Pet training or spirit training?

It is no wonder the love of an animal does the heart good. Look into a puppy’s eyes or watch a kitten playing with a ball of string and you can feel the happy welling up inside. Do we own them? or do they own us?

The love of a pet is unconditional, the experience we have are irreplaceable and soothing to anything that ills you. from lowering blood pressure to relieving depression.

Animals rehabilitate criminals, redirect troubled youth. help teach children with autism and add years and quality to seniors lives.

Growing up on the farm, animals were all around, learning the facts of life was important and nothing was hid from us. As children we learned the beauty of birth, the enjoyment of life, and the necessity of death both natural and at our own hands.

My brothers, sisters, and I at a very young age learned that the comfort of our life came at a price and the animals on the farm supplied that, We were also taught that harvest ensures the next seasons birth. We learned to be thankful to the animals for what they gave us (both physically and emotionally)

It is in the best interest for people young and old to have contact with animal life. Pets show us all the facets of life. TV helps a little by giving people that normally would not have access to wild life/farm/pets see the effect an animal has on others but not to the extent that having a pet does. No matter the documentary there just is no interaction.

No smell a vision when watching “Dog Whisperer” or time involvement. Knowing that when you are tied of house breaking puppies or changing cats litter box you can’t just change the channel. It is about commitment and some are just not cut out for it yet, while others might excel.

Being responsible for another life, seeing it grow and either flourish or fail at your hands. Touching them and feeling their heart beat. These are the things that train our spirit to feel empathy, and understand emotions as we grow.

Holding a dying pet is heartbreaking, watching a litter being born is joyful and coming home to a waiting friend is fulfilling. These are the steps to creating lasting relations with people, enhancing currant relations and getting to know yourself and your limits along with your lack of limits. Spirit training as you go along.


Things that are taught from having a pet

1) the reality or reproduction/birth

2) responsibility

3) things that are needed for life (food, water, cleanliness, shelter, affection)

4) love and understanding

5) commitment

6) dealing with death/loss

Having pets, helping them grow, training them, and being comforting to them as they grow old are practices in human interactions and in turn trains us to be better at living ourselves. Our spirit is enhanced by giving love, we have plenty of it.

I love writing blogs that inspire and make you think, especially when I get feed back, but in all actuality the fact that you keep coming back to learn more is reward enough. But please remember I do tarot readings to, so when you want to know more about issues in your life or in the need of direction make sure and go to

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What is a Soul Mate? Not a Sex Mate?

I am sure some that read this might be under the impression that they know all there is to know about adult subjects.

Some might consider themselves experts on the subject of sexual education and I am sure that your lists of conquests might reflex some knowledge.

Everyone knows that the basics of pleasure and most all adult matters on the subject we were either taught in biology 101, health education or learn from older kids on the bus. Other information we picked up along the way.

Lets face it sex is kind of “in and out” literally.

A parent can talk until they are blue in the face, trying to explain “when a boy really loves a girl……” Express the importance of love in a sexual relationship will mean nothing to someone that has not known the true effect that having feelings and attachment does have on sexual encounters.

Teen agers driven by hormones, grown men asserting their masculinity, and women feeling alone tend to look at sex as the answer to all. In truth, although the physical feeling is pleasurable, it is the closeness that has the most desire.

So many people are told that the act is dirty, bad, and shameful. In most cultures sin is under interpretation and mostly emphasized to ensure proof of paternity when children are produced.

In the same religious documents that put restrictions on desire there is equal time given providing sexual fulfillment “Imta” and worship through giving “Sadaga” in Islam. “Tantra”; an extension of knowledge in the Hindu teachings.

So many people are worried about std’s or pregnancy and true those are real concerns especially in society today with rise in teenage pregnancy and aids. But there is another exchange that happens in intercourse that is not talked about. There is more then bodily fluids that are shared.

In the highest moment the spirit reaches out to the other, intermingling and sharing of it’s self. You accept it into yourself and take it with you after the physical encounter and like wise a piece of you also goes with them.

