Taj Mahal Ghost

My trip to India was eye opening, meditation is not the same, and my first experience with non-English speaking ghosts. I was surprised that they would be so quick to respond to me, language is not a hurdle when using empath abilities along with clairvoyance. Feelings and pictures are the same (universal)

No one was allowed to take picture inside the Taj Mahal, and with good reason, out of respect with it being a burial place, but when I first stepped into the door way I felt her take hold of me as chills went down my spine and goose bumps stood hair on end…. I knew she was there. She followed me as the guide talked about the history. Why, when and who.

I had to stop him and tell him why I was really there (I had hoped to have religious connections with such old buildings of prayer)so I asked if he could please take one picture and I told him to face the crept. Here is what that single picture recorded.
I was standing just to the side out of the cameras vision and the woman is standing just right of a waist high marble barrier (you can see the top ridge of the barrier showing through the “Shadow Being”) do not let the fact that the figure is black give you the impression that the spirit is in any way evil… my feelings were that of curiosity.

She was very excited that I was there and she actually asked to come with me. I explained to her that her place was there and that although she was not welcome to follow me, she was not a prisoner and she could leave at any time. She gave me a feel that she needed to stay.

At the back of the Taj mahal I sat and watch the river, and while talking with my companion and my guide I saw 3 men ghosts (Hindu) still working, I could see where they worked and toiled before their deaths there at the Taj. They never spoke to me or asked permission to leave; they merely glanced at me and then talked to themselves on what needs working on.

I left the Taj physically but my heart is still with those workers and the very polite inquisitive lady of the Taj Mahal… may one day their souls rest. Umtil then they seem to have their work to do.

Are Aliens real?

They are the subject of science fiction and horror movies. Aliens come alive on screen and in our imagination but are they real?  .

People looked into the sky and saw there was a space other then our own. European Art hides the mysterious signs, hidden meanings of space ships and Aliens especially in religious works.

African, Egyptian and Aztec Art tell of Beings traveling in space and coming to earth. History only gives a small taste of what is still felt today with UFO sightings.

All the UFO pictures, videos and accounts of UFO sightings, there seems to be no proof of Aliens, even a place known to have activity like Area 51 and still the government refuses to let the public know “the real truth”

There are Cults that dream and worship the possibilities of extraterrestrials and their thoughts are shared by a huge populace. On an average 20% believe that Aliens walk among us.

My beliefs go a bit farther than that… What if royalties heritage world wide originated with Aliens visitations and their mixed offspring intermingled?

The concept is not at all Alien (heheh a little play on words) Actually people sense the dawn of time told stories of gods coming from heaven and their leaders are direct descendents. With special intelligence, even powers.

All great minds have the blood of ET’s running through their veins, possibly Jesus, Mohammed,  Buddha, and Gandhi were all Aliens sent to set us straight.

Or like some believe we are all Aliens, forgotten children of a once powerful race, dropped on a distant world and we are destined to reunite with our space traveling brothern.

The belief that the fact that there are races of people, tribes and countries that are without the trait Rh factor from the Rhesus monkeys. this factor was inherited from evolution of earthlings. those that are without Rh trait have no scientific explanation other than they must not have originated from the evolved earthlings. Something or someone was thrown into the mix. The lack of Rh-  trait has been nick named the reptilian factor.    

Hundreds of thousands of people report Alien abductions but only a few ever get investigated. Greys, Nordic Aliens (looks like us), Light beings and Reptilian like humanoids with a range of encounters from pleasant metaphysical to horrific violating experiments.

One thing is for sure… This has been happening for quite some time now and the ability to prove that Aliens are real has escaped us.

YouTube Preview Image

I read a few really good blogs on the subject that were informative http://www.ufoabduction.com/faq1.htm#q3 and http://uforna.net/history-of-ufology.php

Exorcism, cleansing and smudging


I grouped all three of these types or spirit removal for a reason; most of the questions I get are how does it work? Does the religion make a difference? and Does language make a difference? I think this blog will better answer all of the above and more.

