The Full Moon and it’s effects


The Moon’s gravitational pull on the earth controls the world’s tides. It is a constant in history reliable enough to be the calendar of cultures around the world, and used to predict horoscopes,and is a tool used in farmers almanacs. Women’s­ cycle follows the moon’s cycle. It inspires fantasy and fiction as far back as stories told. It challenged scholars and science until we had to touch it to prove it was real.

The moon is so much to so many, no wonder she is worshiped and named a god by people around the world.

Greek Selene and then Roman or Luna (moon in Latin) Is the Goddess of the moon also Artemis and Diana are both referred to at some point as gods of the moon.

Pre-Islamic Allah was the name of Arabic Moon God

Coyolxauhqui the Aztec Goddess

Heng-O Is the mother of the moons

Khons the Egyptian moon God which also other gods were named as Goddess and Gods of the moon, Osiris, Min, Thoth to name a few

Maou an African Goddess

Soma an Indian/Hindu God of the Moon

Tsuki-Yomi A Shinto/Japanese God

And the list goes on, but more than who worships the Moon, we need to know why, surely it had something to do with the beautiful glow in a dark night sky. There is more to this story though.

Since long long ago I have been Moon Queen, I started reading tarot under my email For longer than I can remember, I always had a connection with the moon.

 My fondest memory was when my father took us kids to the planetarium (he was friends with the man that ran it) so late at night we watched my lovely moon through a huge telescope for as love as I desired. I never understood why when I looked at her I felt such love and strength move through my body. I hadn’t realized than, but I do now…..

 The Moon fuels my soul with added light. Being psychic I become stronger, more focused and empowered spiritually. She is not the root of my power but like that telescope I used to watcher her more closely, The Moon magnifies “The Powers That Be” and brings ME CLOSER TO THEM.

For the normal person not effected by psychic powers there is a different effect

Ever wonder why there his always more domestic violence, emergency patience, and police calls during a full moon? Any one working in a mental hospital or nursing home will tell you. “It gets wild on full moon nights”

No it is not the werewolf in us…… It is the water in us. Remember the pull on the oceans? The human body is 50%- 75% water and even though the tides flow is large because the oceans are mighty, the effects on the human body are minuet but enough that a mind easily manipulated will feel different and react.

In the morning you might drink coffee and your day ruined because for some reason you didn’t get your coffee, or someone cut you off on the way to work, in turn you spend the day arguing with colleagues. It is the small things that effect your mind set, a cold, a hang nail, even a bad hair day. A simple mind is corrupted simply. You can see how some people might not trust their behaviors on those nights, why people feel a need to stay in, how people would feel a monster in them grow at the sight of the moon. Upon knowing the facts of why, you can better judge your reactions on the day and night of a full moon…but relax this to shall pass.

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Exorcism, cleansing and smudging


I grouped all three of these types or spirit removal for a reason; most of the questions I get are how does it work? Does the religion make a difference? and Does language make a difference? I think this blog will better answer all of the above and more.

First I would like to begin by implying a personal belief. I have always said and always will say that being a person in the flesh does not make us all knowing or righteous in any way, nor does it give us the ability to pick and choose who or what has the right of way in this world. It might give us curtain rights according to earthly living standards but we are in a disadvantage against the dead, on the grounds that they know better than us from firsthand experience what the other side is and why they remain here.

Now on saying that, I place you in the position of judge as to when you deem it necessary to remove spirit, pick your fights wisely. My motto is a simple one: Do not fix what is not broken, if there is no hurt being done, than welcome the activity as an acknowledgment that life after death does continue, say hi, enjoy experiencing what others only dream of.

Demons are my only exception to this rule (they have no rights here, ever)

The concept of removal of disembodied spirits or ghosts from a residence, cleansing or smudging is usually not necessary but on an occasion it is needed. Most people grab a bible or holy book and start rattling off scripture and don’t get me wrong, it works but…. why? Well I will tell you right now that it is not the Bible, any holy book or words that remove the spirits. It is your “Empowered Soul”.