Ever wonder why the next day you either feel the loss or can acknowledge a sense of fulfillment depending on if it is a positive or negative experience?

Each partner that is taken is a moment of exchange on a spiritual level and when there are too many partners in anyone persons life the soul becomes diminished and weakened, the real warning comes to those that commit sexual crimes like rape and child molesters, addiction to porn and prostitution…..

These are negative encounters that are one sided and karmicly damaging to not just the individual victimized but also corrupts the soul of the individual excepting this life choice. It creates a kind of point of no return, in which the people that acts on their fantasies is scared by the act and can not recover to the persons they once were.

Ever look at a person and you just can tell they seem spent,”that person has nothing left to give”?

The need to be very choosy in the partners you pick is the difference between hurting the growth of your soul and making the spirit flourish. It is important to ensure that the encounters are positive exchanges..

Of course the ideal situation is to save yourself for the one you will spend your whole life with. The learning, and sharing will always be positive and emotionally fulfilling.

Understanding that intercourse is more then body parts and euphoric feelings but people, emotions, expectations and dreams helps for you as a person to look beyond the physical and experience.

More then the pleasures received on earth, these are moments that should be shared with  a soul mate, someone that is your EMOTIONAL and spiritual equal so that your spirits can merge safely without loss.

Anything less is selfish child’s play

Encounters with others either in platonic friendship or flirting with thoughts of more are supposed to be learning experiences.

The flip of the hair or a soul freezing glance can make the heart beat and the mind wonder but more intimate exchange is a tool to reach a spiritual connection not meant to be broken, cosmic high for adults only, play responsibly..

I love writing blogs that inspire and make you think, especially when I get feed back, but in all actuality the fact that you keep coming back to learn more is reward enough. But please remember I do tarot readings to, so when you want to know more about issues in your life or in the need of direction make sure and go to….

Psychic Readings

Prediction 2011

how to find your soulmatePsychic predictions are not a science and as much as I would like to say I have complete control of this gift “I DO NOT” so my apologies for not doing this blog on the 1st of the year. But better late then never.

My prediction for the new year is a little different then past years and I myself was surprised by the reading….

In the financial world the US has steady growth as in years past but at a price… we are spending the first of this 2011 repairing bridges in a BIG WAY. Only in our political repairs can we begin to financially repair. I don’t see us in a begging position but we will have to swallow some pride.

US partners with some unlikely bed fellows…. a surprising attraction to the middle east and opening up to trade along with borders. China might as well put the wall back in business, they become self sufficient and bypass all other countries in wealth… that being one of the reasons we stay friends of convenience.

Wars continue

New laws are set into motion against predigest caused by national origin.  America becomes a little less safe as we fight over scraps.

By the end of 2011 and into 2012 the upheavals settle just long enough to think of new change. and a kind of beautification… basically cleaning up the mess and fixing what was neglected…. these predictions go beyond the country as a whole but on an individual level, and the wealth trickles down to the everyday man, creating a more comforting life.

Well financially comforting but Mother Nature has other things on her mind then our comfort as the weather warms up in colder climates and drops in the tropical world… the only steady reliable weather is desert, too bad the worlds crops are not grown there b/c the poor farmers are going to have it rough.

Red cross in the US gets a well deserved break but by October Earthquakes/Volcanoes make up for the rest and push donation drives.

Don’t worry it will all be paid for. Taxes will seem a little high but is considered a small price to pay for employment….  also keep receipts for everything… I see a break introduced for next year.

Invest in things we already have control of… spending efforts in recycling and green energies.  These efforts expand jobs and raise spirits. When America sneezes the whole world gets a cold, but when the US is smiling the whole world jumps for joy….

Start your year off right by filling those taxes on time. My Psychic prediction for 2011 is every penny counts so use turbotax

No Strings Attached

I know it is hard being alone, not wanting to settle for a person less then what you want, but loneliness can be unbearable and meeting new people is hard. Spending your empty time cruising the strip, hanging out at bars and fretting over yet another blind date, seems a waste of time.

