Why cloning is a psychic moral issue


Most would say cloning has nothing to do with the art of psychics. But look again, this is not just a religious issue keeping the government in check and holding the scientists at bay, no this is a human issue at the roots of creation and the soul.

Does that cloned person have a soul? Or will the cloned person be soulless and hollow? Perhaps the cloned human will be able to answer all the questions that science has, for the act of creation.

Let’s look at the “Dolly the cloned sheep” It is a great show of science ability to create out of a single cell and embryo a living breathing replica of a sheep. But they did make just a few mistakes that posse some real questions that science is not willing to discus.

Dolly has a short life expectancy. It is do to the fact that she has shorter connectors to the cells much like an older sheep (Like the one she was cloned from) the cell had memory; it knew it was supposed to be an older sheep. It is already proven that other cells in the body know what they are supposed to be. Even cancer cells know they are cancer.

But what else does that cell know, remember. We are taught in spiritualism that every cell in the body is you. Every single cell is part of your soul, there for every cell has soul. We have to ask what else we are recreating when we clone a cell. Will that cloned human remember the things that the parent remembers and in that way BE THE PARENT?

Identical twins have a “psychic connection” that normal siblings have due to there similarities and blood.  Science in all of there faithless “knowledge” would say it is the way they are raised but ask any parent of twins it is impossible to treat two children even twins that same. It is deeper then upbringing it is “metaphysical”

If a heart transplant recipient can start to crave the things that the donor of that heart used to like, or want to start to do things that the donor used to love to do, even find the people in the donors life familiar, then perhaps all will be answered that day that science take that next step and clones a speaking, feeling human that can in turn tell us all the secrets.

Interracial Relationships – Biracial, multicultural, makes for a perfect world

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I do not pretend to be among the great keen psychics or to know all there is to know in life, I still learn from those around me.

We will all have our time of knowledge when we die but I have noticed when I used to take care of the elderly that they are the ones we should be listening to and learning from. So many years of trials has made them just a little wiser.

I was about 20 when I brought my first born son to my grandmother. My son is biracial and she held him tight and kissed him, my other family members and friends were not as welcoming to my interracial relationships views nor the first “black” child into our circle.

But grandmother just looked at me and out of no where said “You know I see a world where we are all one color a mixture of all races and all cultures you are just the beginning of that perfect world.

The US is a melting pot, there are no pure races, but this child has a pure soul” I was told that Grandma “knew things” but whether she had a psychic connection she never said.

I wonder if in their wisdom they can see things a little clearer being so close to the time they will see God and all his answers. Makes you want to listen a little closer to the elderly rambling of grandpa now doesn’t it? Psychic abilities can be learned, and Time is the best teacher.

Many People have tried to promote the pure race theory and failed, not because of an opposition, but because the thought never worked.

Things weren’t heaven when there were separations between races and oceans between cultures. Many problems arose from the mixing of races at first but only because of those that fought change.

No look around, dark people trying to be light while whites try to be tan…. But biracial people have a year long tan and with no price of skin cancer. Mixing lessened the chance of racial inbreeding disease like German being weak gallbladder, Indian heart disease, Or Blacks prone to stroke… every race has their own.

All interracial relationships produces such beautiful children: Indian, black, white, Hispanic, Arabic, Asian, and Native, And yes America is a good example where we mix German, Polish, Irish, English Whites with Native Indian, African, Hispanic, Greek, Italian, Asian and Middle Eastern.

I will state that inter racial dating is difficult and cultural differences can also add to the problems. Infatuation with ones differences is a great way to start a relationship but you have to be a strong and understanding person to deal with this strange new world you find yourself connected with.

Communication is a must. I mean really be able to talk with each other on what you expect and want out of life, out of raising children and even the way you will grow together. One cultures thoughts on old age even is different then another. Managing cultural differences may be the thing that gets in the way the most in a marriage.

Religion is also an obstacle so make sure that is talked about example: “what religion with our children be?” really look at the (-,+) to each.

I can never tell someone that is the cross for you. But I see those beautiful bright eyed children that have the best of both worlds and I can not help but hear my Grandmothers prediction come to life, one wondrous, child at a time. Be blessed.