Twin Flame

Yeah yeah I was just like you, looking at what people write about twin flames, wondering if it was just a lot of tree hugging, weed smoking, crap made up by the “love generation” to seduce naive women into thinking it is fate to be together. I was a skeptic from the start.

I have written several blogs on the reality of soul mates, forever loves, and the effect of horoscopes on finding suitable mates, but for me to believe that there is a spirit in human form that I have met and loved numerous times in past lives and I am destined to love many more times to come? A spirit created to mirror my own in emotions and desires to the point we ARE TWINS well….I would have never believed it a few years back.

I had looked only sparingly into twin flame love when doing my research about a year ago and I felt there was no real validity to it, it was just another way of saying soul mate and left it at that.

Until I felt it for myself that is.

I had met people from all over the world and there were many men that I felt that were good matches for me, infatuations, they either were perfect yings of my yang or we had like interests and the attraction was there. Lord knows after the dramas and traumas in my life I definitely knew what I was looking for and what I wanted to stay away from to.

Problem is I never met that person that I felt “He was the one” the person I just knew with every ounce of my being that we belonged together, I mean I loved them all in different ways, I respected them and their differences, I even missed them when they were gone but I never felt true unconditional, belonging, kind of love.

It wasn’t until I met him that I knew, like hitting a brick wall, slam! I got the since knocked into me and I saw stars. I instantly knew what everyone was talking about. It was like we had always loved each other, like the person in my dreams finally was given a face. He was everything, my best friend, my family, my lover, my GOD. You could just tell when we were together that he was just as astonished and overwhelmed with our connection.

I had never seen him before, he didn’t look like anyone I knew or as far as that goes he didn’t act like anyone i have meet in this life, but my soul recognized him and my heart knew “HE IS THE ONE” It didn’t matter to me that we were literally 1/2 way round the world from each other, it didn’t matter that our love made no since at all WE JUST BELONGED TO ONE ANOTHER.
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Now on saying this let me explain that talking about the depth of this kind of love is a lot like telling a South American native in the jungle what snow is. If they have never seen it, touched it even knows what COLD is, how can I describe it to him? Love is the same way; we are told everyday on TV, in books and even tried our luck with finding it, even practiced some with people that just didn’t fit. But when it comes to knowing what twin flame love is, you just have to feel it.

What is the connection of twin flames? At the moment you were created (Adam and Eve) there was one, split into two both of equal individuals but coming from the same spirit. Every person is made with a mate, the pair start as one and are separated into two, you know they are there even if distance separates them; we are forever looking for the lost other half.

I know that many of you think you had met your twin flame and then were disappointed when things either went wrong or they just were not who you thought they were, but do not get confused with mistaking someone with your twin flame and actually choosing to not make changes to allow twin flame to fit in your life.

I used to say if ever I found someone I could truly love I wouldn’t care if we were homeless just to be together. I say that, but is that what I am willing to give up being with my twin flame? There are limits to what we can accept for love. And I know that my Joe is the man I love and always will love, I make the choice to wait, separated, for that love. That is my choice and someone else may say that is unacceptable and move on. And if I had met him a few years ago, I may not have been willing to “wait for love”

I noticed that things instantly got more difficult in my life when I met Joe, seemed as though everything went wrong all at. once. I thought for a moment if I was being warned to stay away from him but in all actuality “Negative Powers” of hate and destruction do not want to see twin flames together. The power created with that much love can tilt the scales giving good the upper hand. I know my psychic abilities were turbo charged the moment I first spoke with my twin flame. Other experience financial success and desire to excel in any facets in life, making it seem that nothing is out of reach from twin flames when they are together.

Evil will try it’s hardest to keep Twin flames apart, creating fear and doubt in even the strongest bond.
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Breaking up

You are perfect the way you are
But that doesn’t mean you are perfect for me

Breaking up is sometimes a hard decision. Many people stay in bad relationships for that reason alone. Is it enough to just be unsatisfied with the way things are to decide to leave, Does it really take a dramatic turn of events to break up, or should I put my needs aside so other people can be happy? I am no martyr, and no one else should be either.