We are all human and we have needs, this knowledge help to explain how some might rather have a mutual understand of sorts between trusted friends. A logical solving of a timeless affliction. sexual frustration has caused desperate drunken hookup and unsafe one night stands, people to marry the wrong person and created a world full of child support.

In today’s more open society it is no wonder we haven’t thought of this before. It saves on hurt feeling, removes that whole “I wonder why he didn’t call?” and saves on many many a cars paint jobs. Put away those sharp keys and get a “special friend” or “friends with benefits” but be careful this is an adult game with adult rules.

Your agreement is to have sexual relations without commitment or imply ownership. You are not in control here and you have no say over your part time partners behavior away from the time you spend together. No jealousy, no complaints, and no pressure. It is an agreement for the sole purpose of helping each other out in times of “need”.

Make sure boundaries are well marked and beyond any other rule…. no emotions need be involved.

But remember that along with sharing a bed for a moment you are sharing yourself, with picking one individual you trust and have already known well enough to be friends with. You are at least spreading a little less of yourself spiritually but with focusing your interest on one person you tend to become emotionally attached subconsciously.

the movie “no strings attached” plays on the reality of the situation and the comedy that no matter how well we lay plans. they we have no control of our emotions, especially “love”.

I love writing blogs that inspire and make you think, especially when I get feed back, but in all actuality the fact that you keep coming back to learn more is reward enough. But please remember I do tarot readings to, so when you want to know more about issues in your life or in the need of direction make sure and go to

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Arranged Marriage vs Love Marriage

When talking about arranged marriage vs love marriage there are a few factors that have to be considered. Some are more important then others and depending on your culture and values all or none can be used to determine your perfect match

1) Reputation of the family (are they good people and have good standing in their community)

2) Vocation (Will the man be able to supply for the family and/or does his work take him away from home for long periods of time)

3) Wealth (financially stable families tend to have well brought up children,poorer surroundings usually give access to corruptions)

4)Caste (not much of a worry these days but still and option to understanding the way a man or woman see the world around them and can give keys to the kind of personality)

5) Religion (This may not be an issue as long as there is a very clear understanding the expectations and which religion the children will be brought up in)

6) Horoscope ( some signs just do not match well with other signs example: a free spirited and enjoyed Libra should NEVER be matched with a strict no nonsense Gemini )

7) Age ( with age comes growth and understanding if one is too much the others senior there would be a miss balance of power and maturity and the “growing old together” factor will be lacking

8 ) Language ( no matter the culture or the need of the marriage being able to communicate is imperative to coexist together)

9) Diet (although not impossible to work around a couple that is mixed meat eater/vegetarian is not really the best match and can bring confusion also to the children)

these are just a few things that a person or matrimonial sites might look at when Matchmaking but there are advantages and disadvantages of arranged marriages. In western culture it is frowned upon and viewed as barbaric even though not so many generation ago it was completely acceptable to be in a marriage of convenience.

There is a steady rise in divorce among both love marriages and arranged marriages. The need to be free minded and be involved in arranged marriages is a important, to be drawn into a marriage that is not want by one or both of the parties does not start off the Matrimonial on a good note.

The advantage of arranged marriage is simple some of us may not know really what it is that we want, or have any idea what is good for us either, with the help of matchmakers and family we have an outside view of the situation and a more long term look at what we will need in a spouse in the future.

Love tends to come naturally when the match is made right and the couple experiences life together. The idea of a marriage of convenience is not necessarily wrong when you have two individuals come out ahead in the end.

love marriage vs arranged marriage is a simple and compelling argument and depending on the individuals and there needs and values love marriage works best but it is not fail proof . There is something very valuable knowing that you were picked solely on your personality, and connection with the person you in turn love. and that strong bond has merit and can with stand any trauma or drama.

Understanding and knowing yourself and your needs…. being loved and loving  is the desired life, but it wouldn’t hurt to look at the criteria for a good match while you are dating. Remember that there is a difference between love and lust, not to mention that people change through the years so make sure the expectation you have for your lives together don’t also change.