First I would like to begin by implying a personal belief. I have always said and always will say that being a person in the flesh does not make us all knowing or righteous in any way, nor does it give us the ability to pick and choose who or what has the right of way in this world. It might give us curtain rights according to earthly living standards but we are in a disadvantage against the dead, on the grounds that they know better than us from firsthand experience what the other side is and why they remain here.

Now on saying that, I place you in the position of judge as to when you deem it necessary to remove spirit, pick your fights wisely. My motto is a simple one: Do not fix what is not broken, if there is no hurt being done, than welcome the activity as an acknowledgment that life after death does continue, say hi, enjoy experiencing what others only dream of.

Demons are my only exception to this rule (they have no rights here, ever)

The concept of removal of disembodied spirits or ghosts from a residence, cleansing or smudging is usually not necessary but on an occasion it is needed. Most people grab a bible or holy book and start rattling off scripture and don’t get me wrong, it works but…. why? Well I will tell you right now that it is not the Bible, any holy book or words that remove the spirits. It is your “Empowered Soul”.

Let me explain. When a person, Christian, Islam, Judaism, Hindu or native is removing a spirit they are putting themselves in a position of authority, they are “on the attack” the words bring the soul the strength to stand and proclaim territory. A good example is when you visit a foreign country, you don’t know the language or customs, but if someone in an angry tone is coming at you speaking loud, waving a fist, you might not feel welcome; you might take that time to question whether you should stay.

It is the feelings and emotions that flow from this side to the other side… If you are feeling frightened and meek no amount of words is going to imply you want them out. But reading words that bring you strength can create in you a mighty warrior. A warrior that can easily direct and manipulate. When you say “GO” “Be GONE” they will feel the emotions and know to leave, little side note (some are a bit hard headed and return, thinking you might change your mind, so be consistent)

To recap….. Burn those candles, light up the sage or break out the biblical text, use the tools you feel most comfortable to get revved up for the war. This is your space, your life, your time. Now “Charge!”


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Lady White/ Ghost Mystery

Lady White at Winding Creek Lane is a ghost in every sense of the word, only seen at night, she strolls the twists and turns of …………. apartments. I have seen only the fog escape around the corner of a building after I was told she was there. So I can only say I have yet to see the Ghost myself. And other then hear say and camp fire stories from neighbors, there isn’t anything tangible in the way of proof that ghosts exist.

When we first were looking for a new apartment I was looking for space and convenience, it hadn’t occurred to me that such a beautiful area could be haunted, after all we see so many movies with the setting being abandoned farm houses or shacks in the woods, who would have thought such new well kept apartments would be home to spirits.

I spent the first few weeks reassuring my twins that there were no ghosts here, Anthony had woke one night and saw a woman in white walking out side, I had thought nothing of it “people are walking dogs everywhere, dog need to go potty at all hours, even nights”

The next day sure enough there was a woman walking on the hill with her dog, that was my proof (I thought) a few weeks later was when we notice small things, doors swinging open or closed, noises upstairs when we would think the tenants has just left. Patchy fog and odd shadows all of which a person can find explanations for but as the happenings add up, they become more easily explained to be haunting then circumstance.

After about a week of acceptance “yes, this might be a haunting” My 9 month old daughter started talking to the walls. Straight staring up in the corner of an empty wall and just laugh and jabber. Also I can easily rationalize.. She is after all 9 months.

Then Lady White decided enough was enough, if we would not take the hint perhaps it would be best to remove all the stops. My Fiancé  started working a different shift and his hours were very late, driving home 3:30 at night was becoming the norm. One night after making his last turn on our very winding, Winging Creek Lane he saw a woman in the middle of the street, from a bit of a distance he wondered “where is the dog being walked and why walk a dog in the middle of a street?” as he approached closer he thought he might ask if she was alright, we do have several elderly neighbors. The closer he got the more he noticed it was not a solid form and stopping the car in fright it turned around and then in a wisp of wind the form disappeared with the cool night fog.

