Just Can’t Win?

[ad#ad-1] Ever wonder why things just keep going wrong and that the more you struggle to succeed something keeps knocking you back on your assets?

I mean you climb one step up the ladder and you loose your footing and fall back down 3 steps, never really ever gaining ground.

A lot of times people use the excuse that they just have bad luck or that they are cursed, perhaps even fate biting them in the butt for something they did in their past. “Didn’t I give enough tithes?”

I beg to differ. I have a different way of looking at what you are going through and then you will understand a little better the grand design.

Lets say you are so close to getting that job you have been waiting for, you have had all the interviews and your references have all came through for you (special thanks to Uncle Mike in the police department) and they ask you to come in one day to get some formalities out of the way.

On the way there you get a flat tire, it is raining, cell went dead and you are 3 miles to the nearest phone. OMG!

Yeah you can picture that rant and rave.

Why would God do that? Doesn’t he want you to succeed at anything, where is your reward for all the work and effort?

Well… While God was watching and being proud of you’re ever step the devil was watching too and doing some sweating. Your success would trigger hope and justice not to mention happiness, finally a little more money which means a little less stress, family would be in a better situations and God forbid if you were a religious person! That might tell others to do the same and get rewarded.

Nope… evil cant let you win. And Oh… How HE will fight the closer you get to greatness. Teeth and Nail screaming “NOOOO!” when you got that diploma, and try as he may stirring up all kinds of difficulties right before your wedding. Nope things always get worse the closer you are to the finish line.

But have faith; as much as the devil struggles to win, if you keep your eyes on the prize and do not falter, the devil gives up when he has no glimpse of winning.

Dealing With Loss and Trauma

[ad#ad-1] trial by fire - dealing with loss

It is hard to look back on ones life and not wonder why me? Dealing with loss and trauma feels unbearable.

Often the world seems a little one-sided; so many have so little while other struggle for nothing in life only to have success fall in their laps.

It almost feels like someone is tipping the scales. Why are some born into greatness while others have to work so hard to achieve what little they do have?

It is ok to wonder why? Many religions say they have the answers to why but not many have the solution to how it is to be dealt with.

A psychic answer to this question is easy. And no I will not say have a faith, bare your cross or it is the fate or karma. But a simple phrase of “Everything happens for a reason” starts the explanation.

When I pondered my life it was difficult to accept all of its hardships and trials as having a reason or knowing that it was good for me. How could anyone profit from abusive relationships or being homeless?

But when I started looking at life in a different light, I stepped back, I could see that all those hardships strengthened me in ways that others remained weak.

I am like a polished sword, decorated and sharpened, ready to be called into battle. At first I was rough and was forged, thrown into the fire and then beaten, over and over, every blow to my being, compacts metal until I am the strongest I can be.

I hear the hammer on the anvil still and see the sparks that the dramas produced. And still more flames, as the fires are stoked glowing red I am plunged into the waters as the steam rises, the blacksmith admires his work and begins to drag me across the stone till the once dull blade is sharp.

I am tested to make sure I will not fail. I am straight, strong and smooth, a cold hard blade worthy of my task and placed in a case of reverence, until the day when I shall be a tool of righteousness in my Gods hands.

Those that are strong blades can withstand almost any pressure, while the ones that we spoke of earlier, the ones that had things so easy, will break and fail with even the slightest stress.

I once asked a friend, after she lost her job, what will you do? She simple said, “I will find another”. My friend was a single mother working and going to school. She had little but was proud what she had she earned.

That same week I read in the news about an executive in a large corporation jumping to his death because he was fired. I knew then that my friend was a sword that was strong and was able to cut through those difficulties because of her life being full of struggles.

Without the struggles she would have been week and broken like the businessman. From that day on I looked at life and my struggles with different eyes of appreciation for those horrid hard times.

Knowing that each trauma I live through is one more thing I know I need not fear…. This blade can take it.

So the next time you are frustrated with your life and feel depressed when things go wrong, try looking at a distance the true reality of the situation, you will live, and come out better than before, you will be that strong smooth glistening sword…

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Abusive relationships

[ad#ad-1]abusive relationshipsAbuse has no excuses, and other than the life lesson learned from being taught to stand up for your self. I really have no tolerance for it.