I suggest going to Psychic and having you and your prospected mate read… you can also have a compatibility horoscope done by a professional. They case your horoscope for both the couple and then compares

I love reading others thoughts on this subject and read a blog that I think is great (Check out another blogger’s work)

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Wife swap

Wife swap is a saying played upon in a reality tv show depicting families that exchange wife/mom for a few weeks to help those families and mom appreciate what they have and seeing their mistakes even change their ways .

The real meaning of wife swap is of a more sexual nature. In the 70’s the word was “Swingers”. One couple would exchange lovers or spouses for a night of fun in the bedroom with another couple and then go about their normal married lives after.

Swinging has been viewed as a way to fight the hum drums and boredom that being monogamous tends to bring. but more then that, wife swapping is a tool to keep couples together when there is problems in the bedroom. Separate from emotions, some couples view a physical monogamy less important then the emotional loyalty.

Cheating happens, especially now a days with sex being forced on us in advertising, tv, even just walking down the street we are attacked with sexuality. It is impossible to believe that you or your spouse is a supper hero, capable of fending off all invaders, even more so this fact when one or both are dissatisfied with their sex life at home.

Yeah Yeah, this may not be the answer to better your satisfaction with your significant others but it does work for many. The word cheating is described as a lie.. so don’t lie, tell the truth.

The positive on swapping are many, relieving monotonous sexual tensions , creates a safe escape from the norm, teaching different sexual techniques, an added share of intimacy, and comparisons   

Being new at this kind of life style, you might want to really do some research, talk to others in forums and chats. Talk to other swingers to get an idea from them what works and how they choose to deal with tough moments. I really think that is in your best interest to join a dating site and really investigate your own feelings on weather this is what you want because once you ask your partner to swap…

well those words can get you in the “hot seat” this conversation needs confidence and sureness, knowledge to convince. There are several site that you may not be aware of  that you can join (with like minded individuals and couple)  like, Sally Madison, all are wonderful, reliable plus discrete.

Regardless of what other couples use and what works for them… You are original in your relationship and only you and your lover will know what will work best for you. make rules and make sure bounders are well marked, here are a few.

*there is no room for jealousy

*there can never be peer pressure. it must be equally agreed upon.

*this is a shared experience

*when the experience ends so does the ties with the other couple or helpful individual

* if there is hurt feelings (express them opening)

*discretion (the neighbors WILL NOT UNDERSTAND)

The thoughts expressed by swingers is that their relationship is strong enough to understand each others needs and wants physically and that the emotional ties between one another is not effected negatively by the physical infidelity, but rather becomes stronger knowing that they share this experience of pleasure. Normally these couples have a higher sense of emotional fidelity.

In no way is this expressing to each other that they are lacking in anyway. In fact most cases of wife swapping is surprisingly the opposite, where a man being so proud of what he has, that he feels a need to “show it off” and a woman that loves her man so much that she wants him to experiences the ultimate notty joy, even watch as he does.

We all have likes and dislikes even fantasies that need to be real to be content, or fantasies that need merely be discussed and then dismissed. Here are my suggestions to both the one initiating the conversation and the one that has been asked to experience swap

Asking to be involved in a wife swap: Understand that this conversation can be the beginning of a great and wonderful world that you and your partner can share together or the end of your relationship. Not only is this a high stakes gamble to start with, the idea that your lover may see this as an insult that can never be made up for or forgotten.

Understand that you might be creating a monster.. they might like it better then their currant relationship with you. So make sure before suggesting  this shared swap that your relationship with your partner is open and emotionally sound.

The person that has been asked to “be swapped”: This is not an insult, this is not telling you that you are bad in bed or that you are not the person that they love, respect and are committed to. The act of being asked this question alone is a compliment and needs to be seen as a show of their comfort, security, and trust in you to share this knowledge of fantasy.

In the same respects there is no room for jealousy or regret. You have to be open and express not just your pain but your concerns… remember the “what if” factor and that includes what if you don’t like it? will your partner see it as rejection if you say that you don’t want to or after the fact that you are not interested in doing it again?