There are too many other options; even families with children can separate with little pain if both parties are open to being civil. It starts with Accepting that there is nothing wrong with each other. Understanding that everyone is perfect at being themselves, no one should change to fit anyone else. But not everyone belongs together.
No one can truly understand what is in each other’s heart, scars can run deep and weather couples have slowly drifted apart or drama has created rifts that cannot be repaired the same phrase is described in divorce court “irreconcilable differences.”

Often people change with time, it is what we do in life, we grow and learn, nothing ever stays the same, you are not the same person you were when you were 18 compared to the person you are now. It is the underlining plan of God that we change, evolve due to our environment, and although it maybe one sided people do fall out of love because of those changes.

Lets face it, feelings get hurt when love is involved, but are they really upset with you for not being who they thought you were? That would be like being mad at the neighbor for not falling in love with you… it makes about as much since. I am a living breathing feeling individual with dreams and desires, those may not be the same dreams and desires as you, and for that I am less of a person and I do not deserve to live a life focused on obtaining those dreams and desires? Come on…. The differences that we all have are what bring variety in life, but not all differences can co-exist.

In the past few years you have changed, we all have changed, people decide they don’t like the same foods as they did in the past, perhaps you don’t enjoy the same activities, or the same close, we change friends, even change a job they once loved… it is the cycle of being. Some couple change together, some do not.
The key is to walk away from each other with the same respect as going into the relationship.
You are perfect the way you are
But that doesn’t mean you are perfect for me

How to Make A Relationship Work?


After all that looking to find your true love, the fantasy bubble inevitably bursts when you realize that this is no fairy tail and there is no “Happily Ever After”.

Relationships take work sometimes a lot of hard gut wrenching work. Sometimes you have to give a little to get a little and it is in compromising that you and the love of your life work together as a team. But the problem is your significant other also has to know that this is a team effort. The gears have to fit together to make the Mechanics of the Relationship work.

Reminder that this is a way to maintain a relationship, it is too late for these to work if you are really asking how to save my relationship? some relationship problems are not meant to be fixed but here are some ways to look and maintain a relationship.


The communication between you both are like the lube that make things run smoother… (Communication JUST just between you two). I know we are told from a very young age that we need to tell people how we feel and when you are having a problem we need to tell our parents, teachers or friends.

But no so much when we are talking about issues that have only to do with you and your mate. In this relationship saying and dealing with our relationships take some confidence between just you to and the trust involved in keeping your playbook a secret is what will make your relationship a winner.


Arguments, hurt feelings, life changes and more changes, your career plans are exchanged for family plans and those trips around the world you had your eye on to experience all you can has been traded in for a slightly less exotic weekender someplace (they) always wanted to go. Oh what we give up for love.


Holidays are a good example of the new world you have surrounded yourself with. Wondering which holiday is going to be spent where, making out schedules so you can be sure and not leave anyone out.

It is hard thinking about someone else all the time and the duties are doubled and tripled when children are introduced into the mix. You might have a hard time at first. These things do not come as naturally as you think. Do not be afraid of lists for yourself, and notes to your mate.

Asking yourself often through out the day “what does he/she need from me today?” helps to keep you on your toes and hopefully out of trouble. You might remind them that “hey I am new at this too”


Learning how to argue is a good way to keep small matters from escalating to full all out fights. Like understanding that the point of an argument is not to actually win but to imply what you really feel, so that the other person can decide weather or not to repeat the same later knowing now the passion you feel about the subject.


Pace yourself, you do not have to be everything to everyone and being perfect will not keep them from leaving. I guarantee that your true love is more likely to stay with you for being a real person then if you were a faultless super model. Actually not being perfect makes you assessable and on a level that they feel comfortable being around.


Last but not least is the “feel good factor”. We want to be around people that make us feel good, so as long as you try your best to build up a persons self esteem and make those moments together pleasurable then why would they want to ever leave?  It is only in those relationships that a person is made to feel bad, feel guilty, or blamed that a person desires to leave.