Let me explain. When a person, Christian, Islam, Judaism, Hindu or native is removing a spirit they are putting themselves in a position of authority, they are “on the attack” the words bring the soul the strength to stand and proclaim territory. A good example is when you visit a foreign country, you don’t know the language or customs, but if someone in an angry tone is coming at you speaking loud, waving a fist, you might not feel welcome; you might take that time to question whether you should stay.

It is the feelings and emotions that flow from this side to the other side… If you are feeling frightened and meek no amount of words is going to imply you want them out. But reading words that bring you strength can create in you a mighty warrior. A warrior that can easily direct and manipulate. When you say “GO” “Be GONE” they will feel the emotions and know to leave, little side note (some are a bit hard headed and return, thinking you might change your mind, so be consistent)

To recap….. Burn those candles, light up the sage or break out the biblical text, use the tools you feel most comfortable to get revved up for the war. This is your space, your life, your time. Now “Charge!”


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Lady White/ Ghost Mystery

Lady White at Winding Creek Lane is a ghost in every sense of the word, only seen at night, she strolls the twists and turns of …………. apartments. I have seen only the fog escape around the corner of a building after I was told she was there. So I can only say I have yet to see the Ghost myself. And other then hear say and camp fire stories from neighbors, there isn’t anything tangible in the way of proof that ghosts exist.

When we first were looking for a new apartment I was looking for space and convenience, it hadn’t occurred to me that such a beautiful area could be haunted, after all we see so many movies with the setting being abandoned farm houses or shacks in the woods, who would have thought such new well kept apartments would be home to spirits.

I spent the first few weeks reassuring my twins that there were no ghosts here, Anthony had woke one night and saw a woman in white walking out side, I had thought nothing of it “people are walking dogs everywhere, dog need to go potty at all hours, even nights”

The next day sure enough there was a woman walking on the hill with her dog, that was my proof (I thought) a few weeks later was when we notice small things, doors swinging open or closed, noises upstairs when we would think the tenants has just left. Patchy fog and odd shadows all of which a person can find explanations for but as the happenings add up, they become more easily explained to be haunting then circumstance.

After about a week of acceptance “yes, this might be a haunting” My 9 month old daughter started talking to the walls. Straight staring up in the corner of an empty wall and just laugh and jabber. Also I can easily rationalize.. She is after all 9 months.

Then Lady White decided enough was enough, if we would not take the hint perhaps it would be best to remove all the stops. My Fiancé  started working a different shift and his hours were very late, driving home 3:30 at night was becoming the norm. One night after making his last turn on our very winding, Winging Creek Lane he saw a woman in the middle of the street, from a bit of a distance he wondered “where is the dog being walked and why walk a dog in the middle of a street?” as he approached closer he thought he might ask if she was alright, we do have several elderly neighbors. The closer he got the more he noticed it was not a solid form and stopping the car in fright it turned around and then in a wisp of wind the form disappeared with the cool night fog.

Was it a ghost? Or a funnel of fog caused by the twists in the roads and path of the buildings? I have done all forms of searches to find out if anyone had died here, what was this land before the building of these apartments. My psychic intuition says it is death not known about, there is a ditch just on the other side of the hill that she so loves to walk. Perhaps the real secret is not “If this is a haunting?” but rather “Why is this a haunting?”

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QUESTIONS about tarot card readings and celtic cross spread

YouTube Preview Image

One of the things that I love about the internet is the access we have to information and the speed at which we can have it. I have seen that a lot of my viewers have real questions that need to be addressed, and instead of me listing them here, I will let you ask in comment and I will answer daily.

Even though my favorite spread is the celtic cross, it seems to be the most often misunderstood,

so ask away”Why are my readings always the same?” and “How do I find a time line in a reading?”… even asking the meaning of a card in a position just ask.

