Climate Change

The sky is falling, the sky is falling… Sense the dawn of time the earth is on a decline and sense man has first questioned when was the beginning, they have also wondered when is the end of the world. Every earthquake, every storm, every flood brings with it, “Is this a sign of the end?”

With Science’s discovering of global warming and the greenhouse effect even explaining how the Ice-age may have come to pass we have realized we are a direct effect but the world has a cycle of it’s own.

Watch any Discovery channel on plate techtonics showing the movement of the earths plates causing volcanoes and their release of gasses and you can see it is proof that the earth does bad enough on her own.

Gasses released are earths pollution causing global warming on it’s own Earths radiation raises temperature while the pollution and dust clouds cools it.

The earth has a balance of equals… much like a persons life, good vs evil.  but when the balance is tipped all is toppled. I do not dare say that the world is coming to an end, but I will suggest that until a balance is returned… The earth will try to right it’s self.

Massive Climate changes, out of the ordinary, strong storms with tornadoes and hurricanes are merely the way that Mother Nature does some house cleaning.

Lets face it… we haven’t exactly had very green footprints, in fact by faults of our own, unknowingly we have done so much damage it may not be corrected, with such damage as nuclear fall out in Japan, to the many oil spills, and years of factory pollution.. Our symbiotic relationship with the world has become a bit one sided.

We were told in Eden that we were care takers of the world and all the animals upon it, but we have not done our job well, we  use all the world has to offer for our own selfish needs with little or no regard for animal life or the world around us.

We thought that if there was a price to be pay it would be so far from our lifetime that it would not be “our problem”…. it has become our problem and placing blame is a waste of time. better we take this time a right what wrongs we can….

1)Not buying products from factories and countries that pollute .. pay attention and sanction those that violate

2) Use green power, we have relied all these generations on earth and fire, it is now time to use water and air

3) respect the natural world and be the care takers we were told to be

4) we all can not live on a commune without industrial products but we can RECYCLE

5) population control

6) conserve energy.. well it will be more expensive anyway, you will have no choice but to conserve.

You get the point. The weather is changing, the Earth is fighting back, Our days are being tallied and the mistakes we have made in the past may not be able to be righted.  The world is not ending, but it is becoming more difficult. At this point whether we like to admit it or not, there is only 3 choices

1) Continue and reject the notion that we will have to pay for our indiscretions… the price will be paid and we will see just how bad it is going to get (soon) there will not be a next generations to pawn this off on.

2) Try to at least slow the earths decline and bide a little more time until our science to conserve catches up with our science that has distroyed

3) Convert back to cave man days…. with no carbon footprint.. this option is past.
here is just an example of what is to come.

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2012 End of The World

Well… kiss your butts good bye and live it up while you can.

People thousands of years ago predicted the end of the world because they were also right about a handful of other predictions out of the hundreds that they recorded. Predictions that mind you, were right because it was common sense that they would come true sometime in our life time.

The book of revelation, The Bible’s four horsemen of the Apocalypse , Nostradamus predictions of end of times, Kalki Bhagavan marking 2012 as being the end of the Kali Yuga, or degenerate age, Terence McKenna’s drug induced numerology are all examples of the wisest of the wise grasping at straws to explain why the world is the way it is.

More then not wondering why the humanity is declining in morals and religious attachment. what better way to create belonging then to huddle together praying and waiting for conversions.

People will flock to France, Pic de Bugarach mountain for the transformation of enlightenment, and scientist map out the “galactic alignment” with magnesium causing solar flares.

Mayans Predicted that the world would end on Dec 2012 but they also believed in human sacrifice and that the Sun was a god. Come on… really? Lets look at the big picture. The world is going to end, especially at the rate we as tenants are going, using up all the world has to offer and destroying as we go.

Fire, war, global warming, hell… global cooling, pollution, pesticides, radiation, oil spills… It is surprising that the world hasn’t imploded or exploded or both. And that is not even taking in consideration natural disasters that are to be dealt with.

