Suicidal Thoughts? Will I Burn in Hell if I Kill Myself?

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Being overly involved in the complications of life can seem to make living a little unbearable and that can be expected.

We are so often rushed to succeed at any cost and then looked down on when we falter, not to mention the kind of success that is expected by the worldly influences is not the same success that should be driven to achieve.

The pressure and disappointment starts early, we see the results in teenage suicides where the suicide rate is more alarming not because of the numbers being so high but the average age is getting lower every year.

The pain to the family is devastating and never truly understood, but with adolescent’s, suicide is influenced by several factors: lack of communication/ support, teen depression and the amount of options made available.
With depression suicide, the mental state is not normal and the individual has not got the control over their own thoughts. It is often referred to as an illness even though in many cases the stress and issues in life are truly beyond anyone’s ability to handle.

Their thoughts do not focus on what can be done to better things but lay with how to commit suicide?

Suicide attempts are often very well planed and if truly suicidal the individual will succeed. The cries for help are very evident, most of the time the love ones around the ill person just simply refuse to admit that things are really that bad. It is only after the suicide note is read that love ones will say “yes I may have seen it coming”

With assisted suicide and euthanasia public opinion varies, this is due to the awareness and mental state of the person attempted suicide. They are often very rational and very aware their options they feel that they have very good reasons to no longer struggle.

Either from illness, circumstances or age they decide an easier way out.
No matter what the reasoning behind committing suicide the results are the same.

Depression and suicide affects more than the one being buried and the pain goes much deeper then the initial loss.

For the one being left behind, a life time of regret and self doubt, always wondering what if they had done things differently and asking themselves if it was their fault

The flow of spirit is altered for the deceased. The persons that commit suicide are unable to finish the lesson being taught, it is only a short reprieve because whether it is accepted or not this person must go through this until they pass.. No mater how many times.

Weakness is not a sin but a character flaw that needs some work. Perhaps in another life.

Knowing this, thou shall always bounce back from the suicidal thoughts.

Caring for Elderly Aging Parents

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So many different challenges, trials and tribulations seem unending and just as your life seems to settle, the children leave home to start families of their own, and a better sense of stability and calm enters your life, you may have even decided now is a good time to enjoy your later years and do some traveling.

Trouble enters through another door. Your parents are aging and needs your help, time and care giving services. It seems like an unnecessary challenge I know, but as a said so many times before “everything happens for a reason” both you and your aging parents are learning a life lesson needed to pass to a higher conscience.

You are learning how to care for someone that only represents a shadow of the person they once were. Alzheimer care is a good example of this gift.

Dementia also steals an elderly parent’s ability to care for themselves, so whether you decide home care for your senior or a nursing home the responsibility doesn’t stop with just providing.

Caring for the elderly consists of compassion, understanding and time spent daily. Even if it is just being there sitting next to them so they do not feel alone.

The lesson that your aging parents are learning is one of acceptance and it is not an easy one to pass. They have spent their entire life being independent and the one that others relied on. You may have already noticed their defiance to you helping or talking about a nursing home.

They just simple are not ready to let go…. The only way you can assist them is by being there and not taking charge and being the one in control.

It will fix nothing to expect that your loved one will do things your way; this is not your life. In the end you will feel the pains of war and only be on the receiving end of their frustrations.

In hospice care we also are being given the chance to prepare for the end. An experience most are unable to accept with an instant death.

Long term care makes it possible to mentally acknowledge that things change and when our parents do pass away it gives you the opportunity to not just prepare for those changes but also feel a sense of closure and knowing that you did all you could, spent all the time, and helped them like they once took care of you.

It’s like parenting your parents. Life has come full circle.

Numerology Readings – Psychic’s Perspective

Psychic imprinting on a number, referring to ancient cultures personification on numbers and their plant signs is a difficult science and much misunderstood.