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Peace always


ADHD: attention deficit hyperactive disorder

Anyone that has lively children have asked the question “Is my child Hyper?” especially after a caffeine soda or a sugar fix. But there are other reasons children react, here are some reasons I have found children have what I call “Moments”

1) effects of caffeine: this very normal physical reaction to caffeine does the same as adult drinking too much coffee, caffeine is found in most colas, chocolate and like products.  The body maybe the start of the reaction but on a deeper psychological level a lot of the long lasting effect is your reaction to a fit or their hyperness, rewarding bad behavior will just ensure more behavior later when they are not under the influence of the toxin.

2) food allergies: the child’s body is receiving messages daily every moment at lightening speed, taking in information and learning at levels that we as adults are numb to. So when something is amiss their whole world is effected. (example) if you are walking down the street with a million things on your mind as to what you are doing, why, when who expects what? You might have those thoughts and actions under control… but experience that same action with a small pebble in your shoe. Where will your mind be, how will you react to others? A child’s system is effected in that same way when they are not feeling well.

3) Problems at home or school: Not being on a schedule, not feeling safe, stress,  are not just worries that adults have, a child that is subjected to one or more of these can be effected also, and much like you might react to them a child is no different, depression and anger most likely mimic a hyper active behavior.

4) Frontal Lobe Brain Tumor: First understanding what ADHD is will help in understanding why a tumor in the frontal lobe might effect someone in the same ways, ADHD is the slower brain activity in the frontal lobe… the part of the brain that controls emotion, control and empathy, with this part of the brain not working at optimal levels, it kind of leaves a child on “basic mode” almost primal behavior with little upper level thought. Ritalin and like drugs speed up the brain and help the frontal lobe work a bit more normally. Frontal lobe damage, tumors and trauma has the same effect on the personality.
5) High Lead levels in the child: lead paint in old houses, toys and water have an effect similar as ADHD, creating a learning disabilities in children and low attention span. Lean finds it way into your child from the dirt, old paint and water/pipes. Getting your child checked is usually done with request of  state or city agency, but if your child has high lead levels there is no reason to worry, the same agencies with also test your water, land and house for lead and make sure you can remove the risk from the child. And by the way, Milk helps by absorbing and releasing the lead.

No matter the reaction or disorder your child is your child, learning and experiencing life with your supervision. Understanding weather they are doing this the easy way or the hard way does not make them any less your child, it just makes you a more involved and caring parent. And no mater the difficulty they may have, even a extremely hyper child can live a productive, and exciting life, with little difficulty from their disorder but I can not say the same for a mentally, and physically damaged child that is neither understood or valued. How you react to the child is the most important factor in weather a hyperactive child is successful in life.

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Orbs and how the dead communicate

They’re here“, The dead are all around us everyday but we are just too busy, rapped up in our own lives. Sometimes when our guard is down and when we least expect it, we get a little surprise, a reassurance, a message from the dead. Some try to ignore, hopping it was all coincidence. While others see their presence as proof of life after death and also proof of their love.

I know the pain of loosing someone you love. The empty feeling and scary thought of being left alone. But they give us messages of their presence, for some it is a butterfly or feather. Universally 11 11 means hello from the other side it also is an acknowledgement from your angel ( a kind of heads up) message.

My Uncle was born Feb 22 and subsequently died Feb 22 so it is not unusual for me to be awaken look at a clock and it say 2:22 I usually momentarily smile , say hi and see ya in the morning, that morning I call my mother and tell her “Roland says hi” and we spend the conversation remembering his life.

One of my favorite little un-worldly hellos I see are photographs with orbs. We have a long history of family photos with orbs especially at family get together, weddings, and birthdays, so much so that several family members make sure and charge up the cameras for family functions not just to record the event but to see what un-invited spirits have come to celebrate with us.

You might want to go back in your photo albums and the pictures that you thought were out of focus or blurry… “spots” on them. Well, look again. Granny is just stopping by to say hi or Dad joining in on the festivities.

In this blog are a few of my family photos, weddings, baptisms, all great shows of how spirits communicate.

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