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One of the things I love doing the most is teaching others the skills they need to understanding all the Why? a person has to open themselves up to knowing there is more then just what you see and what you are told is important.

To maintain a life here with no effort at all as to a persons spiritual needs is as good as walking the world a zombie… going through the motions with out living and feeling a connection with others. This is no life.

Once you accept that there is more to life then a 9-5 job, the passion of sex or the power of success, you might see the world for what it really is “Life Lessons” success is not the end goal, Love is not the end goal even, and lord knows power and money are fleeting… what is your end goal and are you working towards it?

This video is a tool to learning what it takes to be Psychically Wise.

If you are interested in seeing if you are on the right path and what it can take to achieve it?
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Horoscope Reading

If you have ever gotten your Horoscope cast you know it relies on the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, the astrological aspects, and sensitive angles at the time of an event, such as the moment of a person’s birth.

A true Horoscope depends on the date, location and time of birth, at the moments of birth every planet and celestial forces are there influencing your entire being. Determining your personality and characteristics, your very future.

Love horoscopes  or horoscopes compatibility take one persons personality traits and compares their future partners cast to see if they are a good match. It can determine a persons degree of likeness along with strengths and weaknesses.

The in depth charting of a horoscope is time consuming, it takes years to learn, and a life time to master. Horoscopes can have so much information that they are 20-30 pages long and detailed to the “T”  but at a ridiculous price

Through this site Ahsan Zahid can create a wonderfully accurate and detailed Horoscope, mapping out what your personality is, what jobs you are best at, health issues, what difficulties there are in relationships and what you can look forward to in the future at a minimal price of $25 and a weeks worth of counseling and questions on your horoscope.
for full horoscope casting

and for farther assistance on compatibility horoscopes


Palm Reading

No two palm lines are alike, no fingerprint exact and no personality is the same in all of the 6 billion people in the world. The realization is staggering.

In palmistry, a reader looks at a number of factors to asses the personality, look into the past, the present, and only after you are comfortable in the information given, does a person trust the palmists views of the future.

Palm reading guide an individual through a world of enlightenment and purpose that you have never known was there and through an experts eyes you will be counseled into a better path or reassure you are doing exactly what you were meant to do.

Ahsan Zahid…. Has been readings palms for 10 years and has traveled the world honing his skills to better assist you with your problems and hurdles, through palm reading.

It takes years to learn how to read palms with every line, every print and shape having meaning to who a person is, what they have done and what they will do.  Ahsan knows, so let him tell you what you need to know about your future.

If you would like an in depth palm reading from Ahsan you can select palm reading from the paypal and send your palm print or scan to the address Remember that the clarity of the scan is important and it should show as much as can be, the reading will be tailored according to what Ahsan can “See”  several scans and prints can be sent to insure all is shown. with the added availability to ask questions for a week “It is a great way to see the future”


Aren’t you the Lucky Little Bull. It is not that you have all the world handed to you. You do work for what you acquire. But the luck comes in the form of being the whole package.

You seem to have what others can only aspire to be. Great personality, Good looking and in touch with the world around you.

As a child your feelings were on your sleeve. Open and caring, devoted to pleasing everyone and being accepted.

A Teen Taurus is desperate to be included and will rebel when they are not. If a Taurus gets their feelings hurt it is hard for them to forgive, so they often choose to keep their heart guarded.

A young Adult’s Taurus Personality is calm and controlled. They tend to resemble stability and balance but their temper is a force to be reckoned with especially when family or weaker friends are in pearl, The Taurus will come charging to save the day.

Bulls well into responsible years are protective to say the least as they stand back waiting to see if they are “Needed” but one thing is for sure The conserved energy collected by a Taurus can be explosive. A great shoulder to cry on in time of need their only down fall is stress related as all the worry is bottled up inside… usually around the gut.

In relationships Taurus are a hard catch… indifference block many people from getting involved with The bull, but  they are faithful and loving partners, loyalty and a deep sense of belonging when the match fits.

