Looking for Love In All the Wrong Places ?

looking for loveI do not think so !
In most cases it is not about where but what and when you are looking for love. We are taught at an early age that it is our goal to search the world for that one special person set aside for just us.

After failure to do so, many turn towards joining personals, date lines and maneuver through a sea of cheating spouses posing as single, and men who have no intention on really settling down and a few odd balls thrown into the mix seemingly just to keep you off the trail of the real prize.

Here is the real break down to finding love.

While you are on this search to acquire true love, you are growing as an individual, you are finding out hands on what you are really looking for, what you can and can not put up with and what is right for you.

Not to mention at the end of this quest you will find that you are not the person you were when you started your travels. In actuality you have grown and became more worthy to accept love.

The search was never an outward action looking for love but rather a search of self discovery and molding of you own personality.

What is more surprising is that so many people spend their lives thinking they have not “found” true love and placing the blame on the fact that there was something wrong with the opposite sex around them, when it was never about where that one was hiding but when “you” will be ready to meet them.

Horoscope Information You Might Love

horoscopesAries:  March 21- April 19:

This stubborn sign is hard headed for a reason, they are always right. They have a need to be in relationships with followers and easily butt heads with a controlling personality. But no worries if you are a sheep, the Aries know where they are going.

Taurus:  April 20- May 20:

Strong personality and unwavering sense of virtue, silently suffers but easily forgives. A Taurus wants responsibility in all relationships and has no tolerance in a slacker. But when it comes to love it is easy to snuggle with the teddy bear in them and feel secure in the process.

Gemini: May 21- June 21:

Not a homebody because of a constant craving to interact with others, intelligent, is in touch with others feelings, and easily juggles their duel like life style. “Not a problem” is often a fraise they use because this sign has got it well in hand.

Cancer: June 22-July22:

Moody and is hurt easily, lives through emotion but self motivated and a perfectionist. They are very fond of appearances and needs to be reminded of their value. Cancer personalities will not settle with average so be ready to climb to the top with them or be left behind.

Leo: July23- august 22:

Feels at home up there on that pedestal and surrounds themselves with adorers. Leo is not lazy just planning for future excursions. They are the judge and jury of their friends and family circles, but if treated with loyalty this sign knows how to repay the honor. Wow!

Virgo: August 23- Sept 22:

Believe it or not.. More then likely not. Virgos know when you are lying. Affectionate when they have privacy, and know how to please their mate. Family always comes first and will be selfless without complaint. Virgos are made for long term relationship.

Libra: Sept23- Oct 23:

They are not ADHD just in tuned to everything around them.. Libras have a desperate need to satisfy others and will break their backs doing for friends and family. Love is always the goal for this emotional sign and is very capable of expressing themselves.

Scorpio: Oct 23- Nov21:

Intense in nature and is always looking for a challenge, Scorpio will not back down and can be controlling but would rather their partner argue then give up. It is easy to see why Scorpio always succeeds; they give it their all in all they do.

Sagittarius: Nov22- Dec 21:

Fly by the seat of their pants and enjoy life. They need their privacy and are easily embarrassed. Watch out for this signs ability to hold a grudge and will make everyone suffer if done wrong. There is no problem with commitment but can see right through others false face.

Capricorn: Dec22- Jan 19:

Must impress others and status is of the most value. Outward and attention getters, Capricorn has real issues with trust but once this serious sign lets others in, it is unconditionally. Loving and seeking love can be a problem if the fires are not stoked, enjoys working and being the one relied on.

Aquarius: Jan20- Feb18:

Can not hide their feelings and value honesty above all else in life, responsibility is abundant in this friendly and open sign. They can get things done in love matters to. Wise beyond years watch out, they are blunt for your own good, they are not afraid to telling others what they do wrong.

Pisces: Feb19- March 20:

Not always the nerd but this sign has to work hard to keep from being a wall flower, confidence and self esteem is not a strong suit even though they have so much to contribute to friendships and relationships. They know how to appreciate and will put love ones on a pedestal.


It is not often that I subscribe to others blogs.. I like to keep my mind open and take in all that I read and come up with a happy medium but I read a blog lately that was just great and informative (loved it and want to share with you)


hope it will lay your fears to rest…. I know some of you were worried you would have to get your zodiac tattoo removed..hehehehe. Don”t do that all is well. Just remember the changes do not effect those born before 2009 or really all the western world.

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Psychic Readings

Path to God – Spiritual Enlightenment

Worship is a concept that is universal. Religion differs from continent to continent, area, region, country, race and culture. The importance stems from belonging in society to having faith to hold on to in times of need. Religion is both a war starter and a peace maker.

