Example of a Full Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

People are always wondering what a full reading looks like, this is an EXAMPLE of a FULL READING:

These few cards talk about what makes you.. you. And also the things that are happening now.
these cards better tell me that I am pulling your cards and that we are connected. if these cards are not yours then you would know not to rely on the future cards.

1)You as a person is considered to be reliable, respected and easily trusted, you spend you life no matter what you do “helping people”
2)What is crossing you right now is Man keeping secret, everyone has some things that they hide, but this man just is not what he spears to be
3) Wondering if you had made the right decision? you should have learned from past mistakes
4) Someone wants the best of both worlds, in this position it is what is the cause of the problems. Most likely the “cheaters” card… look around and start taking note.
5) You already have learned that everything happens for a reason and that nothing in life is supposed to run smoothly (no where is the fun in that?) so you are not one to question “why me?” you are more apt to just make things happen to fix what you do not like.

The next cards are future cards
6) Information being brought to light… you will see more clearly in a short days…
7)When it comes to fears, well you have a problem with control, both difficulty in control over your own emotions and the need to control others. this might be the reason things fall apart so easily
8)your support group will have their own problems in this your time of need.
9)messages will be all you live for, between legal and social worlds.
10) Added with the 10th card (Separation) it tells a story of legal difficulties that may take years to solve..(The divorce that is coming will not be over quickly) the good thing is I see something else that the cards do not finish…. “Once you decide for your self that you are better then this.. all that shadowed your life leaves and good is welcomed, things just seem to fit and you understand and see clearer. so the fact the legally things are slow.. you life settles without it.

here are a few more cards that show a little farther in the future
1) where you were once jailed now you are free…
2) Improved heath tells me you must have internalized the pain and stress of your relationship, and once this thorn has been removed well… he get a chance to heal
3) Now this is in the far future… so do not even expect it this year… but there is a reassurance of love
4) Through and takes the time to do things right.. this man is your knight in shinning armor

Now it is your turn to e-mail me with any questions on any of the reading you do not understand or want me to go deeper into.. I have about a week that I stay connected to you so don’t wait too long.

peace always
Deborah Cavins

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