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I understand that Psychics have their share of bad apples spoiling the barrel. It is hard to trust what is said about the future when the future hasn’t happened yet. Tarot readings have the ability to tell about what is happening now so that you can better trust the psychic’s predictions for your future. Here is your chance to test my skills and see that I am different than the others. Only if you see I am authentic should you pay for a full reading that tells about your future. And when I have impressed you than tell your friends. Four cards… free send mail (name and birthday) to and if you are interested in that full reading? come back here and go through my paypal

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Metaphysical classes

Setting up Metaphysical classes in Evansville starting the last Monday in June… First class will focus on bi-passing the social you, balancing the physical you and getting to the spiritual you. Classes are 1 hour with 1 hour discusions and questions. Wear comfortable sitting on the floor clothing (bring a pillow b/c hotel floors are unforgiving) $10 donation to help pay for the room. Only 15 per class so message me now. the series of 3 classes have to be taken in sequence the end is how to train your psychic side
To confirm your attendence place your donation here, I will contact on you time preference

Do on-line psychic readings work?

Psychic abilities defy time and space. Depending on the individual, different things trigger a reading. A name, a birthday, even a voice. The simple acknowledgement that help is needed can hit me from across the world. I practiced my reading on chat to different regions and there are no limitations or distances that can keep the messages from getting through if they need to get through.

India from the US to the North Pole…. If a hand reaches out for help Psychics get connected.  That connection doesn’t leave when the phone is shut or an e-mail sent. The continued connection stays like a residual smell that can be tapped into when a question is asked later but will fade with time. I am connected for about a week.

When you go to a psychic and ask for a reading you are opening yourself up for assistance. At that moment you are granting permission to a psychic to “get involved”. Most psychics prefer face to face readings so they are guaranteed that person is the one asking for the reading.

Remember: a psychic can not ethnically do a reading without your permission, doing so puts the psychic at risk for karma’s firing line. There is a price to pay and many novice are in violation of this rule when they practice at home or think they will just pull out a few cards for example: on their boyfriend, or an enemy.

Face to face readings have their advantages but so do e-mail readings, where you can go back and reread the mail as things come to pass. A lot of time clients get so caught up in the moments and experience, they tend to forget what is being said.

It is all about the reasons you ask for help, in a reading you are saying you need the powers that be to direct you. if you do not have a need to get a reading and you are just testing a psychic or doing it for kicks… well the cards either will make no sense to you or reveal embarrassing information to retaliate.

Weather you choose to get a reading face to face, phone, chat or E-Mail the result should always be the same… discrete, caring and informative reading.

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Psychic Readings

Psychic scam artists using curses

A curse is the magical capability to alter someone’s life, a group of people, a place or object, without hands on contact.

It is my belief that curses do not exist and I can explain my theory. Bad things happen to bad people but not because I or any witch wished them to be hurt. It is all at the hands of Karma and other just powers greater then ours.

We are placed on earth to learn from our life. The question I pose to you is “How much would you learn without hardships?”  Perhaps you can learn to be spoilt, or ungracious possible even criminal if you got everything you wanted anytime you want them without obstacles.  Consider yourself cursed!

I suggest to you that the things that we go through, the troubles we have are in fact a blessing not a curse. Those that believe “Bad things happen to bad people” this is not always the fact but I pray that Judgment is fare at death.

Karma usually knows well his job as far as placing toll on lives that deserve what they get.

Bad things occasionally happen to good people but it is not curse, rather it is the stoking of the fire so we may be forged into sharp blade, strong enough to endure the war we live. As we suffer and live through the pain we do become stronger and “wiser”

We learn from our mistakes, the trauma that we opened ourselves to have taught us well what not to do again. We learn this on our own, without the help of these so called “curses”

Humans have no power over us unless we give them that power. What god has given no man can take.

Spirits are another story. Dark spirits do exist and do affect people in the way of drawing on persons already depressive state, just like surrounding ourselves with negative people affects our state of being,

These dark souls do the same and search out those that are easily depressed and turned. Sadness, anger, evil vindictive thoughts are their favorite food. The act of feeding them ensures their stay.

A simple act of doing good repels them and the light shines again, on an occasion you must change your lifestyle. Example: “I am a drug dealer and I do not understand why the police is always after me and people are always out to get me, someone must have put a curse on me????”

I know that is an extreme example but you get the point.  There is no curse… “the powers that be” want better for the drug dealer and create obstacles to point him in a better direction. A release of God’s protection opens the dealer up to more demonic spirits to experience hell on earth.

Many fake psychics use Karma and life’s tests to scam people.  These con artists know that no ones life is perfect and people usually go to psychics when they are having problems

“There is a curse on you, placed by someone that you have done wrong in the past, this is a strong curse, I can remove it but it will take a lot of work, it will cost $500” sometimes $5,000 and if you do not have the money they will ask if you have family you can barrow the money from and tell you how important it is that you come up with the money.

