Paranormal Investigation

Documenting my work has never been a strong point in my character, but just like balancing my check book it is a work in progress, so bare with me please.

I have been working as a tarot reader for awhile now and have seen just a few unexplained phenomenon; I have my own set of friends that all have the same interest in “spirit and spook” I call it. My friends and I are always willing to have each others back when we get in too deep.  I am not a ghost hunter by trade and I would never want that job.. My specialty is in dealing with the living and getting them to understand this world.

My first hand at paranormal investigation came when a college friend moved with his new boyfriend in their new apartment, he was experiencing some odd behaviors from his lover (growling, staring and out of no where biting) yes I to laughed when I heard what he said, but he wasn’t joking, with dark bruised bite marks on his legs and arms and looking completely lost and desperate.

Meeting “Joe” away from the apartment he seemed fine but a bit lethargic. He explained his lack of sleep since a lot of the behavior occurred in his sleep.

I was invited to their home where I brought my cards and crucifix “god I am not up for an exorcism!” not knowing what I would come across. Joe had been feeling ill and true his skin looked pail and drained.  I did a simple reading first on my friend and all seemed normal then I did a reading on Joe….. Never in my life did the tarot cards seem stacked but that night one after another death, hate, despair, illness and loss almost like someone wanted him to know…. Bad things, bad things

After talking with them for a while I seemed to better understand where this all went wrong. The day they moved in they like most young couples getting their first place decided to have a party with friends and someone gave them a Ouija board. “oh no, really guys? Why didn’t you tell me this before?” I gave them the speech I give all my clients, family and friends. “It is not a toy; it is not something to play with, even if you did know the PROPER way to use one, still not a good idea!”

REGARDLESS : lesson learned now lets see if there can be some damage control. I started going through the apartment alone, listening and feeling. Not an overly evil feel to any of the rooms until I came to the main bedroom and bath. Then they told me there was where the Ouija board was in their closet, which is where the behavior was being displayed (bedroom). Well first of all I do not touch Ouija boards, so I asked them to remove it from the closet and set it outside the balcony while I finished my meditating on the apartment and feeling if there was any message.

I went to the bathroom and noticed a hair brush on the floor, so I picked it up and put it on the sink counter. It was a rather large bath with a large sink. I placed the bush a little far into the counter but as I walked out of the bathroom the bush threw it self not just back to the floor but the same place I had picked it up from. “Ok that is fine, so you are an untighty spirit.”

Stepping out of the room I glanced back again as I reached to shut the door. The brush hovered in the air and hit the door as I shut it… I was just a little surprised. Not much frightens me now a  days, only from my connection with my guilds. The guilds that at that point were no where to be heard from. I stood at the door, contemplating “was I ready to face something I knew nothing about?”

Pulling out the cards again I did a reading for the entity. At first the cards seemed the same as “joe” but one problem death card was first. Joe isn’t dead. His connection with the Spirit was more then just coincidence I saw a young man.. being tortured for being gay. I felt his pain and loneliness . I heard his father tell him “You are not my son” and I have to admit I was overwhelmed with compassion for the boy, I was almost sold, teary eyed and all.

I would like to say this ended a happy note. And I suppose it did in so many words. I knew since the board was involved I would need Wicca help. So I called on a few of “my friends” a small coven of four.

At first yes the feeling they had were the same as mine but then after attempting to cleans the house the true spirit showed it’s self.At that point I felt another presence biting at me….. something else had entered with the tortured soul from that Ouija board, and it was using the young man as a psychic shield. We cleansed the house with chanting and sage smoke, and then had a long talked with “Joe” making sure he understood that he was a victim but only because he allowed himself to be one. The episodes stopped but it was all too much of a toll on their relationship, and they soon separated and left the apartment .. hopefully empty

If you are having problems with spirit or haunting, I can do readings pertaining to the situation just note your initial problem. I will guild you through the process.

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Reincarnation is defined as rebirth of a soul that transmigrate from one life to a new life. It is not a new way of answering the question “where did we come from?” but in western civilization not so popular one.

Hinduism reincarnation and Buddhism reincarnation is the basis of their religion. The faith focusing on doing the best they can in hopes to reincarnate to a better life and eventually true wisdom and heaven. Even Islam and Christianity have their sects that promote the view of reincarnation, along with the native religions of Australia and North America.

Most people that have not been born into a religion that believes in reincarnation do not feel a need to change views on life and heaven. Rebirth is impossible to scientifically prove. But meet any person that is touched by a child expressing their certainty of living before and there is no need for scientific proof.

I had never given much thought about reincarnation; I was just as confused as anyone else as to why bad things happened to some while others lived almost perfect lives. Neither following the rules of being good will you be rewarded. My twins were born in 1999 and other then being a little advanced in their cornerstones they seems completely normal children.

One morning 4 year old Arron told Anthony out of the blue “I am glad we are brothers this time” Over hearing the conversation I listened closer, not quite sure I had heard him correctly. “Yeah it was good to be friends but now we are always together” I went into the room and asked what they were talking about and their explanation was simple.

“Before when we were all grown up” they were best friends, Anthony a Lawyer much older and Arron a police officer. Anthony had died only a few years before Arron of a heart problems and Arron died off duty trying to stop a convenience store robbery, Anthony had told me all about their close friend ship and how they had promised that next time they would be brothers. They couldn’t say exactly where or when they lived but knew it was in the United States and they were White men….My twins are Black/white mixed.

Confused, and left wondering if I was the only one that had heard a child talk like this, I went directly to the library and after days and piles of books I stood in front of the twins with all kinds of questions. With their limited vocabulary they couldn’t explain much, mostly bits a pieces of their friendship, no words of enlightenment, sights of heaven. or past lives. My only encouragement was them saying that I should know this stuff “You have done it to!”

They held on to their story even into kindergarten where their teacher felt concerned that I was “Teaching “ my children reincarnation,, and in turned conveyed my concern for her lack of religious tolerance. I told her to be reassured that “I” am not the one teaching my children reincarnation, “They taught me”.

Ten years later the boys no longer remember those conversations or the lives they lived before. I watch them grow and see their personalities mimic there past lives, Anthony’s need to win an argument and acting of authority while Arron’s protective nature and adventurous streak.

Paying closer attention to my Life and the way I react to things, jobs, school and relationships give hints to my past lives. I do not claim to give past life readings, there are people that are much more qualified then I, but I have come to realize my own past lives. My love for art, my ability to easily learn Egyptian Arabic, The fact that I have worked, owned, and excelled in 4 completely different lines of work.

The reincarnated soul may not have a conscious memory of rebirth, but glimpses of our pasts lives can be seen in our early years and the memory fades only as our currant life experiences fill our conscious.

Pay attention to the way you think, your unrealistic dreams and odd talents…. Like a looking glass spy into your own past lives.

If you are having difficulty transitioning into this life and letting go of the past. I can help to guild you, just follow the props in the (psychic reading) tab