Horoscope sign of Taurus is all about Knowledge, you are skilled at what you do. Taurus is versatile and creative, usually musically talented and likes to socialize. It makes sense that their jobs are better out among the people….. Well once they reach that time in their life when they become comfortable in their own skin (for some that can take years).

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I wonder why your symbol is the crab? Hard unbreakable shell on the outside to guard you soft heart. Cancers learn early that they cannot deal well with heart break or blows to their ego, so better to just never let people see that softer side of you.

The Astrological sign Cancer is noted for a few more quirks. They will do anything to keep their secret from being outed. With Sober, Stern and sometimes Comic demeanor they are the greatest actors to keep you from noticing their true feelings. Their poker face serve them well at gambling and at the work place.

Extremely focused on their work and strongly driven…. almost passionate about winning. The Cancer makes a wonderful business minded person, obsessed with details, and rejecting all negative feed back.

Unfortunately Cancers are an acquired taste so unless you marry a person that is either a cancer themselves or had grown up with a cancer, people tend to feel at a loss and left out. Cancers want to be responsible and self reliant but many times forget they don’t stand alone.

(A skeptic nature and constant analyzing of others behavior can cause people to feel “interrogated”).

As a child you were mostly set up to learn and succeed

Teens rebel but the reasoning for a Cancer is different “why take direction and orders from people below your intelligence?”

Young Adult Cancers experience reruns of childhood. Picking partners much like the adult role models they had growing up.

As an Adult Cancers, they are Possessive, Patient, Romantic, Knights determined to win their lovers heart. Cancers usually are pretty head strong and do not give up easy, they are slow and steady built for the long haul.

The best Job for you is one where you are in control. You have the ability to invest large amounts of time to education so Law and Teaching is your best fit, if not a business owner.

Cancers are versatile and often can have friends from all walks of life, but have few close friends, the ones that might make it into a cancers close circle can see a cancers true personality, otherwise The Cancer will not trust anyone or just anyone.

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Well Balanced and in control of your emotions… making sure to not let down your guard. Virgo my horoscope advice to you is to let go of those grudges you have been hording for so long, not everyone can be so sympathetic to others needs.

As a child you did without concern, active and nothing could stop you.

As a Teenager you expect nothing less then complete freedom

When a Young adult you realize why there are rules to go by and feel the effect of testing a few of those rules yourself. Your actions effect the rest of your life… be careful

As a Responsible Adult you have learned your lessons well and become a selfless, honest, giving and understand parent and friend. The problems are with relationships, the fact that you are selfless makes you less tolerant to others selfish nature. “Not everyone can be like you”

A Virgo’s personality can not put up with Liars, and Cheats. Being in touched with Logic makes you always right. Your “Perfection” is hard for others to compete with. Try as you may…. the only way to not hurt feelings sometimes is just to smile and nod. Work on forgiving and accepting others short comings.

THIS ASTROLOGICAL SIGN insures they are a hard worker and can always be relied upon to get things done and to be there when they need you… You excel at Finances, Communication and Listening to others concerns. Social worker, Care giver, Business owner and Planer are your best Employments

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Libra, You have been through quite a bit. Living your life through your emotions and feeling in the moment, hasn’t made you very prepared for Financial Success but it has made you very capable to understand others needs and with this advanced sense of Empathy…. you are usually the person others come to for advice.

You are a Teacher, A Nurse and Lawyer. You have a divine sense of purpose and calling to “Help” . In a tight pinch your thoughts are almost channeled from another source.

As a Child you are emotional and excitable

As a Teen you are followed by troubles and have a little sense of Self Protection leaving you open to all sorts of demons and Ruthless sorts

Young adults are forced to find their selves a little late (you were just too busy putting others first)

Loving too intencely or not enough there seems no grey area here, passion is like a fire that can burn so bright it is overwhelming but the flame has to have fuel to continue. The libra will lose interest if not fueled. Self controlled and focused on goals, your only problem is knowing when to let go.

Adults are well settled and still find time to “help” others find their place. Selfish is not a word that describes you and are very well in control of emotions and are BALANCED .