The problem with opening up to someone your deepest darkest secret is that they may judge you. and the very first conversation that needs to be made is that “this has nothing to do with my love for you or my desire to spend our lives together. This is just something I would like for us as a couple to look into and see if it fits our life style”

The question needs to be asked yourself, Is this a reflection of your emotional satisfaction with your spouse? Are you wanting to do this as an outlet for freedom? Understand your own reasons why you do this. And when you are sure that you are wanting to wife swap to truly make your relationship a happier place…. then proceed.

I love writing blogs that inspire and make you think, especially when I get feed back, but in all actuality the fact that you keep coming back to learn more is reward enough. But please remember I do tarot readings to, so when you want to know more about issues in your life or in the need of direction make sure and go to

here is another blog on this subject that i think is great (check out another blogger’s work)

The Children are our future

When our parents were raising us they pretty much were flying blind. No one knew the adverse effects of different parenting styles. spoil them, whip them, time out, redirect, reinforce just touched on what they were testing on us.

Some of us were raised just like our parents before us “well, it didn’t kill me” but as we look at our options today, as we look into our future and what we had to overcome to get here. It just seems like a lot of not needed work, when all we needed was to be nudged in the right direction. Don’t be afraid of getting educational material

I see a influx of parents seeing the mistakes of their parents and compensating by demanding their childhood not be repeated in their offspring. My parents were to busy struggling to live their lives to worry about what i was going to do in 20 years. They had no clue what was a college choice fund or child investment planning. But we know better don’t we.

Oh don’t worry this is not a financial investment blog. I am a big believer in you do what you can to save when you can. I want more to talk about what we can do for our children to make them a better emotional base for their future. I know the key to guaranteeing a great future for you children. Are you ready?

It is called communication! yeah yeah I know you have heard it too many times before “talk to your kids” but i will go farther and tell you what to talk about and when. or what not to talk about. I speak with my sons constantly but some kids focus more on example. When my oldest son was younger I was a volunteer freak. Shelters, humane society, elderly in nursing homes and in our neighborhood, even his school PTA.

As  a result I have created a very caring and supportive young man that has respect for all people no matter their situation.  He is the first to pitch in to help, he is the one people call when they need help moving or a shoulder to cry one. He is there for his employer and co-workers and knows that it is more then a job it is a responsibility to be, because people need him.

10 years after I had my oldest son I became pregnant with the twins so seeing what I was creating in my oldest I took it a step farther and with the same volunteer spirit I pushed education, I went back to school and I enjoyed the hard work and friendly atmosphere so I speak to my children about it.

They were emerged in the college experience early. We took trips to other universities and at least once a month I take one or both to my campus for a day. I make the idea of an education fun and in the process they look forward to their school and their education.

I really don’t have the means to raise them, go to college and still think I can pay for their education but looks as though I may not need to (my twins are straight A students) and it is not from me fussing daily “do your home work”  or grounding them for bad grades… they do it because “they want to”

With the future of education being what it is, tuition is going up and they say by the time my twins reach college years the price of one semester will be equal to the price of a four years stint now. I see the demand for a continued education to survive these days.

Slowly but surely we see the lines being made. If you want a good life and future you go to college, get involved, raise your credit score, even loose weight. Employers are finding it harder and harder to weed though applications, when there are so many well qualified candidates. And if this is the case now, what will it be 10 years from now, 20 years from now?

Talk to you children, not just “Boy you need to go to college!” but use some educational psychology,speak to them in a way they can understand. Take them to a Fast food restaurant and show them the junkiest beat up car on the lot “that is a managers car”

Take him to a Dr office and show them the newest model “with work and preparation comes reward”  if they are old enough for math have them calculate the difference in wages.  Talk about it daily! Everything has a comparison (buying shoes, toys, and many others)

Introduce the children to technology, don’t be afraid of using games and computers as a reward. use technology in moderation but our children need to be able to navigate in the future; computers, cellphones and games are our worlds.