The main 5 original theories of numerology are:

Kabbalah numerology = Hebrew mysticism
Chaldean numerology= from Iraq the home of algebra
Pythagorean numerology= Pythagoras’ love metaphysic equaled his passion for math
Abracadabra numerology = use of triangulation to predict character
New kabbalah numerology = Roman interpretation of events

Each has its own theory as to what numbers mean and often conflict but the basis is that life is mathematical and easily reasoned. Spread of numerology to every corner of the world from China, India, and then the US.

Numerology predicts the arranged marriage to the lucky lottery numbers this week and its uses are as endless as the versions of numerology: Astrology numerology, Chinese numerology and deco numerology to name just a few.

As a child I learned my numbers with an added twist, with messages as to what each meant to me as a psychic, putting a personality to each and living my life being aware to keep in mind more then their monetary value.

So what does each number mean:

1 royalty, reliable and important, dominate with grace
2 a form of greatness and loyalty but always striving to better and often not satisfied with them selves.
3 cruel and unpredictable, usually right in arguments and arrogant
4 true and righteous but never a leader, happy with internal rewards
5 jolly and fun loving, but lazy and needs to be driven to complete any tasks
6 I feel is most important number, a leader, safe and in charge
7 sneaky, sense of deception, merely a follower of the wrong crowd but always dumb luck save them
8 balanced and wise, the caregiver and teacher, always willing to help others
9 difficult and often corrupt a strong leader of others, driven to succeed

All other numbers are added to equal a single digit number but many other numbers like doubles just show to extent of the character. Numerology 11 being a higher sense of royalty etc.

Do YOU wanna have a personal numerology reading ? Feel free to hola then!

Pet Psychic and Animal Communicators

There are so many types of psychic abilities and being a clairvoyant and sensitive doesn’t always stop at being able to do psychic readings on humans. Expanding ones psychic ability to be a pet psychic is not so unusual.


Empathy is the gift to feel those around us and in most cases an animals brain waves and emotional state is so simple and uncluttered that a medium can read them with much more clarity and accuracy.

It is no secret that pets themselves are empaths, knowing their masters emotions, predicting earth quakes, patience’s seizures, cancer and a pet starring off into empty space is a sign of their psychic ability of seeing spirits and ghosts.

Their capacity to attach themselves to a person or place to the point of a love beyond loyalty is almost eerie.

A pet’s connection with us is a healing experience, calming and soothing with eyes seeing through us, giving exactly what we didn’t even know we needed. But occasionally it is the pet that is on the receiving end of need.

Giving you the chance to hear what they are trying to tell us is all it takes to become closer to them. Pet psychics, sometimes also known as animal communicator,  are in much need in today’s society. Most dog trainers have a psychic gift, a sense beyond those around them. Putting together sight, feel, sound and emotions equal a truth.

True story:

when my mother was young there was an elderly man that lived next door with his wife and ancient dog beyond a countable age. The elderly man was never seen without his loyal canine side kick but when he past away.

The woman inconsolable after the funeral was unable to find the only thing she had left to connect herself with her past love. The dog had just simple disappeared.

It was only a few days later that another relative unable to attend the burial of the elderly man had taken time to stop by the grave site across town and there lying in front of the man’s tombstone was an over grieved dead dog, His faithful companion.

for really great natural alternatives for your very special animal companions and you know they deserve the best, I use this site…. anything and everything you can think of to make an animals life one of comfort and health.


Spiritual Guidance on Contacting Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and Ghosts

spirit-guides-and-guardian-agelsThe importance when contacting the other side is knowing what your beliefs are, and being realistic in what you can achieve. We know there is God, we believe that there is a here after, some people have seen ghosts, heard whispers and messages and others have physically felt contact.

Most mediums and psychics do not expect to sit down and have a face to face conversation with the dead. That is just not how this works, so as a novice try to keep your expectations “down to earth” so to speak.

