Are Aliens real?

They are the subject of science fiction and horror movies. Aliens come alive on screen and in our imagination but are they real?  .

People looked into the sky and saw there was a space other then our own. European Art hides the mysterious signs, hidden meanings of space ships and Aliens especially in religious works.

African, Egyptian and Aztec Art tell of Beings traveling in space and coming to earth. History only gives a small taste of what is still felt today with UFO sightings.

All the UFO pictures, videos and accounts of UFO sightings, there seems to be no proof of Aliens, even a place known to have activity like Area 51 and still the government refuses to let the public know “the real truth”

There are Cults that dream and worship the possibilities of extraterrestrials and their thoughts are shared by a huge populace. On an average 20% believe that Aliens walk among us.

My beliefs go a bit farther than that… What if royalties heritage world wide originated with Aliens visitations and their mixed offspring intermingled?

The concept is not at all Alien (heheh a little play on words) Actually people sense the dawn of time told stories of gods coming from heaven and their leaders are direct descendents. With special intelligence, even powers.

All great minds have the blood of ET’s running through their veins, possibly Jesus, Mohammed,  Buddha, and Gandhi were all Aliens sent to set us straight.

Or like some believe we are all Aliens, forgotten children of a once powerful race, dropped on a distant world and we are destined to reunite with our space traveling brothern.

The belief that the fact that there are races of people, tribes and countries that are without the trait Rh factor from the Rhesus monkeys. this factor was inherited from evolution of earthlings. those that are without Rh trait have no scientific explanation other than they must not have originated from the evolved earthlings. Something or someone was thrown into the mix. The lack of Rh-  trait has been nick named the reptilian factor.    

Hundreds of thousands of people report Alien abductions but only a few ever get investigated. Greys, Nordic Aliens (looks like us), Light beings and Reptilian like humanoids with a range of encounters from pleasant metaphysical to horrific violating experiments.

One thing is for sure… This has been happening for quite some time now and the ability to prove that Aliens are real has escaped us.

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I read a few really good blogs on the subject that were informative and