These points are a good way to start making your relationship work but each relationship is different and sometimes there are other ways to help… For more accurate advice on your relationship questions, ask me in a tarot reading and lets see what the cards say

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What is a Soul Mate? Not a Sex Mate?

I am sure some that read this might be under the impression that they know all there is to know about adult subjects.

Some might consider themselves experts on the subject of sexual education and I am sure that your lists of conquests might reflex some knowledge.

Everyone knows that the basics of pleasure and most all adult matters on the subject we were either taught in biology 101, health education or learn from older kids on the bus. Other information we picked up along the way.

Lets face it sex is kind of “in and out” literally.

A parent can talk until they are blue in the face, trying to explain “when a boy really loves a girl……” Express the importance of love in a sexual relationship will mean nothing to someone that has not known the true effect that having feelings and attachment does have on sexual encounters.

Teen agers driven by hormones, grown men asserting their masculinity, and women feeling alone tend to look at sex as the answer to all. In truth, although the physical feeling is pleasurable, it is the closeness that has the most desire.

So many people are told that the act is dirty, bad, and shameful. In most cultures sin is under interpretation and mostly emphasized to ensure proof of paternity when children are produced.

In the same religious documents that put restrictions on desire there is equal time given providing sexual fulfillment “Imta” and worship through giving “Sadaga” in Islam. “Tantra”; an extension of knowledge in the Hindu teachings.

So many people are worried about std’s or pregnancy and true those are real concerns especially in society today with rise in teenage pregnancy and aids. But there is another exchange that happens in intercourse that is not talked about. There is more then bodily fluids that are shared.

In the highest moment the spirit reaches out to the other, intermingling and sharing of it’s self. You accept it into yourself and take it with you after the physical encounter and like wise a piece of you also goes with them.

Ever wonder why the next day you either feel the loss or can acknowledge a sense of fulfillment depending on if it is a positive or negative experience?

Each partner that is taken is a moment of exchange on a spiritual level and when there are too many partners in anyone persons life the soul becomes diminished and weakened, the real warning comes to those that commit sexual crimes like rape and child molesters, addiction to porn and prostitution…..

These are negative encounters that are one sided and karmicly damaging to not just the individual victimized but also corrupts the soul of the individual excepting this life choice. It creates a kind of point of no return, in which the people that acts on their fantasies is scared by the act and can not recover to the persons they once were.

Ever look at a person and you just can tell they seem spent,”that person has nothing left to give”?

The need to be very choosy in the partners you pick is the difference between hurting the growth of your soul and making the spirit flourish. It is important to ensure that the encounters are positive exchanges..

Of course the ideal situation is to save yourself for the one you will spend your whole life with. The learning, and sharing will always be positive and emotionally fulfilling.

Understanding that intercourse is more then body parts and euphoric feelings but people, emotions, expectations and dreams helps for you as a person to look beyond the physical and experience.

More then the pleasures received on earth, these are moments that should be shared with  a soul mate, someone that is your EMOTIONAL and spiritual equal so that your spirits can merge safely without loss.

Anything less is selfish child’s play

Encounters with others either in platonic friendship or flirting with thoughts of more are supposed to be learning experiences.

The flip of the hair or a soul freezing glance can make the heart beat and the mind wonder but more intimate exchange is a tool to reach a spiritual connection not meant to be broken, cosmic high for adults only, play responsibly..

I love writing blogs that inspire and make you think, especially when I get feed back, but in all actuality the fact that you keep coming back to learn more is reward enough. But please remember I do tarot readings to, so when you want to know more about issues in your life or in the need of direction make sure and go to….

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No Strings Attached

I know it is hard being alone, not wanting to settle for a person less then what you want, but loneliness can be unbearable and meeting new people is hard. Spending your empty time cruising the strip, hanging out at bars and fretting over yet another blind date, seems a waste of time.

We are all human and we have needs, this knowledge help to explain how some might rather have a mutual understand of sorts between trusted friends. A logical solving of a timeless affliction. sexual frustration has caused desperate drunken hookup and unsafe one night stands, people to marry the wrong person and created a world full of child support.

