Protection Spells

There are many things individuals feel they need protection from, in the everyday world we wear helmets to protect our brains when riding  a motorcycle, race car drivers wear helmets, sky divers do to.

But these are just one of the many precautions we take when we needlessly put ourselves in dangerous situations. Remember the statement “when WE needlessly put ourselves in these dangerous situations”

The spirit needs protection to (from the needless dangerous situations we put our spirits through)by doing bad to others we welcome karma’s judgment. A depressive mind set and anger invite dark spirits and evil into our lives.

Kolam (rangoli) is a chalk art put just outside the houses in India, It wards off evil and welcomes good and prosperity into the home.

Dragons are a symbol of protection and can be seen in temples, art, household and palaces in China and most all of the Asian world. Feng Shui has many ways to channel good and guard against bad.

Masks are also used to warn off evil in many native cultures, all over the world from Polynesian to South America and to Alaska Masks were for protecting the wearer and the tribe from forces feared in the spirit world.

Native American Indians burn sage to expel evil spirits and their effect an burn cedar to welcome back the good.

In Wicca Salt is always used to dispel all influences of evil (sea salt)

Candle burning also symbolizes the light within our lives and creates a sense of calm that centers our soul and gives balance.

Mirrors in your house and work place repel evil

Christianity, Judaism and Islam believe that words expels the devil or bad spirits.

Psychics control the power that is the spirit to extrude a kind of force, warding off evil influences, like a kind of mosquito repellent…. evil hates the smell of it  . Depending on the good of the psychic depends the reach of the force and the intensity of what I call the “glow”.

Ora readers can see the health and intensity of your “glow”. Ever see a person walk into the room and the whole room lights up? or the air just feels lighter? these are the feelings that occur when a Good, strong spirited  person walks into a room, and the opposite can also happen when a very negative soul is around.

Sorry  we can’t bottle the glow and sell it but I can tell you how to create a positive environment to help you grow your own so to speak.

1) before jumping up to start your day (meditate for only 5 minutes) it can be a prayer or a self exploration but feel the presence of calm and picture the light being lit inside

2) totems of good that works for you… a kind of invitation and proclamation of your beliefs  either statues of your god, and alter or the above symbols should be maintained, cleaned or said to begin your day.

3) plan a good deed, in doing good we put karma on your side rather then be on his to do list.

4) do some relationship cleaning. It is ok to have acquaintances that needs us and we feel it is like charity work to be their friend and help them out but do not spend a lot of time with negative people (it does rub off)

5) Rather spend some extra time with positive people. young children are like fireworks of goodness, so are gyms and some religious groups.

My favorite protection spell : get a small to medium glass jar or bottle, fill 1/2 way full of sea salt, add a smooth river stone and a small mirror. place this jar outside your front door, you can hide it in a plant or stoop art. People do not have to see it but the spirits know it is there. To be bold you can even hang it for all to see but it is not necessary.

If you would like to purchase one from me . Just go to readings like you are paying for a e-mail reading, $25 just make sure and put your physical address and message “protect me”. I will send you one along with the protection spell and my blessings.

I love writing blogs that inspire and make you think, especially when I get feed back, but in all actuality the fact that you keep coming back to learn more is reward enough. But please remember I do tarot readings to, so when you want to know more about issues in your life or in the need of direction make sure and go to

Psychic scam artists using curses

A curse is the magical capability to alter someone’s life, a group of people, a place or object, without hands on contact.

It is my belief that curses do not exist and I can explain my theory. Bad things happen to bad people but not because I or any witch wished them to be hurt. It is all at the hands of Karma and other just powers greater then ours.

We are placed on earth to learn from our life. The question I pose to you is “How much would you learn without hardships?”  Perhaps you can learn to be spoilt, or ungracious possible even criminal if you got everything you wanted anytime you want them without obstacles.  Consider yourself cursed!

I suggest to you that the things that we go through, the troubles we have are in fact a blessing not a curse. Those that believe “Bad things happen to bad people” this is not always the fact but I pray that Judgment is fare at death.

Karma usually knows well his job as far as placing toll on lives that deserve what they get.

Bad things occasionally happen to good people but it is not curse, rather it is the stoking of the fire so we may be forged into sharp blade, strong enough to endure the war we live. As we suffer and live through the pain we do become stronger and “wiser”

We learn from our mistakes, the trauma that we opened ourselves to have taught us well what not to do again. We learn this on our own, without the help of these so called “curses”

Humans have no power over us unless we give them that power. What god has given no man can take.

