to focus on a given issue is good for general readings on one subject or on a group of problems but difficult to narrow to a definite yes or no answer to question.

Tarots are more commonly used for giving life advice on a given problem.

Clairvoyance is the feel and emotion pictured messages, either directly into the mind or relayed through spirit guides, this gift goes well with the other psychic tools because of time it takes to draw the messages out (most clients walk into a reading closed and it takes time to open them)

Mediums see and or hear the spirits that have passed, not the same as spirit guilds that have not been physically in the living. these readings are normally done face to face .

An astrology reading (using dates of birth and alignments of planets to predict) is great for getting information on a time line in your life. When you achieve certain things, at what age you will marry or bear children. Some are higher achievers that try to pinpoint daily happenings. This is very difficult.

Numerology (also uses birth dates to assign a personality)numerology calculator is great at finding true love and your best suited mate, job, even place to live.

A palm reading ( is done by mapping out the lines of the hand) It is designed to inform a client of up coming happenings and long term hurdles that await. The wonder of the art is that the hand lines always change and so does your future.

Rune stones ( almost same as tarot only different medium) These domino like stones can give a more historic feel for the experience but the concept is the same, giving advice to life lessons and direction.

Reading ones Aura or aura reading is (done by psychic that has acquired the ability to see the spirit and the energy that you give off all around you) this is great for finding illness and emotional state.

What’s your favorite type of reading and why?

Do Psychics Really Exist

Do psychics exist or do they not ? are psychics real?

That is a question that has been asked since psychics first made themselves known.
do psychics exist?

Psychics were and are still controversial to this day because certain sections and even countries associate their work as dabbling in the occult, sheer secrecy and much like history punishable witch craft.  Researching psychic phenomena was considered a taboo as early as the 1900s

The few that took a chance at writing on the subject were  ridiculed and ostracized by the scientific community no mater the prestige.

A closer look at history will however show that people possessed inherent powers to detect things and to protect themselves. Animals and humans possessed a natural ability to sense  and predict future events. It is only after the need for technology that these predictions were calculated and findingscan be considered accurate (noted inconclusive)

The invention of multi-media has changed man’s ability to sense things, filling everyday with television, cellphones, i pods and the work place, there is no down time or empty quiet. This has destroyed his inner gift to mediate and visualize things.

Modern disturbances have forced man to unlearn the use of his inner voice that warns him whenever something is amiss. Some consider a   woman intuition or sixth sense as a part of that ability.

The modern society looked condescendingly on paranormal studies and practices watching quietly in the privacy of their homes but deny interest in their public life. There are states that consider fortunetelling as an illegal activity and some countries pointing it towards witchery.

But the critics of paranormal studies could not also be blamed because there are those who use their alleged spiritual gifts to make money and prey on the gullible.

There are fortuneteller who appear to be giving you new information about yourself but in fact, such information was only deduced from the information you gave or revealed about yourself and your family through reading a persons body language, and numerous other scams giving the true psychics a bad rap and questioning the entire population on who are reliable if any.

Psychics do exist. However, weeding out the rotten apples from the good fruit is nearly impossible.

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Suicidal Thoughts? Will I Burn in Hell if I Kill Myself?

[ad#ad-1] depression-suicide

Being overly involved in the complications of life can seem to make living a little unbearable and that can be expected.

We are so often rushed to succeed at any cost and then looked down on when we falter, not to mention the kind of success that is expected by the worldly influences is not the same success that should be driven to achieve.

The pressure and disappointment starts early, we see the results in teenage suicides where the suicide rate is more alarming not because of the numbers being so high but the average age is getting lower every year.

The pain to the family is devastating and never truly understood, but with adolescent’s, suicide is influenced by several factors: lack of communication/ support, teen depression and the amount of options made available.
With depression suicide, the mental state is not normal and the individual has not got the control over their own thoughts. It is often referred to as an illness even though in many cases the stress and issues in life are truly beyond anyone’s ability to handle.

Their thoughts do not focus on what can be done to better things but lay with how to commit suicide?

Suicide attempts are often very well planed and if truly suicidal the individual will succeed. The cries for help are very evident, most of the time the love ones around the ill person just simply refuse to admit that things are really that bad. It is only after the suicide note is read that love ones will say “yes I may have seen it coming”

With assisted suicide and euthanasia public opinion varies, this is due to the awareness and mental state of the person attempted suicide. They are often very rational and very aware their options they feel that they have very good reasons to no longer struggle.

Either from illness, circumstances or age they decide an easier way out.
No matter what the reasoning behind committing suicide the results are the same.

Depression and suicide affects more than the one being buried and the pain goes much deeper then the initial loss.

For the one being left behind, a life time of regret and self doubt, always wondering what if they had done things differently and asking themselves if it was their fault

The flow of spirit is altered for the deceased. The persons that commit suicide are unable to finish the lesson being taught, it is only a short reprieve because whether it is accepted or not this person must go through this until they pass.. No mater how many times.