In today’s more open society it is no wonder we haven’t thought of this before. It saves on hurt feeling, removes that whole “I wonder why he didn’t call?” and saves on many many a cars paint jobs. Put away those sharp keys and get a “special friend” or “friends with benefits” but be careful this is an adult game with adult rules.

Your agreement is to have sexual relations without commitment or imply ownership. You are not in control here and you have no say over your part time partners behavior away from the time you spend together. No jealousy, no complaints, and no pressure. It is an agreement for the sole purpose of helping each other out in times of “need”.

Make sure boundaries are well marked and beyond any other rule…. no emotions need be involved.

But remember that along with sharing a bed for a moment you are sharing yourself, with picking one individual you trust and have already known well enough to be friends with. You are at least spreading a little less of yourself spiritually but with focusing your interest on one person you tend to become emotionally attached subconsciously.

the movie “no strings attached” plays on the reality of the situation and the comedy that no matter how well we lay plans. they we have no control of our emotions, especially “love”.

I love writing blogs that inspire and make you think, especially when I get feed back, but in all actuality the fact that you keep coming back to learn more is reward enough. But please remember I do tarot readings to, so when you want to know more about issues in your life or in the need of direction make sure and go to

Here is a great blog on this same subject Love their site really(Check out another blogger’s work)

Arranged Marriage vs Love Marriage

When talking about arranged marriage vs love marriage there are a few factors that have to be considered. Some are more important then others and depending on your culture and values all or none can be used to determine your perfect match

1) Reputation of the family (are they good people and have good standing in their community)

2) Vocation (Will the man be able to supply for the family and/or does his work take him away from home for long periods of time)

3) Wealth (financially stable families tend to have well brought up children,poorer surroundings usually give access to corruptions)

4)Caste (not much of a worry these days but still and option to understanding the way a man or woman see the world around them and can give keys to the kind of personality)

5) Religion (This may not be an issue as long as there is a very clear understanding the expectations and which religion the children will be brought up in)

6) Horoscope ( some signs just do not match well with other signs example: a free spirited and enjoyed Libra should NEVER be matched with a strict no nonsense Gemini )

7) Age ( with age comes growth and understanding if one is too much the others senior there would be a miss balance of power and maturity and the “growing old together” factor will be lacking

8 ) Language ( no matter the culture or the need of the marriage being able to communicate is imperative to coexist together)

9) Diet (although not impossible to work around a couple that is mixed meat eater/vegetarian is not really the best match and can bring confusion also to the children)

these are just a few things that a person or matrimonial sites might look at when Matchmaking but there are advantages and disadvantages of arranged marriages. In western culture it is frowned upon and viewed as barbaric even though not so many generation ago it was completely acceptable to be in a marriage of convenience.

There is a steady rise in divorce among both love marriages and arranged marriages. The need to be free minded and be involved in arranged marriages is a important, to be drawn into a marriage that is not want by one or both of the parties does not start off the Matrimonial on a good note.

The advantage of arranged marriage is simple some of us may not know really what it is that we want, or have any idea what is good for us either, with the help of matchmakers and family we have an outside view of the situation and a more long term look at what we will need in a spouse in the future.

Love tends to come naturally when the match is made right and the couple experiences life together. The idea of a marriage of convenience is not necessarily wrong when you have two individuals come out ahead in the end.

love marriage vs arranged marriage is a simple and compelling argument and depending on the individuals and there needs and values love marriage works best but it is not fail proof . There is something very valuable knowing that you were picked solely on your personality, and connection with the person you in turn love. and that strong bond has merit and can with stand any trauma or drama.

Understanding and knowing yourself and your needs…. being loved and loving  is the desired life, but it wouldn’t hurt to look at the criteria for a good match while you are dating. Remember that there is a difference between love and lust, not to mention that people change through the years so make sure the expectation you have for your lives together don’t also change.