Your life will never be good unless this curse is removed. They will ask for cash and many times will wait only after they have through the client confidence gotten so much incriminating evidence on you that you fear telling the “psychic” no.

BULL…………….. but it happens everyday , and these bad apples stink the whole barrel. True psychics just trying to make a living will never charge more then an hourly wage and never pressure a client to spend more then they would on an evening out.

If you want to remove bad influences in your life (call it dark spirits, curses, the devil himself) take that $5,000 and give it to charity, the act of doing good puts God back in your life and in good standing with the powers that be.


I love writing blogs that inspire and make you think, especially when I get feed back, but in all actuality the fact that you keep coming back to learn more is reward enough. But please remember I do tarot readings to, so when you want to know more about issues in your life or in the need of direction make sure and go to

Magic Candles aka Spell Candles

Types of candles are really not as important as the thought behind them. It is your thoughts and efforts that put forth magic. 

Spell candles are basically used to help you get into the magic spirit; it is a simple inexpensive way to get the ambiance needed to “feel the force” so to speak.

  • Votive candles are the small inch to 2 inch candles they are especially good for alter work or placing inside of vessels or bowls.
  • Tapper candles come in slow burn and real wax, the real wax is often preferred because a wax reading that can be done with the wax that falls. You can get special wax pans at any Wicca wholesaler but in a pinch of course you can use pie pans. Note: paper plates do not work
  • Jar candles are great, you can make your own very easily and they are easier to reuse. Smells are not essential but I have found some fragrances quite soothing so why not intermingle aromatherapy with devotations and spells?


White= is purity, promotes peace and sincerity used for healing bone ailments and milk production

Yellow= is movement and energy also wisdom and learning great for skin and stomach complaints

Orange= promotes strength authority and self esteem it is used mostly for coughs and cold also breathing problems like asthma.

Gold= stimulates the 6th sense and also helps with financial issues.

Pink or Rose= is of course love and emotions that create friendship and nurturing bonds and stops depression and anxiety.

Red = is lusty and powerful with a sign of life, birth and death. Mostly used as a defensive spell of protection

Purple= is a vibrant color inspiring success and psychic power, it helps with allergies and sleep problems

Magenta= works on an immediate spiritual plain, creates a quick result in desperate issues.

Brown= is of the earth and represents things that promote stability, study, financial and concentration.

Indigo= is positive and protecting it cleanses the soul especially when it comes to mental disorders

Blue= sooths and relaxes so is great for high blood pleasure, insomnia and stress

Green= is luck, ambition and success helps with financial and fertility problems

Gray or silver= is a reflection of the soul, help in meditation to better center your psychic power.

Black= even though taught to be a negative color is the most positive. used to banish evil, protect and support you.

A great place to get candles  is found here both for personal use and sell your own

Psychic Meditation – Take a Deep breath?

Psychic meditation like yoga, hypnosis and etc has many uses, anything from dealing with physical pain to channeling ones mental energy to be a better tarot card reader. psychic meditation

[ad]Many individuals do these meditations without even knowing, a simple moment of silence to calm ones nerves is a form of meditation. And on the other end of the spectrum complete metaphysical travel can be achieved through extreme meditation.

The phrase clear your mind is not just a cute saying. In meditation it is the beginning and center. This step is the most important because while so many thoughts may seem important in any given day and your focus on issues get you through life.

Problems backed up, unresolved issues, unfinished tasks are some of the culprits that get in the way of focus and true full attention.

Before starting pick a subject and focus, “what is it that you need to improve upon.” All other issues should be at least temporarily set on a back burner.

*So for example: I chose meditation to clear my mind to better focus on my intuitive power I would start my meditation with forgetting all else, nothing has my attention but my own intuition.

*Body position: popular demand of yoga is the sitting on a floor, cross legged position, but body position is not important, lay down, sit on the floor, or at a desk, just as long as the place is quiet, safe, comfortable, and you are alone.

*Clear your mind: this can be done with many different methods, the keys is picking a scene that best fits your personality. Painting a canvas, pouring water, cleaning a window, even brushing hair, you can get creative with this.

I am an artist so my scene is a canvas that I paint white. I picture the paint brush, the can of paint, the canvas on the isle. My hand dips the brush in the can of paint, whipping the excess back against the rim of the can, and paint the canvas one stroke at a time.

The canvas is my mind and when I am done my mind is blank, ready to create and focus.

During this action you are not aware, but your breathing will slow, blood pressure stabilizes and heart rate steady.

Be positive when meditating, and constructive with your thoughts. Remember what your goal is, to create a sense of oneness with yourself.

You can not control your surroundings without first controlling your self. When you are sure that your mind is clear, you can start to focus on the issue at hand.

*Listening: A clear mind is not always an open one so you also must work on trying to follow your minds prompts.

Pay attention to the pictures that pop into your mind during meditation, ask real questions and be willing to hear and take into consideration the answers.

You do not have to act on what you learn in meditation but sometimes seeing for yourself the options helps you later see the real path to take.

