Anti Aging

At forty plus and a grandmother I am always getting a look of surprise. I introduce my grandson and I always have to explain that I am a bit older then I look. Action has a lot to do with staying young, I try my best to keep things light and shinny. My bubbly personality and positive  attitude is what makes my face glow and my spirits high. You are beautiful if you feel beautiful. Get some sexy cloths, go to the hair dresser or your nails done.

But beyond the emotional effects on the skin I do have some helpful hints to how to look younger.

anti aging begins with anti soaps…. I never use soap on my face, no cleaning lotions or scrubbing sponges, no medication ever, and no perfumes

Given my line of work I assure you it does not take a deal with the devil and the fact that I am an artist doesn’t give me magic powers with a make up brush. If I use makeup I always use clean makeup and I use Noxzema to clean my face of make up after. My rule on make up is if I touch my tongue to it and it leaves a bad aftertaste it is not meant for my skin either

Cleaning the face should be done to lift the excess skin, not to remove oils that your body has created to protect your skin.  A damp clean rag in a circular motion gently in all the areas of the face will do that well enough. I like (rewind skin) to replenish moisture but I try to go all natural when I can

The sun damages skin. Even a little sun is bad for you, indirect sun is acceptable but squinting eyes causes wrinkles and the sun dries the skin, tanning in tanning beds also mimic this effect.

Stress is the biggest age factor. It literal adds years to your face. When a person is under stress the heart beats faster the immune system is on overtime working for other organs being damaged by the compensating for stress. That is the major reasons that teens break out with blemishes. The immune system attacks every thing but the germs on your face.

No amount of anti aging products can equal your body’s knowledge of what you need to be healthy. Your immune system has been working on perfecting what is best for your body. Your temperature, virus and bacterial protection, Let your body do its job.

If there was a fountain of youth it would not be made of soap or filled with lufas, the fountain of youth is also not in some jungle in a far off land but it is in yourself and you can obtain it by understanding your body’s needs

You need oils inside not outside

You need water to clean your system not your face

You need to let your face rest… relax and don’t let the world affect you emotionally.  frowns = wrinkles

To be a beautiful woman you do not need to look years younger then you are, unless cougar dating, the only one that really care is you, beautiful women are comfortable in who they are.

Happy new years

15%Off_125x125button[new years] comes and goes and we are neither changed or change the world around us. But before you put up the new years decorations, send out the invitations or RSVP someone else [new years eve 2011], lets think for a second what we can do this new years that is different then the lasts. “What can I do to change?”, “What is my [new years resolutions]?”

Weather your resolution is to loose a few pounds or a few sizes (My personal favorite is Acia Berrybut no matter the diet….We usually loose steam into the 4th week or find new subjects to obese about come valentines day. so lets be realistic, make boundaries, reinforce our resolution with real true life goals. That includes, weight loss , any dietor change of eating habits.

1)Make a list of things you would not mind changing (emotional, physical and financial) at least 10 but less than 20

2)some things might be a more “baby step process” so pick the ones that can be achieved in one year (account for seasons)

3) you have a pretty tight schedule so weed out the ones that are just way to taxing on your free time.

4) you should have around 3 that are useful and realistic candidates for a good new years resolution. So that from [new years eve] onward you can start you plan of betterment

I usually have predictions for each coming year for my clients, each have their own concerns… Will I find love this year? Will I do well in College? will I finally get settled in my job? But no matter the outcome of each reading I always have the same advice.

Your life is yours, test may be pressed upon you occasionally but how you approach these hurdles is up to you… you can either see them as a good opportunity to learn something new or fuss and complain that you are being forced do something you had not planed for. Life is full of surprises both good and bad. If you are supposed to loose your job, there is no horoscope or tarot reads that are going to tell you how to change that outcome.

BUT… I can tell you that there is no bad without good. and while you might see loosing your job as a tragedy, God never closes one door with out opening another. It is always for the good, even if it was nothing more then strengthening your will or showing your true appreciation for what you have.

So as you make this lists of things you want for yourself… this better you that you envision remember that what you are this very minutes is the best of this year and the best of next year will still be you. I want you to learn and grow and create in yourself the perfect you, I want your goals to always be realized, not just in a form of new years resolutions but in all ways Year round.

if it was only mind over matter we would all be shaped like models and have the bank account to go along with their looks. Relax you are perfect in your own wonderful way. and the things “you” dislike about yourself can be fixed with effort and time. I love you and God loves you with all your glorious imperfections. This new year above all “Loving yourself” should top the list.

Second “Loving and appreciating friends” which is the whole spirit of “[old lang syne]” the bringing together of friends old and new and celebrating yet another years passing. So lets us drink a cup of kindness and for the memories. Happy New Year and many many more.

Peace Always

Your psychic Deborah Cavins

Just Can’t Win?

[ad#ad-1] Ever wonder why things just keep going wrong and that the more you struggle to succeed something keeps knocking you back on your assets?

I mean you climb one step up the ladder and you loose your footing and fall back down 3 steps, never really ever gaining ground.

A lot of times people use the excuse that they just have bad luck or that they are cursed, perhaps even fate biting them in the butt for something they did in their past. “Didn’t I give enough tithes?”

I beg to differ. I have a different way of looking at what you are going through and then you will understand a little better the grand design.

Lets say you are so close to getting that job you have been waiting for, you have had all the interviews and your references have all came through for you (special thanks to Uncle Mike in the police department) and they ask you to come in one day to get some formalities out of the way.