Was it a ghost? Or a funnel of fog caused by the twists in the roads and path of the buildings? I have done all forms of searches to find out if anyone had died here, what was this land before the building of these apartments. My psychic intuition says it is death not known about, there is a ditch just on the other side of the hill that she so loves to walk. Perhaps the real secret is not “If this is a haunting?” but rather “Why is this a haunting?”

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Orbs and how the dead communicate

They’re here“, The dead are all around us everyday but we are just too busy, rapped up in our own lives. Sometimes when our guard is down and when we least expect it, we get a little surprise, a reassurance, a message from the dead. Some try to ignore, hopping it was all coincidence. While others see their presence as proof of life after death and also proof of their love.

I know the pain of loosing someone you love. The empty feeling and scary thought of being left alone. But they give us messages of their presence, for some it is a butterfly or feather. Universally 11 11 means hello from the other side it also is an acknowledgement from your angel ( a kind of heads up) message.

My Uncle was born Feb 22 and subsequently died Feb 22 so it is not unusual for me to be awaken look at a clock and it say 2:22 I usually momentarily smile , say hi and see ya in the morning, that morning I call my mother and tell her “Roland says hi” and we spend the conversation remembering his life.

One of my favorite little un-worldly hellos I see are photographs with orbs. We have a long history of family photos with orbs especially at family get together, weddings, and birthdays, so much so that several family members make sure and charge up the cameras for family functions not just to record the event but to see what un-invited spirits have come to celebrate with us.

You might want to go back in your photo albums and the pictures that you thought were out of focus or blurry… “spots” on them. Well, look again. Granny is just stopping by to say hi or Dad joining in on the festivities.

In this blog are a few of my family photos, weddings, baptisms, all great shows of how spirits communicate.

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Feeling The Spirit

A once monastery (This Catholic Church) and living quarters for numerous nuns and religious peoples. A huge building surrounded by a 8 foot brick walls was once the home and life to nuns only 2 generations ago…as tradition even in Europe the dead of this community was buried in the lower levels like catacombs.
Laying to rest years of the holy lived wanting to remain in death as they were in life dedicated to their community and church. Nothing sinister or vial about living and working above the people they loved and missed. But as times changed and buildings and their codes change the need to renovate for the new purpose for the building took on excavations in 1985 June 8th at 12:30 the last body was removed and a massive storm hit the area in what seems a coincidence.
And that was when the haunting started… removing the dead from their home and resting place turned out to be easier in theory then act. Although their earthly bodies are now located in a different place their souls have made it quite clear they are here to stay. Creaks and whispers, an empty hall filled with the echo of foot steps, but more impressive is the storm that rolls through every 10 years at 12:30 June 8th

It was best known for the charities the nuns had done in the growing City and then a shelter for un-wed mothers. Now the building is a charitable source (shelter, guidance, 12 step programs, food pantry, clothing bank and child wellness programs)

I thought I would visit and walk the halls myself to get a feel for what this haunting place had to offer….. I felt nuns at work. I felt comfort and caring. A sense of calm and most of all hope…. People helping people and the word of god in the hearts of everyone. If some of the places I have visited had scared the pooh out of me this place is the extreme opposite… breathing strength back into the weak and lost.

This haunting is a good one!

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The Haunted Factory

I didn’t much like the idea of Ghost Hunting. I never advertised as such, Deborahpsychic: Ghost Hunter; but word seems to get around that I was the ONE IN THE KNOW. I do psychic readings, I read tarot cards and I receive messages of sorts from the other side, but dealing with apparitions or spectral beings ….. Well even my guilds seem to disappear in fright every time I go near a “haunted house”  with a parting message “you are on your own”

The haunted factory like many haunted places in this small rural Indiana town is unknown by most. It had closed a few years prior and lay silent, The owners feeling the effects of the economy, waiting for the right time to sell, their only worry was vandalism.