Older Adults are almost always Wise beyond their years, connected and ready for anything. Guiding others along their paths. Best in Religion and Spiritual advice. They make the best Psychics.

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The Inner Light Shines

Depression breeds more depression and a mostly trouble free person going through a rough patch, finds them selves hopelessly lost in despair.

Western Culture and Science say Mental Illness or nerves breakdown. They suggest counseling and medication “Take some time off work and go on vacation”.

Eastern cultures have knowledge of chakras, Chi and work to returning the proper flow.

The superstitious can go so far as to blame a curse (evil eye) or psychic vampire sucking the life energy.

The fact of the matter each culture has it’s answers and even though some remedies work faster then others it really depends on the person them selves when they decide to “get better”

I have a remedy that works for all cultures and beliefs because it’s basis is rooting in all thoughts. Through Guided Meditation all is cured

*If the problem is psychological then meditation and visualization, mind over matter cures

*If it is a physical imbalanced the act of slowing the heart rate and breathing exercises brings valuable oxygen to the brain and systems will be restored

*Focusing on the third eye and individual chakras throughout the body cures and coincides with eastern belief

*Repealing the evil and returning balance to your power is a truly Psychic belief

Lets look at the Light.. or really lack of the light as we learn how to meditate.

This is just one of many Meditation techniques that Jump starts your spirit.

The Light is your spirit inside this earthly form. It has it’s duty much like the Brain has electrical signals, the heart pumps blood, the lungs take in oxygen the skin protects from infection.

The soul has a combination of jobs to do. It relays energy, pumps power, takes in aura from what surrounds it, and protects against negative influences.

If the Light is dimmed by lack of power, has been altered by outside forces, purhaps even a less then steady signal the light can flicker, even go out completely.

I know you have seen them at work, in the store or on the street. The light is just gone from there eyes. If you have ever known a person that had committed suicide, then you know the look. There bodies were working but their spirit had failed.

I was one of those people…. I had lost my light and the only thing that kept me going was my family. I went to counseling, to church, I took the medicine and tried to get out and face life but the medicine never helped and although I knew what the counselors and clergy said were true I just couldn’t feel that spark anymore.

I was praying one day asking God to just relieve me from this life “Just take me, I can’t do it anymore, it is just too hard” as I lay there I was directed by my Guilds to listen to my breathing.. which at the time was rapid and shaking with an occasional whimper from crying for so long. I took a deep breath (First control breathing)

What was the worst that could happen. I thought of the other things I heard form TV and Movies…. calm your self (Slow your heart rate)

(Clear Your mind of troubles and focus on the now)

Picture yourself laying on the bed, legs straight and hands to the side.  (Systems Check) by starting at your farthest extremities. the energy is tingling in your toes and fingers, it is in your palms and feet, ankles, wrists, work your way to your center core and then up to the head… feel the energy, it is there, it is what makes the cells exist, what makes you exist.. it is life.

Now lets (Turn It Up)

See the little light of energy focused right in the center of your core in the Chakra it is your solar plexus, controlling our will, our personal power.  It brings us our strength, our courage and our will to succeed ,achieve and survive….. it is such a concentrated little light. Feel the heat radiate from it….

With every Breath the light gets brighter with a limitless amount of energy the light grows and fills the entire room with spiritual light as rays reach out and erupt like the sun’s rays.Let it really burn bright for a few minutes (Clearing Out the Negative)

Ever see a person walk into a room and the air gets lighter, the people just seems to cheer up and everything has more color. It is like someone lifted a window shade and let the light in.

You can lower the light to a constant flame just enough to light yourself from head to toe. This is what I call a (Maintenance Glow)

Now that you have Jump started your Spirit’s Innerlight it is easily taken care of, and a simple Run through of the Meditation when things seem overwhelming or you feel drained or depressed, will keep you positive and clear of everything from mental issues to succubi.

It protects against Ghosts and Curses. It Enhances the flow of Chi and clears the Chakras

For more information and assistance in increasing your Light

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