Seriously we here on planet earth walk a tight rope blindfolded, drunk, while being shot at, in a storm, with Aliens on one end and God on the other. Well, you get the visualization and my point is we are blindfolded for a reason.

God doesn’t tell you when you are going to die, people just are not meant to be given an exact time of arrival or departure. This life that we live in has no guarantees. It is a mystery set up with joys, punishments and chuck full of warnings to give us the opportunity to implement change, to better ourselves.

Tarot cards do not have a death card in the way that people think, It is the death of a situation and end of a problem. The cards are not going to tell a person that they are going to die, there is no purpose for that. Death can not be changed, but the cards will tell a client that they need to spend some quality time with their family.

my own yearly predictions are set up to warn people and help others to focus on the path our world is traveling. Instead of worrying about whether the end of the world will be this week or this year, how about you take the time to live your life in a fashion that the end is near and we do need to make those changes before it is too late? Hold close our loved ones and enjoy a little on our path.

I am not saying quit your jobs and join a cult of enlightenment nor am I suggesting drink and “party like it’s 1999” it wasn’t the end then and this isn’t going to be the end now.

Relax….. when God wants to end the world it will be all our fault and we will have deserved every moment of Alien invasion or Nuclear Fall out that comes with it, meanwhile Doomsday will just have to wait, we have things to do and some changes to make.

Now make them!

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Are Aliens real?

They are the subject of science fiction and horror movies. Aliens come alive on screen and in our imagination but are they real?  .

People looked into the sky and saw there was a space other then our own. European Art hides the mysterious signs, hidden meanings of space ships and Aliens especially in religious works.

African, Egyptian and Aztec Art tell of Beings traveling in space and coming to earth. History only gives a small taste of what is still felt today with UFO sightings.

All the UFO pictures, videos and accounts of UFO sightings, there seems to be no proof of Aliens, even a place known to have activity like Area 51 and still the government refuses to let the public know “the real truth”

There are Cults that dream and worship the possibilities of extraterrestrials and their thoughts are shared by a huge populace. On an average 20% believe that Aliens walk among us.

My beliefs go a bit farther than that… What if royalties heritage world wide originated with Aliens visitations and their mixed offspring intermingled?

The concept is not at all Alien (heheh a little play on words) Actually people sense the dawn of time told stories of gods coming from heaven and their leaders are direct descendents. With special intelligence, even powers.

All great minds have the blood of ET’s running through their veins, possibly Jesus, Mohammed,  Buddha, and Gandhi were all Aliens sent to set us straight.

Or like some believe we are all Aliens, forgotten children of a once powerful race, dropped on a distant world and we are destined to reunite with our space traveling brothern.

The belief that the fact that there are races of people, tribes and countries that are without the trait Rh factor from the Rhesus monkeys. this factor was inherited from evolution of earthlings. those that are without Rh trait have no scientific explanation other than they must not have originated from the evolved earthlings. Something or someone was thrown into the mix. The lack of Rh-  trait has been nick named the reptilian factor.    

Hundreds of thousands of people report Alien abductions but only a few ever get investigated. Greys, Nordic Aliens (looks like us), Light beings and Reptilian like humanoids with a range of encounters from pleasant metaphysical to horrific violating experiments.

One thing is for sure… This has been happening for quite some time now and the ability to prove that Aliens are real has escaped us.

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I read a few really good blogs on the subject that were informative and

How to find a Job?

I know that the economy is not what it used to be. More and more people are finding themselves out of work saying “I need a job!”

The jobs are there, you may no be able to snag a job you were hoping for, but that is why you look at it as building your resume or climbing that corporate ladder.

Your first stop on your jobsearch needs to be a resume. You need to take into account what you have to offer an employer. It is not as painful as you might think and do not get discouraged if after making your resume you see it is pretty empty.

If you have not worked many places that either shows you are reliable and stay at a job for a long time or you are an empty slate in-which your future employer can build on. Most employers will tell you that training a employee is not a problem but un-teaching a employee is the hard part.