I read in peoples eyes before they speak.. Almost screaming to me “Help”, but most battered women and men are so good at hiding their embarrassment from the outside world, they often can not even admit to a friend or family member let alone a psychic that they are being beaten by the very person that says they love them.

The signs of abuse are covered so well.

Abuse comes in so many different phases and levels, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual. Physical said to be the most damaging because of fatalities.

I beg to different, mental abuse is far more damaging, and while the outward signs of being battered will heal and fade in time (if you live), emotional abuse can last a lifetime and spread through generations.

I see too often people coming to me for advice on “how to better my relationship”, thinking that in some way they are responsible for being abused and I will say time and time again there is never an excuse to hit anyone. No matter what a person does or says. No matter who raised you.

Example: A wife cheats… then she wasn’t a good wife and more than likely will never be a good wife with or without a beating (time to move on)

Are you angry? Yes. Does it suck that you are out all this time and effort spent on a woman that is not worth it? Yes.

Will it help if you showed her your anger? No. She just doesn’t fit in your puzzle and that doesn’t make her any less a person just not what you need.

Another example: A woman works everyday because her husband has been laid off. She is angry because he will not find another job or at least do something around the house, perhaps he even suffers from depression and just mopes, it is still no reason that this will be solved through physical assault.

No amount of kick in the butt is going to help a person out of depression or be assertive. Confront and tell him your feelings and you may even give an ultimatum. But never raise your hands or voice.

Note to the abusive: Understand that the decisions you make today will follow you throughout your life. Karma is a wonderful thing or a true bite in the butt.

And if you are one of those people that did or are considered abusive, start by apologizing. It may not remove the pain from the past but maybe if you can ask for forgiveness they can learn to forgive, and really that is what they need to do to heal.

And “she pushes my buttons” is not an excuse it is merely a show of weakness that you are so easily manipulated.

I once told an abuser “Nothing will be right with you in all your life, until you make things right by her” She left and he beat his next girlfriend into the hospital and he went to jail. Maybe Karma didn’t see he had buttons?

Note to the abused: You have made all the excuses; you have taken in all the blame. How well has that worked for you? Now it is time to see the reality.

You are worth it; they are just the one that doesn’t value you. You are a good person; they just do not want to admit they were wrong.

To get away is not failure; it is cutting your losses. This is the first day of a new plan… tell yourself “I love you” and “It is not my fault their heart is so blackened by their own lack of self value to see mine”.

Get educated, acquire a new skill, reach out to your network of close friends and get OUT! …….

Let the TAROT tell you about what to expect in the future. I can tell you the future is better then now.

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Tarot Cards Readings by Phone, Chat, Email

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AAA – Another Attitude Available

You do not need a 12 step program or “fix all” pill. You don’t even need counseling to be able to look into yourself to see what it is you should do.

[ad#ad-1]glass half filled

I have a simple answer for addiction healing….. Stop making excuses and holding their hand, it is called tough love! Stop being accepting of their “disease” or tell yourself that your love will make them want to change.

Face the fact that you have decided to stay because you have your own issues with self esteem (not because you love them)

They do not see what it is doing to the family..

Nope. They know exactly what they are doing, and they don’t care, it is just that simple. It is an exercise of selfishness and lack of sensitivity to others needs.

Picture every time they take a drink, shoot up or log on, that they are taking a pair of scissors to your marriage license, house deed or kids birth certificate. These are things that literally mean nothing to the addict because they see and feel only what gives them pleasure.

It’s a physical need for the chemical..

It has nothing to do with the lure of the alcohol or drug chemicals. It is the weakness of the person before the drink. An addictive personality means that a person for what ever reason is unable to receive joy in life and needs an external stimulus.

Same for drug addicts, computer game addicts even food addiction and sex addiction.

They have tried before to quit and it was too hard, I either have to leave or accept them…

Addiction treatment is easy, it’s the withdrawal symptoms that hurt, but more than the shakes, heart palpitations, sweats and uncontrollable vomiting, the real pain is looking into themselves and seeing the person for what they are, lost.

No amount of court ordered substance abuse counseling is going to make them love themselves, just like no one can tell you that you deserve better and you actually listen and believe if you do not feel it.