With ghost hunting glamorized on TV and stereotyped in horror movies, what our beliefs are in life after death can seem distorted into a Hollywood version of what is supposed to be a much cherished spiritual guidance from the other side.

It looses its value in our everyday life when it is forced upon us and we become desensitized to it.. Not all but most contact made with the other side is small messages, pictures, thoughts and feelings.

Some have minute moments of clairvoyance and loses the connection while others continue to receive messages of guidance their whole life. The reason the everyday persons do not see those messages given is their lack of focus, super involvement in life matters and self absorbed in problems.

It is not an exact science.

Each clairvoyants experience is different. It can start out at an early age with imaginary friends. Others might hear jiminy cricket like voice directing in correct paths. And still others can feel presence in channeling from the other side, or near death experience bringing them so close to spirits, they keep the connection with them after recovery.

The results are the same, contact beyond this physical world and in most cases it can be a very positive and educational experience but not understanding can also make that contact scary.

Contacting your spirit guide – How to get started:

Clear clutter, almost emptying the room, giving no excuse to distraction. With lights lowered, candle burning, no music, no noise, or talking just sit or lay motionless and listen.

Pose a question “who are you?” rest a moment and then repeat rest and repeat…. almost as a chant. The name should just “pop” in you head like it has been there all along.

Do not be surprised if the name is that of a close friend or the name of one of your children, it is not uncommon that we would pick a friend or name a child a name that we have heard silently our whole lives.

This is your spirit guide or guardian angels name and now that you have been introduced you may have a real conversation with him or her. And feel free to ask away on other subjects.

If the name is that of a family member or friend that has passed away, then you have just made contact with a ghost. Take a deep breath and tell it like it is. “I have missed you so much!”

True story:

as a child I had what my parents and I thought were imaginary friends. I can still see them in my mind clear as day Peter, Jacky, and Lee, there wasn’t an outing I didn’t bring them with me or a diner they didn’t attend.

My mother especially embraced my active imagination, as I grew I may have no longer seen them as much as felt them and I often asked them questions in times of need and I felt consoled.

Years later all of my brothers and sisters grown and out of the house, my Mother took on baby sitting a small girl. One day washing dishes my mother was listening while the little girl played, just talking away.

My mother yelled into the room and asked the little girl, “Who are you talking to in there?” the little girl yelled back “Peter” My mother almost dropping dishes ran into the room and there sat the little girl smiling facing an empty plastic chair.

My mother laughing and still half startled told the little girl “could you do me a favor? Can you please tell Peter that Debby’s mother says hi?

How to Develop Psychic Abilities | Psychic Ability Test

Everyone wishes they knew how to develop psychic abilities and those that do know are not telling their secrets, Neigh Sayers will inform you that it is not real, sinful, or all a scam. Other psychics don’t want to encourage newcomers to what they feel is their already competitive market.

What would the world really be like filled with nothing but clairvoyant, telepathy, mind reading psychics? In reality just because a person has the tools available to become a psychic doesn’t guarantee they will be able to apply those tools in their everyday life.

Both Nostradamus and Edward Cayce; historic psychics and fortunetellers of their day believed that all forms of psychic intuition can be learned without clairvoyance being a born gift.

Things needed to enhance psychic abilities:

  • 2 hours a day to devote to silence and internal thought or meditation
  • The ability to separate yourself from worldly problems and worries
  • Positive, supportive people around you
  • An open, mind willing to learn, read and meditate

Educate yourself, educate yourself, and educate yourself!

When setting aside the silent time you are learning about yourself, when meditating or reading you are educating yourself on the world around you, positive people teach you to grow while negative people restrain you mentally, and the act of accepting with an open mind is a spiritual learning experience on its own.