On the way there you get a flat tire, it is raining, cell went dead and you are 3 miles to the nearest phone. OMG!

Yeah you can picture that rant and rave.

Why would God do that? Doesn’t he want you to succeed at anything, where is your reward for all the work and effort?

Well… While God was watching and being proud of you’re ever step the devil was watching too and doing some sweating. Your success would trigger hope and justice not to mention happiness, finally a little more money which means a little less stress, family would be in a better situations and God forbid if you were a religious person! That might tell others to do the same and get rewarded.

Nope… evil cant let you win. And Oh… How HE will fight the closer you get to greatness. Teeth and Nail screaming “NOOOO!” when you got that diploma, and try as he may stirring up all kinds of difficulties right before your wedding. Nope things always get worse the closer you are to the finish line.

But have faith; as much as the devil struggles to win, if you keep your eyes on the prize and do not falter, the devil gives up when he has no glimpse of winning.

AAA – Another Attitude Available

You do not need a 12 step program or “fix all” pill. You don’t even need counseling to be able to look into yourself to see what it is you should do.

[ad#ad-1]glass half filled

I have a simple answer for addiction healing….. Stop making excuses and holding their hand, it is called tough love! Stop being accepting of their “disease” or tell yourself that your love will make them want to change.

Face the fact that you have decided to stay because you have your own issues with self esteem (not because you love them)

They do not see what it is doing to the family..

Nope. They know exactly what they are doing, and they don’t care, it is just that simple. It is an exercise of selfishness and lack of sensitivity to others needs.

Picture every time they take a drink, shoot up or log on, that they are taking a pair of scissors to your marriage license, house deed or kids birth certificate. These are things that literally mean nothing to the addict because they see and feel only what gives them pleasure.

It’s a physical need for the chemical..

It has nothing to do with the lure of the alcohol or drug chemicals. It is the weakness of the person before the drink. An addictive personality means that a person for what ever reason is unable to receive joy in life and needs an external stimulus.

Same for drug addicts, computer game addicts even food addiction and sex addiction.

They have tried before to quit and it was too hard, I either have to leave or accept them…

Addiction treatment is easy, it’s the withdrawal symptoms that hurt, but more than the shakes, heart palpitations, sweats and uncontrollable vomiting, the real pain is looking into themselves and seeing the person for what they are, lost.

No amount of court ordered substance abuse counseling is going to make them love themselves, just like no one can tell you that you deserve better and you actually listen and believe if you do not feel it.

Note to the addict……

This is your chance to be what you were meant to be, a strong person, not a label, not just a drink, not just a shadow of what you once were. It is not ok to embrace a slow death in exchange for a moment to forget your pain.

My alcohol addiction treatment ?

Meditation: close your eyes and picture yourself in a dark room alone, so dark you can see nothing. As your eyes adjust to the darkness you start to see your hands, walk around touching the walls, feel the hardness and how cold those walls are.

After some more time you can now see your feet as you shuffle around the room feeling the walls for an exit. You know there has to be one; after all you had to have entered the room through a door.

After walking around the room a few times, feeling high and low your eyes are adjusted enough to notice all the pictures on the walls. Framed pictures of all your life’s pain; death, loss, abuse, and betrayal.

Look at each one individually and unhang each throwing the picture in the center of the room in a pile, hear the glass break, the frames
crack, telling yourself with each “This is not who I am, it is what made me stronger”

Repeat this phrase with each destruction of each picture until the walls are bare. Now step back and see the door that was hiding. And open the door to your family, your life, and your future.

This is not meant to be a quick fix or create a need to be sober instantly, rather repeating this meditation helps even the slowest learner to acknowledge “I am strong, I am worth it, I am alive” only after they can see that in themselves can he or she attempt to want better for themselves.


22 Important Life Lessons – Psychic Guidance

22 major life lessons depicted in traditional tarot cards but not exclusive to tarot reading.

The mastery of those life lessons is the stepping stones to true enlightenment and wisdom. Keep in mind that they do not appear in individual’s lives in the same order or in the same intensity, some may breeze through one rule and struggle with another.

  1. Making decisions and learning from past mistakes.
  2. Controlling ones confidence and placing trust in a higher power.
  3. Accepting what can not be seen or controlled.
  4. Understanding that all has its purpose and one day we will see clearly.
  5. Creating a sense of discipline over yourself physically.
  6. All of the answers do not lie with you.
  7. Placing temptation in the right value and having integrity.
  8. Vengeance is fruitless effort and more destructive to the one seeking it.
  9. Inner strength and control of emotions is more important then physical strength.
  10. Accepting that you are not alone and asking assistance is not weakness.
  11. Ego doesn’t bring good luck only disfavor.
  12. Reacting to a judgment, accepting or changing is the only option.
  13. Faith and selfishness are opposite sides of a coin, you can not have both.
  14. Rest and meditation from problems is not defeat, it is rallying the troops.
  15. Too much of anyone thing is never good, moderation brings room for balance.
  16. It was never all about you.
  17. Karma sometimes moves slowly but always catches up.
  18. Lose is not always a bad thing.
  19. Lies, deception can not hide eternally, truth lives forever.
  20. Being honest with yourself first heals you and then moves to others.
  21. Dissatisfaction with your life comes from you and your unwillingness to either accept or change.
  22. Controlling victory with as much tact as failure.

All 22 are diverse in the way that they can be applied to all facets of life from love to legal battles, jobs to friendships. It is not expected that you cover all 22 life lessons in a single lifetime and you will not struggle with all 22, you have past some in prior lives and when faced with them again it is merely a revue.