I suggest going to Psychic and having you and your prospected mate read… you can also have a compatibility horoscope done by a professional. They case your horoscope for both the couple and then compares

I love reading others thoughts on this subject and read a blog that I think is great (Check out another blogger’s work)

and here is a blog I absolutely love

Wife swap

Wife swap is a saying played upon in a reality tv show depicting families that exchange wife/mom for a few weeks to help those families and mom appreciate what they have and seeing their mistakes even change their ways .

The real meaning of wife swap is of a more sexual nature. In the 70’s the word was “Swingers”. One couple would exchange lovers or spouses for a night of fun in the bedroom with another couple and then go about their normal married lives after.

Swinging has been viewed as a way to fight the hum drums and boredom that being monogamous tends to bring. but more then that, wife swapping is a tool to keep couples together when there is problems in the bedroom. Separate from emotions, some couples view a physical monogamy less important then the emotional loyalty.

Cheating happens, especially now a days with sex being forced on us in advertising, tv, even just walking down the street we are attacked with sexuality. It is impossible to believe that you or your spouse is a supper hero, capable of fending off all invaders, even more so this fact when one or both are dissatisfied with their sex life at home.

Yeah Yeah, this may not be the answer to better your satisfaction with your significant others but it does work for many. The word cheating is described as a lie.. so don’t lie, tell the truth.

The positive on swapping are many, relieving monotonous sexual tensions , creates a safe escape from the norm, teaching different sexual techniques, an added share of intimacy, and comparisons   

Being new at this kind of life style, you might want to really do some research, talk to others in forums and chats. Talk to other swingers to get an idea from them what works and how they choose to deal with tough moments. I really think that is in your best interest to join a dating site and really investigate your own feelings on weather this is what you want because once you ask your partner to swap…

well those words can get you in the “hot seat” this conversation needs confidence and sureness, knowledge to convince. There are several site that you may not be aware of  that you can join (with like minded individuals and couple)  like, Sally Madison, all are wonderful, reliable plus discrete.

Regardless of what other couples use and what works for them… You are original in your relationship and only you and your lover will know what will work best for you. make rules and make sure bounders are well marked, here are a few.

*there is no room for jealousy

*there can never be peer pressure. it must be equally agreed upon.

*this is a shared experience

*when the experience ends so does the ties with the other couple or helpful individual

* if there is hurt feelings (express them opening)

*discretion (the neighbors WILL NOT UNDERSTAND)

The thoughts expressed by swingers is that their relationship is strong enough to understand each others needs and wants physically and that the emotional ties between one another is not effected negatively by the physical infidelity, but rather becomes stronger knowing that they share this experience of pleasure. Normally these couples have a higher sense of emotional fidelity.

In no way is this expressing to each other that they are lacking in anyway. In fact most cases of wife swapping is surprisingly the opposite, where a man being so proud of what he has, that he feels a need to “show it off” and a woman that loves her man so much that she wants him to experiences the ultimate notty joy, even watch as he does.

We all have likes and dislikes even fantasies that need to be real to be content, or fantasies that need merely be discussed and then dismissed. Here are my suggestions to both the one initiating the conversation and the one that has been asked to experience swap

Asking to be involved in a wife swap: Understand that this conversation can be the beginning of a great and wonderful world that you and your partner can share together or the end of your relationship. Not only is this a high stakes gamble to start with, the idea that your lover may see this as an insult that can never be made up for or forgotten.

Understand that you might be creating a monster.. they might like it better then their currant relationship with you. So make sure before suggesting  this shared swap that your relationship with your partner is open and emotionally sound.

The person that has been asked to “be swapped”: This is not an insult, this is not telling you that you are bad in bed or that you are not the person that they love, respect and are committed to. The act of being asked this question alone is a compliment and needs to be seen as a show of their comfort, security, and trust in you to share this knowledge of fantasy.

In the same respects there is no room for jealousy or regret. You have to be open and express not just your pain but your concerns… remember the “what if” factor and that includes what if you don’t like it? will your partner see it as rejection if you say that you don’t want to or after the fact that you are not interested in doing it again?