This is not a class that you pass or fail, you also never graduate. To learn to be a mind reader, remote viewing, clairvoyant, tarot card reading or use telepathy is a life time effort and your psychic abilities grow in time.

here are some real tools that can help

ESP test cards as seen on Amazon

tarot cards

iPOD for listening to music while meditating


Start simple and work your way up, take your time and relax as you learn. There is no true psychic test to measure your progress. In most cases a person usually first becomes more balanced, understands more about life and makes better choices for themselves; only then comes the ability to direct others in balancing their lives.

When you have fewer worries and learn more so your abilities will naturally grow. Continue to meditate, read, and learn. Taking notes is a must. I always keep a journal of not only my progress but also images and even day dreams, dates that I feel are relevant along with future predictions. Do not get frustrated. Frustration is a negative spiritual blocking emotion that has no use in a psychic’s world.

Focus on one talent at a time, there is too much to be learned in a single life time, so my suggestion is to pick the one or two that interest you most; you can always add others as you feel you are on the way to mastering the first. I formally welcome you to the world of psychics. Your interest is the first step to becoming one of us.

Have doubts? Feel free to ask in comments below; alternately, feel free to contact me if you need a private mentoring in developing psychic abilities.

Psychic Readings by Phone, Chat, Email

Tarot Cards Readings by Phone, Chat, Email

Psychic Readings

I love encouraging others in their pursuit of higher psychic empowerment is a great blog

my personal favorite spoof of testing psychic ability… always big smiles

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Psychic Spiritual Healing – More than Mind Over Matter

psychic-healingWith over 1 million new cases of cancer, even more heart attacks and strokes, the increase in the number of aged surviving longer, steep cost of health insurance, it is no wonder there is rise in exploring more holistic ways to cure ourselves. The old ways are resurrecting in modern life. Herbs, prayer, medicine men and shaman.

I once went to a hypnotherapist for loosing weight. He advertised stopping alcoholism and smoking.

I wondered if it would work for my weight problem and to my surprise it did, but more than dropping a few pounds I delved deeper into the how and why it did work, and how I can make that treatment work in other parts of my life.

The knowledge of yourself and control of ones self is a must before controlling the factors external in life. Meaning if you want to take control of others in life you first must take control of yourself.

Same when it comes to illness, it you wish to control what it is making you ill you have to have control of your fighting force. You are more then muscle fed by blood, more than electric commands and responses. You are a connected energy, a river of thought and feelings.

Simple meditation for healing:

It is no secret that we do have some medical knowledge of many illnesses like high blood pressure and heart diseases, we know that most stress related illnesses are caused by a persons inability to process stress. Basically it isn’t the bug that gets you but the low resistance caused by the damage you do with stress.

The act of opening yourself to other possibilities, letting go of things unchangeable and directing your efforts to things that can be changed is one way to decrease stress and raise your bodies immune system.

During meditation; focus on breathing, lowering heart rate, flow of thought and then the area of illness; picturing the removal of damage, illness or disease. The spirit surrounds, focuses and heals the damage done at your will.

Fighting illness:

During this meditation a direct approach to the war is needed. You are watching the battlefield, flanking and out maneuvering the enemy. With diseases like cancer, Yes you are tired and yes you feel defeated at times but putting yourself in a position to do more then sit and let disease devoir you piece by piece is not an option.

The point of this exercise is to increase heart rate and breathing; you are actively chasing down and destroying invaders, positive thoughts of success releases endorphins that do promote healing.

Repairing damage:

In this meditation you are reconstructing, rebuilding and reconnecting materials. You are the master builder directing blood flow, cleaning ducts and building walls.

The breath should be steady and heart rate to the rhythm of the builders. Visually picturing the mending and repair not only slowly channels your energy to one area for healing but also takes the mind off of non-productive thoughts that do more damage.

Conducting these meditation exercises daily promotes a higher self esteem, sense of control and willingness to survive.

No one knows for sure why some people recover quickly while others suffer but one thing remains constant. Acceptance of failure only gives you permission to fail, but a continued battle is a show of character and strong will.

What’s your take on the psychic spiritual healing ?