Note to the addict……

This is your chance to be what you were meant to be, a strong person, not a label, not just a drink, not just a shadow of what you once were. It is not ok to embrace a slow death in exchange for a moment to forget your pain.

My alcohol addiction treatment ?

Meditation: close your eyes and picture yourself in a dark room alone, so dark you can see nothing. As your eyes adjust to the darkness you start to see your hands, walk around touching the walls, feel the hardness and how cold those walls are.

After some more time you can now see your feet as you shuffle around the room feeling the walls for an exit. You know there has to be one; after all you had to have entered the room through a door.

After walking around the room a few times, feeling high and low your eyes are adjusted enough to notice all the pictures on the walls. Framed pictures of all your life’s pain; death, loss, abuse, and betrayal.

Look at each one individually and unhang each throwing the picture in the center of the room in a pile, hear the glass break, the frames
crack, telling yourself with each “This is not who I am, it is what made me stronger”

Repeat this phrase with each destruction of each picture until the walls are bare. Now step back and see the door that was hiding. And open the door to your family, your life, and your future.

This is not meant to be a quick fix or create a need to be sober instantly, rather repeating this meditation helps even the slowest learner to acknowledge “I am strong, I am worth it, I am alive” only after they can see that in themselves can he or she attempt to want better for themselves.


Magic Candles aka Spell Candles

Types of candles are really not as important as the thought behind them. It is your thoughts and efforts that put forth magic. 

Spell candles are basically used to help you get into the magic spirit; it is a simple inexpensive way to get the ambiance needed to “feel the force” so to speak.

  • Votive candles are the small inch to 2 inch candles they are especially good for alter work or placing inside of vessels or bowls.
  • Tapper candles come in slow burn and real wax, the real wax is often preferred because a wax reading that can be done with the wax that falls. You can get special wax pans at any Wicca wholesaler but in a pinch of course you can use pie pans. Note: paper plates do not work
  • Jar candles are great, you can make your own very easily and they are easier to reuse. Smells are not essential but I have found some fragrances quite soothing so why not intermingle aromatherapy with devotations and spells?


White= is purity, promotes peace and sincerity used for healing bone ailments and milk production

Yellow= is movement and energy also wisdom and learning great for skin and stomach complaints

Orange= promotes strength authority and self esteem it is used mostly for coughs and cold also breathing problems like asthma.

Gold= stimulates the 6th sense and also helps with financial issues.

Pink or Rose= is of course love and emotions that create friendship and nurturing bonds and stops depression and anxiety.

Red = is lusty and powerful with a sign of life, birth and death. Mostly used as a defensive spell of protection

Purple= is a vibrant color inspiring success and psychic power, it helps with allergies and sleep problems

Magenta= works on an immediate spiritual plain, creates a quick result in desperate issues.

Brown= is of the earth and represents things that promote stability, study, financial and concentration.

Indigo= is positive and protecting it cleanses the soul especially when it comes to mental disorders

Blue= sooths and relaxes so is great for high blood pleasure, insomnia and stress

Green= is luck, ambition and success helps with financial and fertility problems

Gray or silver= is a reflection of the soul, help in meditation to better center your psychic power.

Black= even though taught to be a negative color is the most positive. used to banish evil, protect and support you.

A great place to get candles  is found here http://www.ccf1.org/ both for personal use and sell your own

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

[ad#ad-1]celtic cross

Celtic Cross tarot spread is the most simple and easiest to get the desired result for the most questions. It’s the easiest by far to remember both in placement and meaning, whether it be a love query or life direction the Celtic Cross has the when, where, and why to all.

1st card center = this is you and best describes what you are and what is important for you to know about yourself right now

2nd card across 1st = what is crossing you in your life right now

3rd above the 1st = what is on your mind or even what needs to be what you are thinking of.

4th is under the 1st = the root of the problem, a person or event, what brought you to this

5th card is to the left of 1st = a reminder of a past event that can help you better deal with what is going on now.

*with these 5 cards the client should realize that these are their cards.. If not, start over, no one should trust a future told if the past and present is not correct.