So many beliefs, values and traditions, policies, laws and commandments; and few differ in concepts or vary in their goals from another but still lines are clearly drawn.

I had once wondered what if I had followed the “wrong” religion, so many organized religions preach that only by following the teachings of Jesus, Moses, Mohamed, or other deities can a person be granted entrance to heaven, but who is right? I had long conversations with and many years contemplating true divinity and came to an epiphany.

Every religion in every country serves a purpose. Depending on the cultural connection reflects their views of God and the rules deemed necessary to control the masses. Western civilization has a deeper connection to a Christian God and the holy family in their eyes reflects a belief system easily followed.

Islam, Judaism, etc. reflects the needs of the region. Hindu sympathizes with other deities and religions such as Rastafarian, Native American, Aborigines and Wicca all hold tight to their cultural influenced religions.

They seem to picture a higher power as the “Creator” but there eyes see him in a different light then their neighbor. But is how you visualize the seen but “unseen” God truly that important?

Perhaps God is the same person, the same entity; it is just our own eye sight that is different? Maybe sitting in heaven is One God called by different names and answering to all? Really isn’t it more important to see what religion does to transform an individual and as long as it serves a constructive purpose it is a good thing?

If God is my creator, guild and He or she loves me as his child and I choose a path to enlightenment, peace and spiritual growth, who cares what path that is as long as it works best for me and others are not hurt in the process? If the end result is heaven?

Would a mother care the path a lost son takes to get him home again when he stands before her? What say ya ?

22 Important Life Lessons – Psychic Guidance

22 major life lessons depicted in traditional tarot cards but not exclusive to tarot reading.

The mastery of those life lessons is the stepping stones to true enlightenment and wisdom. Keep in mind that they do not appear in individual’s lives in the same order or in the same intensity, some may breeze through one rule and struggle with another.

  1. Making decisions and learning from past mistakes.
  2. Controlling ones confidence and placing trust in a higher power.
  3. Accepting what can not be seen or controlled.
  4. Understanding that all has its purpose and one day we will see clearly.
  5. Creating a sense of discipline over yourself physically.
  6. All of the answers do not lie with you.
  7. Placing temptation in the right value and having integrity.
  8. Vengeance is fruitless effort and more destructive to the one seeking it.
  9. Inner strength and control of emotions is more important then physical strength.
  10. Accepting that you are not alone and asking assistance is not weakness.
  11. Ego doesn’t bring good luck only disfavor.
  12. Reacting to a judgment, accepting or changing is the only option.
  13. Faith and selfishness are opposite sides of a coin, you can not have both.
  14. Rest and meditation from problems is not defeat, it is rallying the troops.
  15. Too much of anyone thing is never good, moderation brings room for balance.
  16. It was never all about you.
  17. Karma sometimes moves slowly but always catches up.
  18. Lose is not always a bad thing.
  19. Lies, deception can not hide eternally, truth lives forever.
  20. Being honest with yourself first heals you and then moves to others.
  21. Dissatisfaction with your life comes from you and your unwillingness to either accept or change.
  22. Controlling victory with as much tact as failure.

All 22 are diverse in the way that they can be applied to all facets of life from love to legal battles, jobs to friendships. It is not expected that you cover all 22 life lessons in a single lifetime and you will not struggle with all 22, you have past some in prior lives and when faced with them again it is merely a revue.

Reading Tarot Cards Correctly

I will not go into detail as to the Who What When Where of reading tarot cards. When you first purchase your first set of cards there is always and booklet included giving the basics or you can purchase more advanced, intricate books one the deck of cards that you have chosen.

The question is not how to read tarot cards, it is how to be a better card reader. When I first received my set of cards I was quickly overwhelmed by the information I was expected to memorize; right side up and upside down not to mention where it is laid and next to what .

I tried flipping through the pages every time a card was pulled but the process took so long and felt so unprofessional. I created a system that not only worked for me but several of my friends.

With a few hours and a permanent marker I started writing “cheat notes” on the top and bottom borders of each card, small clues to the cards meaning.

Remember that the booklet will give several sentences to the meaning behind the card being pulled, you will have to break it down to the most important words.

For example: “drastic changes in love, life, a move or change in career will effect in a positive way” will not fit on the top of a card, so I break it down to [drastic change (+)].

Looking closely at the pictures is also helpful, simple reminders are already given in most cards designs: Swords are separations or battles to overcome, Cups is related to relationships and love, Wands or branches show growth, and Panicles or coins are signs of money and finance.