Curses and Love Spells

love-spells-that-workThe subject that arise the most in the psychics’ line of works is curses; can curses be lifted, can I protect myself psychically and can I make someone love me through a love spell?

In both cases you are looking at controlling outside sources without direct contact or influence and my answer is simple “yes”. Now is it worth it? No and is it always successful?

No, but do you have a chance of influencing others without contact, soul manipulation or mind control? “Absolutely, and at your own cost”.

Let me explain how this works…. You are a balloon floating through the room, and you want to make another balloon move out of your way. The act of moving yourself, creates air flow that moves not just you but also the other balloons around you.

Now by moving you are really the one that does the most amount of displacement and there is more effect on you than any of the other balloons but the effectiveness of being able to create movement in others without contact is very appealing to many.

The statement that a curse comes back 10 fold is a reality, and karmicly you will feel the pinch of it eventually. But just like some people are willing to chance jail for a crime the same chances apply for changing another’s will.
Favorite curse.. with little adverse effect: Understanding that I am good and with being a good soul comes with its advantages, I have also come to a realization that I am protected by the powers that be.

This only works when you have been just and the righteous in dealing with the individual in question…. Meaning you can not do anything to punish them yourself. This is completely a hands off approach.
The phrase “bad things happen to bad people” is more than a statement; it is a release of your responsibility and your protection on that person. You are saying that what ever forgiveness, friendship or support you have given psychically to that person you now withdraw and karma is free to judge.

A reminder that this only works for the righteous and when you make that statement, it also opens you up to judgment, so be careful. Be prepared that this act is not for everyone. There can be a sense of guilt when you do see what happens. (Cancer, family members’ die, loses job, etc.)

Are you ready to be the one that could have prevented these? A sad reality and that is why most good witches, psychics and mediums will never curse. It is what separates us from them.

In the same breath there is the concern that you might be cursed and how do you protect yourself. That is easier then you think, just be good and you are always covered by Gods umbrella, when you slip up, just repent and believe that you will follow a clearer path. Other wise it is impossible to tell who has it in for you and in that case it is not really the individual but rather karma doing its job.

A love spell:

First an explanation why they never work the way you want them to, they are created to draw two souls together, not necessarily changing ones views but really both persons views, remember the balloon theory.

I want a man to love me, so I do a slow meditation, picturing him, his look, his thoughts, and his smell. While I am connecting myself to him and pulling on his being I am also molding myself to imprint on him, basically you will find that although he will now notice you and be drawn to you, you have just involved your whole being in loving him. It’s the whole 10 fold thing.

This can be done through meditation, during meditation you actually picture yourself grasping what or who you want. There is also sexual act focusing, and repetitive devoting through chanting, candle burning, etc.
Watch out what you ask for. I have needed to get protective orders before realizing this is more trouble than it’s worth.Feel free to contact me if you need a love spell that works.

I will create an old fasion wiccan LOVE SPELL catored just for your needs $25

Having Children


Children or no children that’s the real question. There I said it!

Yes you love each other and there is a time when couples ask, should we talk about having children now, maybe you just found out you are pregnant or you just had a child and wonder if you are going to be a good parent.

No one can answer that question for you. Unfortunately there is no parenting certificate that can certify that you will be a good parent and no license issued by the state, but one thing is for sure, it is a learning experience like none other.

Making a choice to share your life, income, future and personal space with another little person is usually not what comes to mind when deciding to have children; most do not consider cost and few contemplate inconvenience in the equation.

Good news though, you will live, your parents and ancestors all did, you are living proof. I insist that although some very close-minded selfish people have regretted having children instead of spending that effort on their career, that more often what is heard is women and men past their prime reflecting on their fruitless lives without children, wondering if their life could have meant more.

Having children is a life time commitment that changes as both you and child grow, transforming seamlessly from caregiver/teacher/guardian to later pier/ friend/ support.