Remember that finding that perfect job is a lot like finding a true love.. there are many to choose from but that doesn’t mean you are a good match for all of them.

If you have been turned down from a job you know the feeling of rejection, but that doesn’t make them wrong, it just means that your services are better needed somewhere else.

Discrimination also is a factor for some people. and in that instance it is important to notify the owners or head of a company that you are being discriminated against but understanding that kind of work environment is not a suitable, positive place to be.

Education is a factor in helping you find a job. and with any education you can be assured you are more qualified then about 2/3 the population. Now all you have to do is make your education fit the right job.

There are several internet sources that can help in this department even if you do not get any response from them. The process of qualifying for jobs compared to your education helps you better see where you are suited to apply in person in your town or area.

Job search engines like job builder and are great and they also have sections that help you create a resume.

After finding the right places to apply next is turning in your resume and being pleasant, friendly, and well groomed is a must, make sure and smile and find a subject to kick up conversation with the secretary or manager, remember that they are not the enemy and this is an opportunity for you to show your best side.

When going to an interview being pleasant and friendly takes a more professional tune. to be a bright star might make you look better then the other applicants but being too bight and you risk out shinning your employer, and that may be what keeps you from being seen as a team player and more of an potential opponent.

Do not get discouraged, no one buys the first car they see and this job hunting is a exactly that.. sometimes you come back from a hunt empty handed.

The good thing is if you have a job and are trying to find a better job you at least have the luxury of a paycheck coming in, that supplies you with a living, which makes your search a little less desperate; and if you are unemployed, you have plenty of time on your hands to make looking for a job “your job”.

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Do on-line psychic readings work?

Psychic abilities defy time and space. Depending on the individual, different things trigger a reading. A name, a birthday, even a voice. The simple acknowledgement that help is needed can hit me from across the world. I practiced my reading on chat to different regions and there are no limitations or distances that can keep the messages from getting through if they need to get through.

India from the US to the North Pole…. If a hand reaches out for help Psychics get connected.  That connection doesn’t leave when the phone is shut or an e-mail sent. The continued connection stays like a residual smell that can be tapped into when a question is asked later but will fade with time. I am connected for about a week.

When you go to a psychic and ask for a reading you are opening yourself up for assistance. At that moment you are granting permission to a psychic to “get involved”. Most psychics prefer face to face readings so they are guaranteed that person is the one asking for the reading.

Remember: a psychic can not ethnically do a reading without your permission, doing so puts the psychic at risk for karma’s firing line. There is a price to pay and many novice are in violation of this rule when they practice at home or think they will just pull out a few cards for example: on their boyfriend, or an enemy.

Face to face readings have their advantages but so do e-mail readings, where you can go back and reread the mail as things come to pass. A lot of time clients get so caught up in the moments and experience, they tend to forget what is being said.

It is all about the reasons you ask for help, in a reading you are saying you need the powers that be to direct you. if you do not have a need to get a reading and you are just testing a psychic or doing it for kicks… well the cards either will make no sense to you or reveal embarrassing information to retaliate.

Weather you choose to get a reading face to face, phone, chat or E-Mail the result should always be the same… discrete, caring and informative reading.

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How to Make A Relationship Work?


After all that looking to find your true love, the fantasy bubble inevitably bursts when you realize that this is no fairy tail and there is no “Happily Ever After”.

Relationships take work sometimes a lot of hard gut wrenching work. Sometimes you have to give a little to get a little and it is in compromising that you and the love of your life work together as a team. But the problem is your significant other also has to know that this is a team effort. The gears have to fit together to make the Mechanics of the Relationship work.

Reminder that this is a way to maintain a relationship, it is too late for these to work if you are really asking how to save my relationship? some relationship problems are not meant to be fixed but here are some ways to look and maintain a relationship.


The communication between you both are like the lube that make things run smoother… (Communication JUST just between you two). I know we are told from a very young age that we need to tell people how we feel and when you are having a problem we need to tell our parents, teachers or friends.