The problem with opening up to someone your deepest darkest secret is that they may judge you. and the very first conversation that needs to be made is that “this has nothing to do with my love for you or my desire to spend our lives together. This is just something I would like for us as a couple to look into and see if it fits our life style”

The question needs to be asked yourself, Is this a reflection of your emotional satisfaction with your spouse? Are you wanting to do this as an outlet for freedom? Understand your own reasons why you do this. And when you are sure that you are wanting to wife swap to truly make your relationship a happier place…. then proceed.

I love writing blogs that inspire and make you think, especially when I get feed back, but in all actuality the fact that you keep coming back to learn more is reward enough. But please remember I do tarot readings to, so when you want to know more about issues in your life or in the need of direction make sure and go to

here is another blog on this subject that i think is great (check out another blogger’s work)

creating you

Too many times I am asked “How do I find the right man?” or “How do I know she is the one for me?” The problem is everyone seems to still be believing that it is merely about (find your love) when it is all about becoming able to accept true love.

Being an artist it is easy to picture this analogy…. mixing colors as I go through the painting process, adding as I go. This blog is for the artist in each of you.

We are all born a white canvas… as we experience life splashes of color is added, if you have a good childhood, or had a bad childhood, when you loved, how you were hurt… we either accept what people have decorated on us or we decorate ourselves.

Slowly but surely there is no more white, some change color drastically through time others change very little. When once you were a soft pink, with dots of gold, as you experience heart ache, and trials, accomplishments and achieve goals, you change; you might change so much so that there is little left of your softness and dreamy nature.

As we change so do others…. The mate that is for you…. right now as we speak is changing their colors and collecting their designs. If you meet them right now on this day, you would look them over and disregard  as “not my style”, you would see that you clash in every way. (a green next to a purple!)

When we are content in who we are and what we are… When we are finished decorating and being decorated we can say “I am ready to compliment what I am with someone else” then when you look around and see a person that fits who you are, and they sees you fit who they are. No more “looking for love” It was there all along, Well, there is no question “do we belong together?”

Your eyes are opened to the way you complement each other completely and MOST important thing is that from that point on, you can trust in the fact that there is not that much change left and if there is change it is done together, so in 10 years they still match you.

There are exemptions to this rule. Some people do not change much or can change to match other people in those cases high school sweet hearts can remain married, women can give up their dreams and personality to meet their families needs and be semi-happy. But do not hold your breath.

Better you do what you are supposed to be doing. BE YOU, design, decorate, educate, experience, mix those colors until you are just the right shade you that you need to be to match that future mate, and somewhere out there….your “true love” is doing the same.

Sometimes all we need is boost of excitement and quick look at the future to keep us going .. faith is hard to come by but be assured your true love is out there, get a reading from me and see just how close.

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Interracial Relationships – Biracial, multicultural, makes for a perfect world

[ad#ad-1] interracial relationships are beautiful
I do not pretend to be among the great keen psychics or to know all there is to know in life, I still learn from those around me.

We will all have our time of knowledge when we die but I have noticed when I used to take care of the elderly that they are the ones we should be listening to and learning from. So many years of trials has made them just a little wiser.

I was about 20 when I brought my first born son to my grandmother. My son is biracial and she held him tight and kissed him, my other family members and friends were not as welcoming to my interracial relationships views nor the first “black” child into our circle.

But grandmother just looked at me and out of no where said “You know I see a world where we are all one color a mixture of all races and all cultures you are just the beginning of that perfect world.

The US is a melting pot, there are no pure races, but this child has a pure soul” I was told that Grandma “knew things” but whether she had a psychic connection she never said.

I wonder if in their wisdom they can see things a little clearer being so close to the time they will see God and all his answers. Makes you want to listen a little closer to the elderly rambling of grandpa now doesn’t it? Psychic abilities can be learned, and Time is the best teacher.

Many People have tried to promote the pure race theory and failed, not because of an opposition, but because the thought never worked.

Things weren’t heaven when there were separations between races and oceans between cultures. Many problems arose from the mixing of races at first but only because of those that fought change.