So many parenting magazines, books, and videos and so little time to educate yourself. By the time you feel you are knowledgeable enough on all the new parenting techniques and almost college like psychology classes needed to be confidant enough to raise a child. Your children will be having children of their own.

I am not suggesting that you not take parenting classes or read a book, but what I am saying is do not loose sight of the real reason you had decided to bear children in the first place…

Love, unconditional and never regretting, this little example of you is learning to be an individual that you help to mold, imprinting on you and your culture, heritage, traditions and ways of life.

One day they will be doing the same thing you are doing now. Questioning if they are ready to be parents and are they prepared for the challenge ahead.

Cheating Spouse – Forgiving Infidelity

cheating spouse-relationship adviceThe issue of a cheating spouse is a difficult one shear because of the emotions involved, the answers are neither easy to accept or give.. It is a maze of he said she said and in most cases years of repetitive warnings that went unrecognized or unaddressed. That’s even if you have proof.

I am the first to suggest a councilor, get a private investigator, consult a reliable psychic for direction and pull on your family and friends for support.

After all is said and done it is not about how having an affair came to be, but how you will react to this situation now that it has arisen.

So many people have advice on the subject and it is impossible to say that it is cut and dry but I will give you a clear simple equation to work your way through the bull and deal with the real issues.

1. Start by making a list, write down the pros and cons of your relationship ask yourself the real questions. Has this happened before? Is this the only issue we have? And would you have been happy in your relationship if this had never happened?

Many people are too emotional to be rational and that is to be expected; but without taking control, you will find yourself either enabling the cheater to continue or you will find yourself lashing out in retaliation. Lists help you see on paper what the real problems are.

2. Do not make rash decisions, give yourself time to adjust and process the shock, now would be a good time to separate you from the problem. Quiet contemplation and a chance to feel what it would be like to be alone, or feel the freedom and see you can live without them.

3. You can not just ignore and it will go away. After you have taken account, absorbed it, and weighed some real options it is time to address. No matter if you do feel hurt or betrayed remember that the person you are talking to is still the same person you fell in love with.

You need to see them for what they really are – “Lost” . Now, that doesn’t mean that you have to be the one to adjust your life and help them through this. This is their path and their travel, you would be doing them a disfavor to openly forgive and forget.

There are real reasons for infidelity, and once a cheater usually always a cheater. But once the accused is proven guilty it really is up to them to decide to change or embrace their crime.

The Liar….Not only to you but also to them selves by committing the act and by thinking that they loved you enough to be with only you.

Innocent Victim….A victim of their own libido and incapable of self restraint, this one can not stop and usually is the one that repeatedly cheats.

The Fallen Angel.…A momentary loss of morals due to outside influences, lack of attention, stress at work and seduction.

The Follower…. Being sucked into the American dream of self satisfaction, this one has a real personality flaw that can not be fixed.

Forgetful Love….For one reason or another they have lost their original goal of faithfulness that they committed in the beginning of your marriage. This is the most used excuse and weakest. The out of site out of mind theory is NOT ACCEPTABLE. “You remembered your vows”

Now that you have evaluated your relationship, weighed your option, and diagnosed the disease. It is time to make the real decisions. What are you willing to give up? (Your dignity for comfort) (Your sanity for security) (Your time gambled for hope) (Family for personal satisfaction)

There is always a chance that it may never happen again but there has to be a price paid and your mate is aware of that and will consider themselves lucky to be given a second chance.

I guarantee you that if you openly forgive and forget without showing your insignificant other that they almost, almost lost you for good, there will be repeats. But forgiveness is something that comes only because you choose to release the weight on your heart not as a gift to an individual that you trusted and deceived you.

What’s YOUR relationship advice on the issue of cheating spouse ?

If you feel that your lover is cheating and need a second opinion, click onto the (Psychic reading) tab and follow the props, I can do a reading telling you what is really happening, or ways you can catch them