My friend was a security guard and had just gotten this post. he had heard the stories of what the other guards had seen, and felling a bit apprehensive, called me.  Most of the haunting I could explain away: Temperature dropping at night made for the creaks and pops  in the dark of the metal building. Electrical surges,  animals coming in from the fields or bats knocking up against the windows. Shadows from the car lights not so far away on the highway. Large open fields help to carry sound from other factories close by.

The first night he stood alone on his rounds,  he called complaining of unplugged machinery turning off and on, the sound of horses running outside, gates moving on their own and large wood crates being opened and sometimes closed moments later. I couldn’t explain those things, so I agreed to visit.

My investigation:

Because of my schedule I was unable to visit in the evening, when most of the action seemed to happen and his company’s contract was over soon, they had sold the building and it was getting ready to become a warehouse. Day trip it was.

Upon entering I said Hi to my friend and his coworker who was very relived that someone was investigating  these strange happenings.  I told them not to tell me anything, unless I already notice something. I wanted to see for myself what area draws me….

The first thing that caught my eye were glass cases with the last postings to the employees when the factory was closing.  Three were full but the last case was empty. “Those cases are locked , they had been locked since we started working here but last night one swung open and the papers are missing”

I looked up at the big machinery as large as my house, and they told me that “those are the machines that turn off and on“, the owners said it was electrical residue  but I know well that Ghosts ARE (electrical residue). Behind the conveyor belt I noticed a metal gate to the receiving and loading area. They shook their heads “No, no, no, we are not taking you back there” according to them that is the area that most the noises has come from, A pile of items still lean and lodge themselves against the gate from the inside, the last time someone tried to enter and was chased out as they stood at the door panting those items threw themselves as a final message to “keep out”

As I walked away, the gate “banged”

I didn’t catch anything that I would consider proof even the stories of holy water  turning red was easily explained by a rusty lid on the bottle. The following evening I was to return to do a more complete investigation but as luck would have it, The guards were told the contract was not renewed. And my attempts to contact the new owners has been ignored.

The land owned by the company only goes as far as the one prior owner, it was one of the lands set aside for the Indians in this area but like most confiscated lands I was unable to find a bill of sale, I was able to get some information from a deputy sheriff, but of course that will remain nameless, and again “hear say”

My own feelings of weather the Factory is haunted?

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Paranormal Investigation

Documenting my work has never been a strong point in my character, but just like balancing my check book it is a work in progress, so bare with me please.

I have been working as a tarot reader for awhile now and have seen just a few unexplained phenomenon; I have my own set of friends that all have the same interest in “spirit and spook” I call it. My friends and I are always willing to have each others back when we get in too deep.  I am not a ghost hunter by trade and I would never want that job.. My specialty is in dealing with the living and getting them to understand this world.

My first hand at paranormal investigation came when a college friend moved with his new boyfriend in their new apartment, he was experiencing some odd behaviors from his lover (growling, staring and out of no where biting) yes I to laughed when I heard what he said, but he wasn’t joking, with dark bruised bite marks on his legs and arms and looking completely lost and desperate.

Meeting “Joe” away from the apartment he seemed fine but a bit lethargic. He explained his lack of sleep since a lot of the behavior occurred in his sleep.

I was invited to their home where I brought my cards and crucifix “god I am not up for an exorcism!” not knowing what I would come across. Joe had been feeling ill and true his skin looked pail and drained.  I did a simple reading first on my friend and all seemed normal then I did a reading on Joe….. Never in my life did the tarot cards seem stacked but that night one after another death, hate, despair, illness and loss almost like someone wanted him to know…. Bad things, bad things

After talking with them for a while I seemed to better understand where this all went wrong. The day they moved in they like most young couples getting their first place decided to have a party with friends and someone gave them a Ouija board. “oh no, really guys? Why didn’t you tell me this before?” I gave them the speech I give all my clients, family and friends. “It is not a toy; it is not something to play with, even if you did know the PROPER way to use one, still not a good idea!”