An easy example: a woman looses her house in a fire and can no longer rest in her house dreading a possible fire again.

She takes time each day meditating before bed, going through the escape route out of the house incase of another fire, asking if she misses anything on her mental check list.

When she is comfortable with the fact that she is as prepared as humanly possible, her fears of a house fire, dissipates.

Don’t be afraid to get flaky either, play some soothing instrumentals, burn a few candles, or lower the lights. It is about being comfortable and being you.

This is your time to better yourself. It takes time till “being meditative” becomes second nature to you but trust me the rewards are absolutely worth the efforts! – Enjoy and be enlightened.

Ok now after taking care of your spiritual self…. IT IS TIME TO CARE FOR THE PHYSICAL…. *click here* to get started by putting natural things and not chemical enhanced junk into your body.

Feeling the Devils Power

[ad#ad-1]devils image

Too many times I am asked if people are cursed or if the devil has it out for them? My answer is simple and straight forward.

The devil only has access to what he has claim to. Does the devil have claim on you?

Satan is a reality we face everyday, his influence on others allows him to work through them to make your life more difficult.

Haven’t you ever met a person that you just knew was evil? You may not be able to see into the devils face or stand toe to toe with lesser demons but you definitely have dealt with his minions on earth.

Most religions see the devil as the opposite of good, Gods nemesis. And although the concept is correct, most see the devil as equal to God when it is God that controls all and it is only Him allowing things to happen to teach lessons that give Satan any authority at all.

We go back to my theory that everything happens for a reason and see that it is the trials and temptations in life that makes us strong.

It creates a question that even Satan has a divine purpose. Whether Islamic Iblis, Christianities Satan or Hindu’s assures that attitude towards him is a negative one.

All God loving and fearing individuals know well to keep their distance. It is a fact that some do not begrudge the devil and some even practice Satan worship “Satanism”.

It is never my intention to tell people what God to pray to but in the same respects I feel it is my duty to remind everyone that all is possible through the power of “God” and for what ever reason anyone decides to worship the devil it will one day prove to be fruitless.

The American native Indian had no concept on one God but they did see one as the trickster and deservedly so. The occult will never give the desired results you expect.

Black magic and some forms of witchcraft promises power and success but if the price is weighed against what you really do achieve it is easy to see the path is a dead end and you do not come out ahead.

Just remember we are taught in most religions including Wicca to “respect” evil factions but not to fear and never to worship.

FREE Spells for Money That Work Magic !

free money spells that work like magicHow do I get some money?

“Write a note and I don’t mean this is a stick up”

Are you having money troubles? Many people are turning to the spirits than financial advisors.

Money spells or money blessing have been believed to be given to individuals throughout history, eastern culture alone has relied on feng shui to give blessings and create flow worthy of wealth and happiness.

New age powers of the paranormal are not so “new” but rather a rebirth of an old culture. Psychics have long been what people went to for direction in all maters for longer than people went to banks for loans.

Before the printing of money, Shaman, witchdoctors and see Sayers told the searchers of happiness what to do to achieve wealth.

Will a green piece of paper hanging on the wall help a person receive money? Or help them to think of ways they can achieve their monetary goals.

Will repeating a positive statement guarantee success? Or guarantee complete failure to be what you spent your life preparing for.

Will a percentage of your income guarantee that you will be better than the Jones by fall.

Chances are, No – without action there is no reaction, without giving of yourself to fix your problem there is nothing that can help you lift your head among your pears.

But asking for help to be better worthy of blessings is all it takes.

The green paper will remind us our goals, The burning of a gold candle offer a commitment to our desire and a tied show ourselves giving is a necessary part of accepting.

Here are some free money spells that work to solve money problems.

  • Lavender Money Spell

money spell is made by placing in a bag seven pieces of money,
each different, penny, nickel, dime, quarter, a half dollar, $1.00 bill,
and $5.00 bill, all of which are sprinkled liberally with lavender.

Take the bag with you for seven days and your money should multiply seven times or, in some instances if the gods are smiling in your direction, seven times seven!

This would result in a tidy sum of $338.50 usually the amount will come in a banking “mistake” or a bill mysteriously paid for without money taken from you.

  • A Quick Money Spell

Take a green candle and anoint it with cinnamon. Take the bill or write on a piece of paper the amount of a bill you owe and who it is to. You will need a candle that can burn for 7 days.

Place the paper under the candle. Hold your hands over the candle and say…

“This candle burns to light the way
for the money I need to pay this bill
in a way that harms no one.”

Visualize your self writing the check or purchasing the money order for this bill and putting it in the mail. Burn the candle every day around the same
time for 7 days and 15 minutes at a time.

On the last day, burn the paper with the flame from the candle and let the candle burn completely out.

  • My personal favorite and easiest of all is the Found money Spell

Place a dollar under your door mat. And when you enter your home or leave it wipe your feet saying this spell

“Either I come or neither I go Money Finds me.”

As always, comments and questions are welcome !

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