This does not just stop at education.. You can use the same method with relationships, house work,  personal hygiene or organization. and really talk “with” them, allowing them to voice their opinion and concerns. The only difference between your child and street children is (YOU) our children our future

I love writing blogs that inspire and make you think, especially when I get feed back, but in all actuality the fact that you keep coming back to learn more is reward enough. But please remember I do tarot readings to, so when you want to know more about issues in your life or in the need of direction make sure and go to

Anti Aging

At forty plus and a grandmother I am always getting a look of surprise. I introduce my grandson and I always have to explain that I am a bit older then I look. Action has a lot to do with staying young, I try my best to keep things light and shinny. My bubbly personality and positive  attitude is what makes my face glow and my spirits high. You are beautiful if you feel beautiful. Get some sexy cloths, go to the hair dresser or your nails done.

But beyond the emotional effects on the skin I do have some helpful hints to how to look younger.

anti aging begins with anti soaps…. I never use soap on my face, no cleaning lotions or scrubbing sponges, no medication ever, and no perfumes

Given my line of work I assure you it does not take a deal with the devil and the fact that I am an artist doesn’t give me magic powers with a make up brush. If I use makeup I always use clean makeup and I use Noxzema to clean my face of make up after. My rule on make up is if I touch my tongue to it and it leaves a bad aftertaste it is not meant for my skin either

Cleaning the face should be done to lift the excess skin, not to remove oils that your body has created to protect your skin.  A damp clean rag in a circular motion gently in all the areas of the face will do that well enough. I like (rewind skin) to replenish moisture but I try to go all natural when I can

The sun damages skin. Even a little sun is bad for you, indirect sun is acceptable but squinting eyes causes wrinkles and the sun dries the skin, tanning in tanning beds also mimic this effect.

Stress is the biggest age factor. It literal adds years to your face. When a person is under stress the heart beats faster the immune system is on overtime working for other organs being damaged by the compensating for stress. That is the major reasons that teens break out with blemishes. The immune system attacks every thing but the germs on your face.

No amount of anti aging products can equal your body’s knowledge of what you need to be healthy. Your immune system has been working on perfecting what is best for your body. Your temperature, virus and bacterial protection, Let your body do its job.

If there was a fountain of youth it would not be made of soap or filled with lufas, the fountain of youth is also not in some jungle in a far off land but it is in yourself and you can obtain it by understanding your body’s needs

You need oils inside not outside

You need water to clean your system not your face

You need to let your face rest… relax and don’t let the world affect you emotionally.  frowns = wrinkles

To be a beautiful woman you do not need to look years younger then you are, unless cougar dating, the only one that really care is you, beautiful women are comfortable in who they are.

travel deals to You

Finding yourself is hard to do, but it isn’t so much the destination but the travel that is important. As we grow we learn not just from books or our pears but also from the whole of the world around us. It is not always necessary to do the physical traveling but it helps to experience other cultures and the beauty of the world. A few generations back our only traveling was done in RV to the grand canon or to the east coast to see the in-laws.

With travel agencies on every block and great travel websites like Travelocity and cheap it is easy to see that we have little excuses these days not to take the time to live and be “worldly” a simple pass port and a spare $1,000 or 2 and there is very few places you can not go.

traveling the world can not be replaced with any other activity for learning. Seeing the world from your TV although educational is still too safe for the full effect and knowing every turn is your decision. Weather you choose to back pack across Scotland or stay at a 5 star in India http://WWW.PASSIONTOINDIA.COM there is always a cheaper way or discount travel in an off season. I want you to be the best possible you that you can be and traveling is on the top of my list of ways to reach spiritual enlightenment.

There is something so invaluable about  knowing  by touch, taste, and sight; to stand in the middle of an Egyptian market or watching the traffic and clutter of the streets of Mumbai. Watching children playing  kick ball in Italy or hearing the drunken merry in an Irish pub. You can imagine these experiences because of the television shows we grew up with but those are just glances compared to the life long memories that are created when you Feel the world through your own senses. So get that Pass Port, purchase travel insurance and reservations… It is time for you to be enlightens by the World.