A new set of cards are virtually useless. They need to be “broken in”. Shuffling is a must and no matter which technique that is used as long as your hands have contact with the cards, time and prayer is involved then the cards are getting your flow of energy, so practice, practice, practice, shuffle, and pray over your deck for some real invested time before attempting to do real readings.

Prayers…. Everyone has their own prayers and style they feel comfortable with and that is fine, but be aware that nothing is impossible through the power of God and being a helpful guild to others is a responsibility to give messages that are constructive.

Using negative power to do that task is always destructive, no matter how alluring it may seem. My prayers are simple much like my relationship with God. “God please guild my hands and guild these cards to tell “life and future” of “name”.

I say this as I shuffle the cards; I do not speak loud enough for the client to hear my words. It has been my experience that direct implication that God is involved creates a sense of hopelessness to change.

After I shuffle three times to imprint on the cards, I place the cards in front of client and ask the individual to cut the cards… this is more then an exercise in trust but it gives the client an opportunity to have contact with the cards and do their own imprinting.

Readings can be done without this step but the results differ. Do not rotate the cards place the cards in the same direction as when you handed the client the deck. Holding the cards in both hands there is one more prayer to remove any negative vibe placed on by the client. “I pray this reading be correct in the name of God, Amen.”

When lying out the cards there are several ways to get a desirable result. Celtic cross is by far my favorite because the cards that are lain actual have reference to the past as well and can better create a sense of trust and connection to the client.

Research what is best for you. Remember when reading the pictures that jump into your mind are just as important as the cards themselves, they are just the clues given to better direct your response, and be gentle, you are not just reading cards or cheat notes.

A suggestion to either have client bring a note book or supply them with paper and pencil is always a good idea, I have found that concentrating on the reading and presenting my self and message is enough of an undertaking alone so remembering what I read is set to the way side and the client themselves usually are so excited and curious that their memories is also not up to power. Which is great for the privacy policy, I can not repeat what I have forgotten.

Do not be discouraged if you can not read for yourself. Most truly gifted psychic can not be read at all let alone pull the cards for themselves. It is a kind of payment for a God given gift and they usually do not question Gods reasoning behind it.

You can always see clearly every grain of sand before you but never the spot in which you stand.” Just keep in mind that the calling to read cards should never be what the cards can give you? But rather what can you give in return?

Have a god blessed experience and share God’s word with others.

Who Is My Soul Mate & How to Find Your Soul Mate

how to find your soulmate

Look at your life and everyone else’s lives as a giant puzzle… lets say a 6 ½ billion piece puzzle (world population). So many pieces to choose from, so many variations and varieties, each have their true place but so many are similar in size and color and shape.


Just the laws of averages will ensure that some of those pieces would be identical, so the thought of there being only one soul mate is ridiculous.

Each piece is just as important as the other and each piece has its place. Just because one piece doesn’t fit next to you doesn’t mean that it is less a piece of the puzzle.

Just like you finding out that a mate doesn’t really fit in your life doesn’t make them bad just the wrong choice. They will fit with someone else, and that is fine. Too many times we get so angry at the ones we date because they are not perfect that they have what we see as flaws, but it is not our place to judge or change those people. And no one should attempt to change you. You fit perfect in your spot.

I spent a good portion of my life going through the puzzle pieces, seems like all 6 ½ billion. I would pick up a piece and set it in the empty spot “that one doesn’t fit= too controlling, that one doesn’t fit= too untrustworthy, this one is an alcoholic, that one doesn’t accept my children, he is not self motivated, and that one is not religious.”

We can spend our whole life trying to fill that spot and in the end never settle or compromise and still be alone. While others settle and always wonder if they had only held out would they have met the one that fits instead of hammering in a square into a circles spot?

The good news is most of us already can glance through the crowds and see automatically the ones not worth the time to pick up. Telling ourselves what color, shape and size we are looking for, “I need an edge piece or one with a decent job”.

And we are not the only one looking for our puzzle mate. They are looking for their spot too. I never look down on people willing to go to extremes either, by all means join a date line or spend a few dollars on a match agency at the very least it will give you some insight as to what you are really looking for.
Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!
Make your own banner at MyBannerMaker.com!

Psychics can also point you in the proper direction as far as what type of man best fits you and when you might get some opportunities to meet acceptable matches. Not to mention our co-workers and friends often can help you sort through the masses, and it isn’t like we spend every waking hour on this puzzle.

Some times we rest, live our lives, create a purpose …. Or do a cross word.  And really anyone that has ever done a jigsaw puzzle knows, yes the finishing of a puzzle has a sense of satisfaction but it is the hunt that makes it fun, or instead of a puzzle in a box they would buy a poster.


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