But no so much when we are talking about issues that have only to do with you and your mate. In this relationship saying and dealing with our relationships take some confidence between just you to and the trust involved in keeping your playbook a secret is what will make your relationship a winner.


Arguments, hurt feelings, life changes and more changes, your career plans are exchanged for family plans and those trips around the world you had your eye on to experience all you can has been traded in for a slightly less exotic weekender someplace (they) always wanted to go. Oh what we give up for love.


Holidays are a good example of the new world you have surrounded yourself with. Wondering which holiday is going to be spent where, making out schedules so you can be sure and not leave anyone out.

It is hard thinking about someone else all the time and the duties are doubled and tripled when children are introduced into the mix. You might have a hard time at first. These things do not come as naturally as you think. Do not be afraid of lists for yourself, and notes to your mate.

Asking yourself often through out the day “what does he/she need from me today?” helps to keep you on your toes and hopefully out of trouble. You might remind them that “hey I am new at this too”


Learning how to argue is a good way to keep small matters from escalating to full all out fights. Like understanding that the point of an argument is not to actually win but to imply what you really feel, so that the other person can decide weather or not to repeat the same later knowing now the passion you feel about the subject.


Pace yourself, you do not have to be everything to everyone and being perfect will not keep them from leaving. I guarantee that your true love is more likely to stay with you for being a real person then if you were a faultless super model. Actually not being perfect makes you assessable and on a level that they feel comfortable being around.


Last but not least is the “feel good factor”. We want to be around people that make us feel good, so as long as you try your best to build up a persons self esteem and make those moments together pleasurable then why would they want to ever leave?  It is only in those relationships that a person is made to feel bad, feel guilty, or blamed that a person desires to leave.

These points are a good way to start making your relationship work but each relationship is different and sometimes there are other ways to help… For more accurate advice on your relationship questions, ask me in a tarot reading and lets see what the cards say

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How to be a Good Mother

Am I a good mother?

I wish it was as easy of an answer as it is a question, we all wonder if we did a good job or if we were a failure at raising our children but the fact of the matter is………………

Everything happens for a reason. When you first decided to be a parent you took on a certain amount of responsibility but you did not accept all of the responsibility.

Just like we are to make decisions and be accountable for our mistakes so are our children, the best we can do to prepare these little individuals is to detour bad decisions and be the best example for our kids.

Sometimes we were not the best example; sometimes we lived by the “do as I say not as I do” principle and for others of us we may have done all the wrong things at all the wrong times in our children’s lives. I assure you even at these times we are not (failing) at motherhood and here is why.

As spirits in heaven we are given a choice of what parents to take. We are also aware of what lessons were expected of us to pass. The choices that these fetal spirits make are the right choice, being aware of the struggles that need to be gone through.

(Example: some spirits are told that they need to deal with abandonment issues and in that case they would not pick “perfect parents” that will always be there for them.)

In the same respect as a Parent you are also set to pass tests. We are learning as we go, there is no license granted to say you are a good mother or a diploma that says you have the answers to all parental issues. It is one of the few responsibilities in life in which lives are placed in the hands of novice.

There will be broken bones, broken spirits and broken hearts. It is the price of learning and glory of living and the basis of life “learning from our mistakes” and in the end after being un-appreciated and forgotten; you may get the occasional “Thank you, I understand now why you did the things you did.”

Just like on other placements in life we are not always rewarded for the good things we do. but the reward comes latter and one of those rewards is knowing that our children have learned from us and that they are on their way to their goals like being a great Mother or Father themselves.

Now would be a good time to take into account what your mother has done for you: Mistakes or Encouragement. Thank her for her Efforts. You are her Success.

I love writing blogs that inspire and make you think, especially when I get feed back, but in all actuality the fact that you keep coming back to learn more is reward enough. But please remember I do tarot readings to, so when you want to know more about issues in your life or in the need of direction make sure and go to