6th card right to the 1st = a future card mostly unchangeable or takes great effort to change

7th card far right bottom= what you are worried about, mostly connected to real tangible fear

8th card above 7th = direction others have suggested or will say.

9th card above 8th = issue in the future, life lesion or person important in future

10th card above 9th = most important future card and usually ties the others together

celtic cross spreadRemember that after this tarot card spreads you can ask question on any of the cards drawn and pull from deck to cross the card you question, many times if makes no immediate answer may tell a time line spring summer fall or winter.

of course the right tools are a must. my favorite learning device lately is the Kindle and books Saints & Angels Cards linked here from amazon is a great way to learn, and there is no running to the book store.

If you have further questions about celtic cross meaning, feel free to post them in comments or you can even contact me directly.

Also if there is any doubt as to this kind of reading being best and accurate just go to the (psychic reading) tab and follow the props for my on-line readings “It will make you believe!”

FOR FARTHER INSTRUCTIONS: go to my youtube tutorials click (deborahpsychic)\

To get an idea on the correct way to give a reading get one for yourself $25 full e-mailed reading by me.

Peace always

I encourage any and all psychics and this is a blog I ran across that I think is very informative (check out other blogger’s work)

Psychic Meditation – Take a Deep breath?

Psychic meditation like yoga, hypnosis and etc has many uses, anything from dealing with physical pain to channeling ones mental energy to be a better tarot card reader. psychic meditation

[ad]Many individuals do these meditations without even knowing, a simple moment of silence to calm ones nerves is a form of meditation. And on the other end of the spectrum complete metaphysical travel can be achieved through extreme meditation.

The phrase clear your mind is not just a cute saying. In meditation it is the beginning and center. This step is the most important because while so many thoughts may seem important in any given day and your focus on issues get you through life.

Problems backed up, unresolved issues, unfinished tasks are some of the culprits that get in the way of focus and true full attention.

Before starting pick a subject and focus, “what is it that you need to improve upon.” All other issues should be at least temporarily set on a back burner.

*So for example: I chose meditation to clear my mind to better focus on my intuitive power I would start my meditation with forgetting all else, nothing has my attention but my own intuition.

*Body position: popular demand of yoga is the sitting on a floor, cross legged position, but body position is not important, lay down, sit on the floor, or at a desk, just as long as the place is quiet, safe, comfortable, and you are alone.

*Clear your mind: this can be done with many different methods, the keys is picking a scene that best fits your personality. Painting a canvas, pouring water, cleaning a window, even brushing hair, you can get creative with this.

I am an artist so my scene is a canvas that I paint white. I picture the paint brush, the can of paint, the canvas on the isle. My hand dips the brush in the can of paint, whipping the excess back against the rim of the can, and paint the canvas one stroke at a time.

The canvas is my mind and when I am done my mind is blank, ready to create and focus.

During this action you are not aware, but your breathing will slow, blood pressure stabilizes and heart rate steady.

Be positive when meditating, and constructive with your thoughts. Remember what your goal is, to create a sense of oneness with yourself.

You can not control your surroundings without first controlling your self. When you are sure that your mind is clear, you can start to focus on the issue at hand.

*Listening: A clear mind is not always an open one so you also must work on trying to follow your minds prompts.

Pay attention to the pictures that pop into your mind during meditation, ask real questions and be willing to hear and take into consideration the answers.

You do not have to act on what you learn in meditation but sometimes seeing for yourself the options helps you later see the real path to take.

An easy example: a woman looses her house in a fire and can no longer rest in her house dreading a possible fire again.

She takes time each day meditating before bed, going through the escape route out of the house incase of another fire, asking if she misses anything on her mental check list.

When she is comfortable with the fact that she is as prepared as humanly possible, her fears of a house fire, dissipates.

Don’t be afraid to get flaky either, play some soothing instrumentals, burn a few candles, or lower the lights. It is about being comfortable and being you.

This is your time to better yourself. It takes time till “being meditative” becomes second nature to you but trust me the rewards are absolutely worth the efforts! – Enjoy and be enlightened.

Ok now after taking care of your spiritual self…. IT IS TIME TO CARE FOR THE PHYSICAL…. *click here* to get started by putting natural things and not chemical enhanced junk into your body.