REGARDLESS : lesson learned now lets see if there can be some damage control. I started going through the apartment alone, listening and feeling. Not an overly evil feel to any of the rooms until I came to the main bedroom and bath. Then they told me there was where the Ouija board was in their closet, which is where the behavior was being displayed (bedroom). Well first of all I do not touch Ouija boards, so I asked them to remove it from the closet and set it outside the balcony while I finished my meditating on the apartment and feeling if there was any message.

I went to the bathroom and noticed a hair brush on the floor, so I picked it up and put it on the sink counter. It was a rather large bath with a large sink. I placed the bush a little far into the counter but as I walked out of the bathroom the bush threw it self not just back to the floor but the same place I had picked it up from. “Ok that is fine, so you are an untighty spirit.”

Stepping out of the room I glanced back again as I reached to shut the door. The brush hovered in the air and hit the door as I shut it… I was just a little surprised. Not much frightens me now a  days, only from my connection with my guilds. The guilds that at that point were no where to be heard from. I stood at the door, contemplating “was I ready to face something I knew nothing about?”

Pulling out the cards again I did a reading for the entity. At first the cards seemed the same as “joe” but one problem death card was first. Joe isn’t dead. His connection with the Spirit was more then just coincidence I saw a young man.. being tortured for being gay. I felt his pain and loneliness . I heard his father tell him “You are not my son” and I have to admit I was overwhelmed with compassion for the boy, I was almost sold, teary eyed and all.

I would like to say this ended a happy note. And I suppose it did in so many words. I knew since the board was involved I would need Wicca help. So I called on a few of “my friends” a small coven of four.

At first yes the feeling they had were the same as mine but then after attempting to cleans the house the true spirit showed it’s self.At that point I felt another presence biting at me….. something else had entered with the tortured soul from that Ouija board, and it was using the young man as a psychic shield. We cleansed the house with chanting and sage smoke, and then had a long talked with “Joe” making sure he understood that he was a victim but only because he allowed himself to be one. The episodes stopped but it was all too much of a toll on their relationship, and they soon separated and left the apartment .. hopefully empty

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Reincarnation is defined as rebirth of a soul that transmigrate from one life to a new life. It is not a new way of answering the question “where did we come from?” but in western civilization not so popular one.

Hinduism reincarnation and Buddhism reincarnation is the basis of their religion. The faith focusing on doing the best they can in hopes to reincarnate to a better life and eventually true wisdom and heaven. Even Islam and Christianity have their sects that promote the view of reincarnation, along with the native religions of Australia and North America.

Most people that have not been born into a religion that believes in reincarnation do not feel a need to change views on life and heaven. Rebirth is impossible to scientifically prove. But meet any person that is touched by a child expressing their certainty of living before and there is no need for scientific proof.

I had never given much thought about reincarnation; I was just as confused as anyone else as to why bad things happened to some while others lived almost perfect lives. Neither following the rules of being good will you be rewarded. My twins were born in 1999 and other then being a little advanced in their cornerstones they seems completely normal children.

One morning 4 year old Arron told Anthony out of the blue “I am glad we are brothers this time” Over hearing the conversation I listened closer, not quite sure I had heard him correctly. “Yeah it was good to be friends but now we are always together” I went into the room and asked what they were talking about and their explanation was simple.

“Before when we were all grown up” they were best friends, Anthony a Lawyer much older and Arron a police officer. Anthony had died only a few years before Arron of a heart problems and Arron died off duty trying to stop a convenience store robbery, Anthony had told me all about their close friend ship and how they had promised that next time they would be brothers. They couldn’t say exactly where or when they lived but knew it was in the United States and they were White men….My twins are Black/white mixed.

