Is He The One for Me ?

Look at your life and everyone else’s lives as a giant puzzle… lets say a 6 ½ billion piece puzzle (world population).  Can you comprehend that number?

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Let me break it down for you, if each puzzle piece were ½ inch in size the puzzles size would not fit on the North American continent.

So many pieces to choose from, so many variations and varieties, each have their true place but so many are similar in size and color and shape.

Just the law of averages will ensure that some of those pieces would be identical, so the thought of there being only one soul mate is bit ridiculous.

Each piece is just as important as the other and each piece has its place. Just because one piece doesn’t fit next to you doesn’t mean that it is less a piece of the puzzle.

Just like you finding out that a mate doesn’t really fit in your life doesn’t make them bad just the wrong choice. They will fit with someone else, and that is fine.

Too many times we get so angry at the ones we date because they are not perfect that they have what we see as flaws, but it is not our place to judge or change those people. And no one should attempt to change you.

You fit perfect in your spot !

I spent a good portion of my life going through the puzzle pieces, seems like all 6 ½ billion. I would pick up a piece and set it in the empty spot that one doesn’t fit = too controlling, that one doesn’t fit= too untrustworthy, this one is an alcoholic, that one doesn’t accept my children,  he is not self motivated, and that one is not religious.

We can spend our whole life trying to fill that spot and in the end never settle or compromise and still be alone. While others settle and always wonder if they had only held out would they have met the one that fits instead of hammering in a square into a circles spot?

The good news is most of us already can glance through the crowds and see automatically the ones not worth the time to pick up. Telling our selves what color, shape and size we are looking for, I need an edge piece or one with a decent job.

And we are not the only one looking for our puzzle mate. They are looking for their spot to.

I never look down on people willing to go to extremes either, by all means join a date line or spend a few dollars on a match agency at the very least it will give you some insight as to what you are really looking for.
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Psychics can also point you in the proper direction as far as what type of man best fits you and when you might get some opportunities to meet acceptable matches. Not to mention our co-workers and friends often can help you sort through the masses, and it isn’t like we spend every waking hour on this puzzle.

Some times we rest, live our lives, create a purpose …. Or do a cross word.  And really anyone that has ever done a jigsaw puzzle knows, yes the finishing of a puzzle has a sense of satisfaction but it is the hunt that makes it fun, or instead of a puzzle in a box they would buy a picture.
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Make your own banner at!

Types of Psychic Readings

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Before taking the time to contact a psychic first time it is advisable to do your home work.Start by asking yourself what it is you are wanting answered, do some research yourself on the way to best have that question answered.

Different psychic readings are better for answering different intrigues. Here is some basic information on each kind of readings so you can better have a grasp on each.

Here is just a few of the better known readings:

Tarot cards (using mystic cards that have specific messages to point out a good life direction) are one of the more common of psychic reading and its abilities to focus on a given issue is good for general readings on one subject or on a group of problems but difficult to narrow to a definite yes or no answer to question.

Tarots are more commonly used for giving life advice on a given problem.

Clairvoyance is the feel and emotion pictured messages, either directly into the mind or relayed through spirit guides, this gift goes well with the other psychic tools because of time it takes to draw the messages out (most clients walk into a reading closed and it takes time to open them)

Mediums see and or hear the spirits that have passed, not the same as spirit guilds that have not been physically in the living. these readings are normally done face to face .

An astrology reading (using dates of birth and alignments of planets to predict) is great for getting information on a time line in your life. When you achieve certain things, at what age you will marry or bear children. Some are higher achievers that try to pinpoint daily happenings. This is very difficult.

Numerology (also uses birth dates to assign a personality)numerology calculator is great at finding true love and your best suited mate, job, even place to live.

A palm reading ( is done by mapping out the lines of the hand) It is designed to inform a client of up coming happenings and long term hurdles that await. The wonder of the art is that the hand lines always change and so does your future.

Rune stones ( almost same as tarot only different medium) These domino like stones can give a more historic feel for the experience but the concept is the same, giving advice to life lessons and direction.

Reading ones Aura or aura reading is (done by psychic that has acquired the ability to see the spirit and the energy that you give off all around you) this is great for finding illness and emotional state.

What’s your favorite type of reading and why?

Do Psychics Really Exist

Do psychics exist or do they not ? are psychics real?

That is a question that has been asked since psychics first made themselves known.
do psychics exist?

