Paranormal phenomenon caught on camera

I always thought I was the special one to experience paranormal phenomenon, I had gotten used to being the strange one that saw, heard and felt things unexplained.paranormal phenomenon

I have been working as a psychic and tarot card reader for over 20 years, I had been asked several times to play the part of ghost hunters in the past and I know very well that haunted places are everywhere. I have no problem at all going into a place and feeling things that others do not. I can pick up on a disembodied spirit as soon as I walk into a room., but being comfortable at home and used to my guilds through out the day talking to me.

I guess I had just become numb to the feelings in my everyday life. paranormal phenomena is just something I am open to but can easily ignore.  I never felt threatened or in danger like a typical poltergeist and usually I pick up on the dead …. But this time I felt nothing.

I was just checking my twitter in the morning as I always do, had my cards ready to give advice as my followers ask.  My 9 month old daughter who had often showed signs of psychic abilities in the past (staring into empty spaces talking baby talk like she was really getting her point across to what we called her “people”) Yashavini was content playing with my cell phone, When I hear ~Click* and the flash from the corner of my eye.

“Opps let Mommy have that” and I quickly scrolled to pictures thinking she had taken a picture up her nose or my foot. But it wasn’t anything I could recognize as being in the room, not my gold covers, or white walls or any art hanging up. I couldn’t see how that picture could have been taken in there at all. All blue with light and dark places almost smoky or like clouds.

Thinking aw how cute Yashavini’s first picture. I saved it to my computer and when I opened it I was surprised to see something super natural, I had to look 10 times, 20 times, hell who am I kidding I sent the picture to all of my friends and asked them.. What do you see? I still look at it everyday wondering do I see what I think I see? I have tried every way to recreate the picture, flash lights up anything close to solid white, and nothing is shaped, colored or like the figure in the photo. I am heavy with long hair that I had down and Yashavini is a small toddler with almost no neck.

Being an artist I always liked the form of the human body but never could get the face just right, I would draw angels and dancers but none had faces. I told people that was the way I see them. My art teacher in high school used to say I would put faces on my art when I had found myself and my face.

I call the ghost’s pictures Yashavini’s ghosty and we have gotten her a ghost camera since, just to see if she would catch anymore . But you can see for yourself and tell me, what is it that you see?

I will keep you up dated on more pictures of paranormal phenomenon if they are taken.