No look around, dark people trying to be light while whites try to be tan…. But biracial people have a year long tan and with no price of skin cancer. Mixing lessened the chance of racial inbreeding disease like German being weak gallbladder, Indian heart disease, Or Blacks prone to stroke… every race has their own.

All interracial relationships produces such beautiful children: Indian, black, white, Hispanic, Arabic, Asian, and Native, And yes America is a good example where we mix German, Polish, Irish, English Whites with Native Indian, African, Hispanic, Greek, Italian, Asian and Middle Eastern.

I will state that inter racial dating is difficult and cultural differences can also add to the problems. Infatuation with ones differences is a great way to start a relationship but you have to be a strong and understanding person to deal with this strange new world you find yourself connected with.

Communication is a must. I mean really be able to talk with each other on what you expect and want out of life, out of raising children and even the way you will grow together. One cultures thoughts on old age even is different then another. Managing cultural differences may be the thing that gets in the way the most in a marriage.

Religion is also an obstacle so make sure that is talked about example: “what religion with our children be?” really look at the (-,+) to each.

I can never tell someone that is the cross for you. But I see those beautiful bright eyed children that have the best of both worlds and I can not help but hear my Grandmothers prediction come to life, one wondrous, child at a time. Be blessed.


Abusive relationships

[ad#ad-1]abusive relationshipsAbuse has no excuses, and other than the life lesson learned from being taught to stand up for your self. I really have no tolerance for it.

I read in peoples eyes before they speak.. Almost screaming to me “Help”, but most battered women and men are so good at hiding their embarrassment from the outside world, they often can not even admit to a friend or family member let alone a psychic that they are being beaten by the very person that says they love them.

The signs of abuse are covered so well.

Abuse comes in so many different phases and levels, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual. Physical said to be the most damaging because of fatalities.

I beg to different, mental abuse is far more damaging, and while the outward signs of being battered will heal and fade in time (if you live), emotional abuse can last a lifetime and spread through generations.

I see too often people coming to me for advice on “how to better my relationship”, thinking that in some way they are responsible for being abused and I will say time and time again there is never an excuse to hit anyone. No matter what a person does or says. No matter who raised you.

Example: A wife cheats… then she wasn’t a good wife and more than likely will never be a good wife with or without a beating (time to move on)

Are you angry? Yes. Does it suck that you are out all this time and effort spent on a woman that is not worth it? Yes.

Will it help if you showed her your anger? No. She just doesn’t fit in your puzzle and that doesn’t make her any less a person just not what you need.

Another example: A woman works everyday because her husband has been laid off. She is angry because he will not find another job or at least do something around the house, perhaps he even suffers from depression and just mopes, it is still no reason that this will be solved through physical assault.

No amount of kick in the butt is going to help a person out of depression or be assertive. Confront and tell him your feelings and you may even give an ultimatum. But never raise your hands or voice.

Note to the abusive: Understand that the decisions you make today will follow you throughout your life. Karma is a wonderful thing or a true bite in the butt.

And if you are one of those people that did or are considered abusive, start by apologizing. It may not remove the pain from the past but maybe if you can ask for forgiveness they can learn to forgive, and really that is what they need to do to heal.

And “she pushes my buttons” is not an excuse it is merely a show of weakness that you are so easily manipulated.

I once told an abuser “Nothing will be right with you in all your life, until you make things right by her” She left and he beat his next girlfriend into the hospital and he went to jail. Maybe Karma didn’t see he had buttons?

Note to the abused: You have made all the excuses; you have taken in all the blame. How well has that worked for you? Now it is time to see the reality.

You are worth it; they are just the one that doesn’t value you. You are a good person; they just do not want to admit they were wrong.

To get away is not failure; it is cutting your losses. This is the first day of a new plan… tell yourself “I love you” and “It is not my fault their heart is so blackened by their own lack of self value to see mine”.

Get educated, acquire a new skill, reach out to your network of close friends and get OUT! …….

Let the TAROT tell you about what to expect in the future. I can tell you the future is better then now.

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