Psychics were and are still controversial to this day because certain sections and even countries associate their work as dabbling in the occult, sheer secrecy and much like history punishable witch craft.  Researching psychic phenomena was considered a taboo as early as the 1900s

The few that took a chance at writing on the subject were  ridiculed and ostracized by the scientific community no mater the prestige.

A closer look at history will however show that people possessed inherent powers to detect things and to protect themselves. Animals and humans possessed a natural ability to sense  and predict future events. It is only after the need for technology that these predictions were calculated and findingscan be considered accurate (noted inconclusive)

The invention of multi-media has changed man’s ability to sense things, filling everyday with television, cellphones, i pods and the work place, there is no down time or empty quiet. This has destroyed his inner gift to mediate and visualize things.

Modern disturbances have forced man to unlearn the use of his inner voice that warns him whenever something is amiss. Some consider a   woman intuition or sixth sense as a part of that ability.

The modern society looked condescendingly on paranormal studies and practices watching quietly in the privacy of their homes but deny interest in their public life. There are states that consider fortunetelling as an illegal activity and some countries pointing it towards witchery.

But the critics of paranormal studies could not also be blamed because there are those who use their alleged spiritual gifts to make money and prey on the gullible.

There are fortuneteller who appear to be giving you new information about yourself but in fact, such information was only deduced from the information you gave or revealed about yourself and your family through reading a persons body language, and numerous other scams giving the true psychics a bad rap and questioning the entire population on who are reliable if any.

Psychics do exist. However, weeding out the rotten apples from the good fruit is nearly impossible.

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What Do Men and Women Find Attractive and What YOU should Do About It

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Beauty in a way bears what lies beneath the surface.  Okay not necessarily always, but often. To an extent it reflects extent of a persons self discipline.

Attractiveness indicates a sensitivity to those around us.  We have a deep desire for acceptance by our peers and we go great lengths to “fit in”.

I believe that beauty is not to be taken so lightly;  it does play a significant role in success in todays world.  Those who shun beauty as superficial are probably too lazy to reach for a bar of soap or the jump rope.

But, beautiful people are not necessarily supermodels with Greek-god faces and unreal proportions. The misrepresentation is purposely marketed by the media backed by multi billion ad spend budgets.

Beautiful people are regular people who watch their diet, keep their bodies clean, and don tasteful, yet inexpensive clothing. They maintain an empowered lifestyle, indulge in mind-expanding books and engage in varied activity that enriches their awareness.

Beauty, more importantly, is internal. The attractive assert their opinions and fight for convictions. Whether handsome or pretty, bland or plain, the internally beautiful betray an intelligence and burning diligence that reflects their personality. Recall that personality is molded by how we carry ourselves and associate with the world at large.

Finally, beauty is holistic. Charismatic folks take effort to be the best that they can be. They understand that they are fusions of body, soul and spirit. Hence, they build up each facet by honing their talents and passions.

Augmenting beauty simply means caring of the body and the mind. It doesn’t take much effort, just a tad of self regulation. Here’s how to ooze magnetic attraction:

1. Books and periodicals are your best friend. Beef up what’s in your head and rack up more beauty points with your enlightened discussions. Intelligence is attractive.

2. Watch stand-up comedy. You will develop your sense of humour. Wit is a rare and valued commodity.

3. Is that a cheese pizza you’re shoving down your throat?  Control ! You are literally what you eat. Want to be a outta shape?  Then sure, go ahead and binge.

4. Pay healthy attention to hygiene, especially skin and mouth hygiene. Many a times it goes to form a major part of your first impression when things get intimate.

5. Dress to impress- 24/7. You probably had one of those moments. There you were, in sloppy coveralls at the mall. Then you run into the boss or a beautiful stranger. Say this with me: “NEVER AGAIN.” One more time. “NEVER AGAIN.”

6. Ask and Listen. The most dazzling conversationalists avoid monopolizing conversations. Rather, they ask tons of questions…. And listen for hours on end. Stop and think about that. Isn’t your best friend a great listener?

7. Finally, think sexy. Feel sexy. You are what you think you are. Your body follows what the mind dictates. The $3000 executive coaches like to pass this astounding piece of common sense for a hefty fee. Save the money.

So, get out there and glow. You can be attractive without those creams, lotions and surgeons.

Be bold. Choose beauty.