Weakness is not a sin but a character flaw that needs some work. Perhaps in another life.

Knowing this, thou shall always bounce back from the suicidal thoughts.

Pet Psychic and Animal Communicators

There are so many types of psychic abilities and being a clairvoyant and sensitive doesn’t always stop at being able to do psychic readings on humans. Expanding ones psychic ability to be a pet psychic is not so unusual.


Empathy is the gift to feel those around us and in most cases an animals brain waves and emotional state is so simple and uncluttered that a medium can read them with much more clarity and accuracy.

It is no secret that pets themselves are empaths, knowing their masters emotions, predicting earth quakes, patience’s seizures, cancer and a pet starring off into empty space is a sign of their psychic ability of seeing spirits and ghosts.

Their capacity to attach themselves to a person or place to the point of a love beyond loyalty is almost eerie.

A pet’s connection with us is a healing experience, calming and soothing with eyes seeing through us, giving exactly what we didn’t even know we needed. But occasionally it is the pet that is on the receiving end of need.

Giving you the chance to hear what they are trying to tell us is all it takes to become closer to them. Pet psychics, sometimes also known as animal communicator,  are in much need in today’s society. Most dog trainers have a psychic gift, a sense beyond those around them. Putting together sight, feel, sound and emotions equal a truth.

True story:

when my mother was young there was an elderly man that lived next door with his wife and ancient dog beyond a countable age. The elderly man was never seen without his loyal canine side kick but when he past away.

The woman inconsolable after the funeral was unable to find the only thing she had left to connect herself with her past love. The dog had just simple disappeared.

It was only a few days later that another relative unable to attend the burial of the elderly man had taken time to stop by the grave site across town and there lying in front of the man’s tombstone was an over grieved dead dog, His faithful companion.

for really great natural alternatives for your very special animal companions and you know they deserve the best, I use this site…. anything and everything you can think of to make an animals life one of comfort and health.


Spiritual Guidance on Contacting Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and Ghosts

spirit-guides-and-guardian-agelsThe importance when contacting the other side is knowing what your beliefs are, and being realistic in what you can achieve. We know there is God, we believe that there is a here after, some people have seen ghosts, heard whispers and messages and others have physically felt contact.

Most mediums and psychics do not expect to sit down and have a face to face conversation with the dead. That is just not how this works, so as a novice try to keep your expectations “down to earth” so to speak.

With ghost hunting glamorized on TV and stereotyped in horror movies, what our beliefs are in life after death can seem distorted into a Hollywood version of what is supposed to be a much cherished spiritual guidance from the other side.

It looses its value in our everyday life when it is forced upon us and we become desensitized to it.. Not all but most contact made with the other side is small messages, pictures, thoughts and feelings.

Some have minute moments of clairvoyance and loses the connection while others continue to receive messages of guidance their whole life. The reason the everyday persons do not see those messages given is their lack of focus, super involvement in life matters and self absorbed in problems.

It is not an exact science.

Each clairvoyants experience is different. It can start out at an early age with imaginary friends. Others might hear jiminy cricket like voice directing in correct paths. And still others can feel presence in channeling from the other side, or near death experience bringing them so close to spirits, they keep the connection with them after recovery.

The results are the same, contact beyond this physical world and in most cases it can be a very positive and educational experience but not understanding can also make that contact scary.

Contacting your spirit guide – How to get started:

Clear clutter, almost emptying the room, giving no excuse to distraction. With lights lowered, candle burning, no music, no noise, or talking just sit or lay motionless and listen.

Pose a question “who are you?” rest a moment and then repeat rest and repeat…. almost as a chant. The name should just “pop” in you head like it has been there all along.

Do not be surprised if the name is that of a close friend or the name of one of your children, it is not uncommon that we would pick a friend or name a child a name that we have heard silently our whole lives.

This is your spirit guide or guardian angels name and now that you have been introduced you may have a real conversation with him or her. And feel free to ask away on other subjects.

If the name is that of a family member or friend that has passed away, then you have just made contact with a ghost. Take a deep breath and tell it like it is. “I have missed you so much!”

True story:

as a child I had what my parents and I thought were imaginary friends. I can still see them in my mind clear as day Peter, Jacky, and Lee, there wasn’t an outing I didn’t bring them with me or a diner they didn’t attend.

My mother especially embraced my active imagination, as I grew I may have no longer seen them as much as felt them and I often asked them questions in times of need and I felt consoled.

Years later all of my brothers and sisters grown and out of the house, my Mother took on baby sitting a small girl. One day washing dishes my mother was listening while the little girl played, just talking away.

My mother yelled into the room and asked the little girl, “Who are you talking to in there?” the little girl yelled back “Peter” My mother almost dropping dishes ran into the room and there sat the little girl smiling facing an empty plastic chair.

My mother laughing and still half startled told the little girl “could you do me a favor? Can you please tell Peter that Debby’s mother says hi?