Caring for Elderly Aging Parents

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So many different challenges, trials and tribulations seem unending and just as your life seems to settle, the children leave home to start families of their own, and a better sense of stability and calm enters your life, you may have even decided now is a good time to enjoy your later years and do some traveling.

Trouble enters through another door. Your parents are aging and needs your help, time and care giving services. It seems like an unnecessary challenge I know, but as a said so many times before “everything happens for a reason” both you and your aging parents are learning a life lesson needed to pass to a higher conscience.

You are learning how to care for someone that only represents a shadow of the person they once were. Alzheimer care is a good example of this gift.

Dementia also steals an elderly parent’s ability to care for themselves, so whether you decide home care for your senior or a nursing home the responsibility doesn’t stop with just providing.

Caring for the elderly consists of compassion, understanding and time spent daily. Even if it is just being there sitting next to them so they do not feel alone.

The lesson that your aging parents are learning is one of acceptance and it is not an easy one to pass. They have spent their entire life being independent and the one that others relied on. You may have already noticed their defiance to you helping or talking about a nursing home.

They just simple are not ready to let go…. The only way you can assist them is by being there and not taking charge and being the one in control.

It will fix nothing to expect that your loved one will do things your way; this is not your life. In the end you will feel the pains of war and only be on the receiving end of their frustrations.

In hospice care we also are being given the chance to prepare for the end. An experience most are unable to accept with an instant death.

Long term care makes it possible to mentally acknowledge that things change and when our parents do pass away it gives you the opportunity to not just prepare for those changes but also feel a sense of closure and knowing that you did all you could, spent all the time, and helped them like they once took care of you.

It’s like parenting your parents. Life has come full circle.