Confused, and left wondering if I was the only one that had heard a child talk like this, I went directly to the library and after days and piles of books I stood in front of the twins with all kinds of questions. With their limited vocabulary they couldn’t explain much, mostly bits a pieces of their friendship, no words of enlightenment, sights of heaven. or past lives. My only encouragement was them saying that I should know this stuff “You have done it to!”

They held on to their story even into kindergarten where their teacher felt concerned that I was “Teaching “ my children reincarnation,, and in turned conveyed my concern for her lack of religious tolerance. I told her to be reassured that “I” am not the one teaching my children reincarnation, “They taught me”.

Ten years later the boys no longer remember those conversations or the lives they lived before. I watch them grow and see their personalities mimic there past lives, Anthony’s need to win an argument and acting of authority while Arron’s protective nature and adventurous streak.

Paying closer attention to my Life and the way I react to things, jobs, school and relationships give hints to my past lives. I do not claim to give past life readings, there are people that are much more qualified then I, but I have come to realize my own past lives. My love for art, my ability to easily learn Egyptian Arabic, The fact that I have worked, owned, and excelled in 4 completely different lines of work.

The reincarnated soul may not have a conscious memory of rebirth, but glimpses of our pasts lives can be seen in our early years and the memory fades only as our currant life experiences fill our conscious.

Pay attention to the way you think, your unrealistic dreams and odd talents…. Like a looking glass spy into your own past lives.

If you are having difficulty transitioning into this life and letting go of the past. I can help to guild you, just follow the props in the (psychic reading) tab

Paranormal phenomenon caught on camera

I always thought I was the special one to experience paranormal phenomenon, I had gotten used to being the strange one that saw, heard and felt things unexplained.paranormal phenomenon

I have been working as a psychic and tarot card reader for over 20 years, I had been asked several times to play the part of ghost hunters in the past and I know very well that haunted places are everywhere. I have no problem at all going into a place and feeling things that others do not. I can pick up on a disembodied spirit as soon as I walk into a room., but being comfortable at home and used to my guilds through out the day talking to me.

I guess I had just become numb to the feelings in my everyday life. paranormal phenomena is just something I am open to but can easily ignore.  I never felt threatened or in danger like a typical poltergeist and usually I pick up on the dead …. But this time I felt nothing.

I was just checking my twitter in the morning as I always do, had my cards ready to give advice as my followers ask.  My 9 month old daughter who had often showed signs of psychic abilities in the past (staring into empty spaces talking baby talk like she was really getting her point across to what we called her “people”) Yashavini was content playing with my cell phone, When I hear ~Click* and the flash from the corner of my eye.

“Opps let Mommy have that” and I quickly scrolled to pictures thinking she had taken a picture up her nose or my foot. But it wasn’t anything I could recognize as being in the room, not my gold covers, or white walls or any art hanging up. I couldn’t see how that picture could have been taken in there at all. All blue with light and dark places almost smoky or like clouds.

Thinking aw how cute Yashavini’s first picture. I saved it to my computer and when I opened it I was surprised to see something super natural, I had to look 10 times, 20 times, hell who am I kidding I sent the picture to all of my friends and asked them.. What do you see? I still look at it everyday wondering do I see what I think I see? I have tried every way to recreate the picture, flash lights up anything close to solid white, and nothing is shaped, colored or like the figure in the photo. I am heavy with long hair that I had down and Yashavini is a small toddler with almost no neck.

Being an artist I always liked the form of the human body but never could get the face just right, I would draw angels and dancers but none had faces. I told people that was the way I see them. My art teacher in high school used to say I would put faces on my art when I had found myself and my face.

I call the ghost’s pictures Yashavini’s ghosty and we have gotten her a ghost camera since, just to see if she would catch anymore . But you can see for yourself and tell me, what is it that you see?

I will keep you up dated on more pictures of paranormal phenomenon if they are taken.