Spirits are another story. Dark spirits do exist and do affect people in the way of drawing on persons already depressive state, just like surrounding ourselves with negative people affects our state of being,

These dark souls do the same and search out those that are easily depressed and turned. Sadness, anger, evil vindictive thoughts are their favorite food. The act of feeding them ensures their stay.

A simple act of doing good repels them and the light shines again, on an occasion you must change your lifestyle. Example: “I am a drug dealer and I do not understand why the police is always after me and people are always out to get me, someone must have put a curse on me????”

I know that is an extreme example but you get the point.  There is no curse… “the powers that be” want better for the drug dealer and create obstacles to point him in a better direction. A release of God’s protection opens the dealer up to more demonic spirits to experience hell on earth.

Many fake psychics use Karma and life’s tests to scam people.  These con artists know that no ones life is perfect and people usually go to psychics when they are having problems

“There is a curse on you, placed by someone that you have done wrong in the past, this is a strong curse, I can remove it but it will take a lot of work, it will cost $500” sometimes $5,000 and if you do not have the money they will ask if you have family you can barrow the money from and tell you how important it is that you come up with the money.

Your life will never be good unless this curse is removed. They will ask for cash and many times will wait only after they have through the client confidence gotten so much incriminating evidence on you that you fear telling the “psychic” no.

BULL…………….. but it happens everyday , and these bad apples stink the whole barrel. True psychics just trying to make a living will never charge more then an hourly wage and never pressure a client to spend more then they would on an evening out.

If you want to remove bad influences in your life (call it dark spirits, curses, the devil himself) take that $5,000 and give it to charity, the act of doing good puts God back in your life and in good standing with the powers that be.


I love writing blogs that inspire and make you think, especially when I get feed back, but in all actuality the fact that you keep coming back to learn more is reward enough. But please remember I do tarot readings to, so when you want to know more about issues in your life or in the need of direction make sure and go to

How to stop being a bitch?


Well a politically correct statement would be “how to curb your attitude?” politically correct or not you know you are a bitch and just like that 12 step program admitting your disease and you are ½ way there to recovery.

Let’s start by asking ourselves what it is that brought us to this realization?

Did a peer call you out on it? Or did you look around and wonder where your friends went? If it is the later of the two then the work is a little harder.

Looks like you have crossed the point of no return as far as those friends go but no worries there is a world full of people willing to be abused by you so we will move on.

Bitches really have little to do with the original context “female dog” referring to the darn right mean attitude female dogs have towards a male dog right before being ready for breading, straight vicious in some instances.

In contrast depending on the culture to be called a bitch can also mean that the female dog wants to always have sex and placing that in a human way would imply the woman is promiscuous, even a prostitute.

So if we know what a bitch is and how you are being a bitch it should be fairly easy to change our ways and then we are no longer a bitch with an attitude. Not so….

Remember that although we make our own decisions there is the outside factor. What about those people, that seems to just bring out the bitch in you with such ease and is ever so capable of pushing buttons?

Relax… before opening your mouth to argue back or planning the next rival’s demise just sit back and listen.  This attitude you harvest from your own self doubt and perhaps even loathing transformed as pride, pompous and pin point defiance in the eyes of others.

You are guarding your very soft heart with “hardness”. This outer shell is not you and even if you were able to keep friends they are essentially not “your” friends. They are your make-believe you’s friends

Although we can understand why we do what we do, we also must change or suffer.

If I let people in to my life, if they know my secrets, or have access to my feelings: they might judge me, hurt me, or tell others about my fears and feelings.

I have no doubt that these are real fears and they can happen but at the same time while you fear and protect you also miss out on all the beauties and closeness of life.

I do not care what others think because this is my life and I am the one put in charge of it. Those judgmental people do not affect me, save or fail me and they do not pay my bills, in that respect I build the pride in what is in the inside.

I choose to glow rather then flame drawing people to me rather then repelling, finally mastering the difference between a hateful bitch and a self assertive proud entity.

Take a deep breath and value your energy and effort. smile and turn away from arguments and moments of drama… Believe in what you feel as being righteous and correct no matter if they know it or not. This is your world so be the Queen with integrity and reign over it with dignity.  Being a Bitch BITES

I love writing blogs that inspire and make you think, especially when I get feed back, but in all actuality the fact that you keep coming back to learn more is reward enough. But please remember I do tarot readings to, so when you want to know more about issues in your life or in the need of direction make sure and get a reading from me

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