Feeling The Spirit

A once monastery (This Catholic Church) and living quarters for numerous nuns and religious peoples. A huge building surrounded by a 8 foot brick walls was once the home and life to nuns only 2 generations ago…as tradition even in Europe the dead of this community was buried in the lower levels like catacombs.
Laying to rest years of the holy lived wanting to remain in death as they were in life dedicated to their community and church. Nothing sinister or vial about living and working above the people they loved and missed. But as times changed and buildings and their codes change the need to renovate for the new purpose for the building took on excavations in 1985 June 8th at 12:30 the last body was removed and a massive storm hit the area in what seems a coincidence.
And that was when the haunting started… removing the dead from their home and resting place turned out to be easier in theory then act. Although their earthly bodies are now located in a different place their souls have made it quite clear they are here to stay. Creaks and whispers, an empty hall filled with the echo of foot steps, but more impressive is the storm that rolls through every 10 years at 12:30 June 8th

It was best known for the charities the nuns had done in the growing City and then a shelter for un-wed mothers. Now the building is a charitable source (shelter, guidance, 12 step programs, food pantry, clothing bank and child wellness programs)

I thought I would visit and walk the halls myself to get a feel for what this haunting place had to offer….. I felt nuns at work. I felt comfort and caring. A sense of calm and most of all hope…. People helping people and the word of god in the hearts of everyone. If some of the places I have visited had scared the pooh out of me this place is the extreme opposite… breathing strength back into the weak and lost.

This haunting is a good one!

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The Haunted Factory

I didn’t much like the idea of Ghost Hunting. I never advertised as such, Deborahpsychic: Ghost Hunter; but word seems to get around that I was the ONE IN THE KNOW. I do psychic readings, I read tarot cards and I receive messages of sorts from the other side, but dealing with apparitions or spectral beings ….. Well even my guilds seem to disappear in fright every time I go near a “haunted house”  with a parting message “you are on your own”

The haunted factory like many haunted places in this small rural Indiana town is unknown by most. It had closed a few years prior and lay silent, The owners feeling the effects of the economy, waiting for the right time to sell, their only worry was vandalism.

My friend was a security guard and had just gotten this post. he had heard the stories of what the other guards had seen, and felling a bit apprehensive, called me.  Most of the haunting I could explain away: Temperature dropping at night made for the creaks and pops  in the dark of the metal building. Electrical surges,  animals coming in from the fields or bats knocking up against the windows. Shadows from the car lights not so far away on the highway. Large open fields help to carry sound from other factories close by.

The first night he stood alone on his rounds,  he called complaining of unplugged machinery turning off and on, the sound of horses running outside, gates moving on their own and large wood crates being opened and sometimes closed moments later. I couldn’t explain those things, so I agreed to visit.

My investigation:

Because of my schedule I was unable to visit in the evening, when most of the action seemed to happen and his company’s contract was over soon, they had sold the building and it was getting ready to become a warehouse. Day trip it was.

Upon entering I said Hi to my friend and his coworker who was very relived that someone was investigating  these strange happenings.  I told them not to tell me anything, unless I already notice something. I wanted to see for myself what area draws me….

The first thing that caught my eye were glass cases with the last postings to the employees when the factory was closing.  Three were full but the last case was empty. “Those cases are locked , they had been locked since we started working here but last night one swung open and the papers are missing”

I looked up at the big machinery as large as my house, and they told me that “those are the machines that turn off and on“, the owners said it was electrical residue  but I know well that Ghosts ARE (electrical residue). Behind the conveyor belt I noticed a metal gate to the receiving and loading area. They shook their heads “No, no, no, we are not taking you back there” according to them that is the area that most the noises has come from, A pile of items still lean and lodge themselves against the gate from the inside, the last time someone tried to enter and was chased out as they stood at the door panting those items threw themselves as a final message to “keep out”

As I walked away, the gate “banged”

I didn’t catch anything that I would consider proof even the stories of holy water  turning red was easily explained by a rusty lid on the bottle. The following evening I was to return to do a more complete investigation but as luck would have it, The guards were told the contract was not renewed. And my attempts to contact the new owners has been ignored.

The land owned by the company only goes as far as the one prior owner, it was one of the lands set aside for the Indians in this area but like most confiscated lands I was unable to find a bill of sale, I was able to get some information from a deputy sheriff, but of course that will remain nameless, and again “hear say”

My own feelings of weather the Factory is haunted?

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