Message to the new tarot reader

It is much like ridding a bike. Self assurance comes with practice and time. Being a first time psychic reader takes practice. New psychics tend to be skeptical of using their gifts and question their accuracy in their readings, that is why it is advisable to practice on friends and family for some time to not only learn but to build self esteem and a sense of style which is a must in the high demand world of psychics. I personally suggest giving free readings for some time to create a fan base alone with avoiding unsatisfied customers if you are having a bad day reading.

Professional behavior is a must when expecting to be treated like a professional; it is what separates your readings for friends from reading for a client. Professionalism comes from your delivery and your self esteem, you have to believe that what you are being asked to relay to this client is meant to be. It is your job to not only give this information but to be sensitive to the client’s feelings in the process. Communication is important and being understood and being seen as comfortable in diversity by the client can make a difference in a satisfactory reading and a loss. You must be just as comfortable talking with a millionaire as a pauper and just at easy speaking with different age groups as well.

If you are like most psychics this is not just a choice you made to be psychic or to be in service with your gift. To be psychic is in many ways a curse and in others a blessing I like to compare the need to read like a craving that can not be satisfied no matter how often you read for people there is always a constant desire to help more.

You are never closer to your creator then when you are a tool in his hands. And it is that sense of purpose and meaning that gives you a feeling of completion. So relax and do your best, all else will fall into place and as you learn so your abilities will also grow and soon you will be a seasoned veteran.